Moves That Drive Me Crazy, Part 2

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Date: June 22, 2022 (15 days ago)

Everything starts with a little bit of tease.

Kaya naman one of the things that drive me crazy is how my partner teases me. Sure, getting down and dirty while both your libido is in high gear is the point, pero what's sex without a little excitement?

That is where striptease comes into play.

I always have my mind blown seeing my partner strip down in front of me. Especially when she strips down to her lingerie.

Isa sa mga bagay na cinocompliment ko ang partner ko in sex is her choice of lingerie. I always like lace undies, that's an instant turn on for me. I just like how it looks on my partner's body.

While my previous partners know about my preference in lingerie, my last fubu took...

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