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Date: June 19, 2022 (11 months ago)

Some readers here may know me from the other site and it's been a while since I joined there. Dito, as you can see in my profile, bago pa lang ako. The reason I am telling this is it is relevant to the confession I am to make.

Before publishing this, I gave it a lot of thought and decided to give it a go to put a stop into misleading my readers and fans of my stories. Hopefully, you will read the whole thing to give me a chance to explain why I did what I did.

I am not a guy, hindi din po ako gay.

I am a lesbian.

"Why did I portray as a male character in my stories and my profiles?"

This is something I hid from my readers because when I started writing on the other site, napansin ko na walang nagpa publish ng lesbian sex story and back then, wala naman talaga akong plano na tumagal yung series. It was something I decided to do out of curiosity. I did not expect that I will end up writing 25 series of The Other Guy nor create a new one, the Sex On Phone (SOP) Series.

I also do not think that the impact of the story will be the same if in case na gamitin ko ang mga totoong characters. It is easier to make the story as it is right now kahit pa sabihin na it should be easy in to begin with kasi totoong pangyayari sya.

It may not seem to be a valid excuse and truthfully, I would understand if you guys do not believe me and will stop readin...

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June 19, 2022 (11 months ago)

I guess all writers have the freedom to do so. Unless you told your readers that it's all true from the very beginning. But if di rin lang naman, your imagination is the limit. Keep doing your passion and do it for yourself.

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Bulbulik_Black's Profile Picture
June 19, 2022 (11 months ago)


Real men use three pedals

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June 19, 2022 (11 months ago)

An author need not reveal their sexual orientation to the reading public.As long as your written stories are good the better you should continue.Your honesty as a person is appreciated by coming out in the open.I'm sure many of your reading fans are enlightened of the truthfulness of the tales in sexual pleasure.πŸ‘Keep it up

Minsan na namatay pero muli nabuhay

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pancitcanton's Profile Picture
June 19, 2022 (11 months ago)

Happy Pride Month! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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darkbahamut's Profile Picture
June 20, 2022 (11 months ago)

Pasilip nga hahaha, ayus lang yan,it's normal to hide your gender lalo na Sa mga sitena to men will try to trick you into submission or any forms of sexual assult para makatikim ng babae,and honestly malakas din makaatrack ng lalake ang lesbi,why? Kasi may secret fetish ang mga lalake, men wanted to dominate lesbi into submission they want to satisfy that desire na "tang ina o ano edi sa may tite din ang bagsak mo" ,"babae kana ngayun", "oh edi natamuran ka din" many will not admit that pero ganun yun.

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User Not Found
June 22, 2022 (11 months ago)

Parihas pala tayo  😁

Naligaw lang ako dito hahah

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blahblah182's Profile Picture
June 23, 2022 (11 months ago)

Ahh. That's why with the Makatas. Made me think for a sec, makatas for a dude? Hmm. But all in all, I am enjoying all of your stories. Pramis. Abang abang lagi. πŸ˜…

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June 24, 2022 (11 months ago)

Can't wait for your lesbian sex story :)

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