Ms. Thera (Part 3 - 1st Round)

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Date: June 13, 2022 (11 months ago)

Hi! Here's the update ng sexcapades ko with Ms. Thera..

A week after ng coffee meet-up namin ni Ms. Thera, she messaged me Friday early afternoon.

She: Hi sir, kmusta ka po? Kelan po punta mo ng spa?

Me: Baka next week na, busy pa eh. At nagpa-massage na ko last wed..

She: HA? KANINO? AT SAAN??? (really, that's all caps message)

Me: Near my office. Hehe. Parang galit ka?

She: MAY ES?

Me: Wala. Just a quick massage lang, why?

She: quick massage na may quickie?! (Idk if she was really annoyed)


She: Malalaman ko naman kung massage lang o may iba pa..

Me: How?

She: Alam ko kung gano ka karami labasan..hehehe kapag konti lang yan, pipitikin ko yang itlog mo!

Me: Hahaha. Eh di mag-iipon ulit ako.hahaha

She: Sir, sabi mo mag-iipon ka na para sa outcall natin..sad face.

Me: Yes, I am. Anyway, let's meet next Friday mga 8 PM.

She: Sige sir, hindi n ko ppsok sa Friday at magiipon na rin ako ng lakas.hehehe

On the night of our "meeting date", I fetched her somewhere near her spa. She was look fresh and wearing a slim-fit shirt and dark leggings. When she got into the car, I greeted her,

Me: wow naman.. looking fresh at ang bango ah, nagdadalaga ka po?hihi

She: syempre tagal ko hinintay to no!, galing mo magpa-miss ah.. (I just smiled while looking at her)

She: San tayo?

Me: sa langit..hahaha

She: excited na ko! makaka-uwi pa ba ko?hehehhe

Me: Oo naman! uuwi kang maligaya, hindi masaya. (then she pinched my right arm)

After short convo, I drove to a nearby convenient and fast food stores to buy drinks and food and went to Hotel Sogo. Upon entering a staff greeted us and guide us to the front desk. I availed 12 executive themed room. While walking to the room, she grabbed my left arm and said, "first time ko dito", I smiled and replied, "relax ka lang". We entered the room, it was quite spacious room with a theme, a king size bed, big LED TV and mirrors at the side walls and head board. She sat on the side of the bed feeling its softness while I'm checking the rest room. I put all our food and drinks on a round table while our bags were on the bed side tables. She stood up and check herself on the sidewall mirror and said..

She: maganda pala dito.

Me: first time mo bA talaga dito?

She: oo, bahay bahay lang kami ng asawa ko, alam mo na walang budget..(laughed)

Me: Matagal na rin nung huling mag-check in dito. Ngayon na lang ulit..

She: hanggang anong oras tayo dito?

Me: 12-hrs..

She: tinotoo mo talaga ah..(greened smile)

While she was still standing in the front of the mirror, I walked closer to her back hold her waist and try to measure her height, she was just standing under my chin. Then, my right hand moved to her tummy and gently rubbed it and I said "tatayo ka na lang ba?" She hold my hand, bring to her right boobs and let me fondled it. My left hand also grabbed her left boob and fondled it too. I fondled her boobs for several minutes, she moan softly and moved her back/butt to rub my dick. I got a hard on and let her feel it. She turned around to me, look at my eyes and whisper "ready na ko, putukan mo ko hanggat gusto mo sir.." My excitement rose after hearing that. She removed her shirt then I removed her bra. Next her leggings and panty. She was totally naked in front of me. She touched my crotch while I'm caressing her butt, for a 40-ish women her butt was not saggy.

I turned her to face the mirror and from there, I looked to her body. Her boobs were good, slightly saggy and nipples were not too dark. Her skin is just fair, no cuts on lower belly though she has tummy pooch, normal for her age. Her was trimmed down there. While still standing on front of the mirror, I keep on touching her boobs and pussy and I feel the hotness of her body. Then I said..

Me: Ang ganda pala ng katawan mo, nagti-trim ka pala..

She: First time mo makita katawan ko no? madilim kasi sa spa at kotse mo..(smile)

Me: Oo nga, masasaid yata tamod ko sayo..

She: Sabi ko sayo, pipigain ko lahat yan..(greened smile)

She turned around and removed my shorts and brief. She caressed my dick and balls the said, "ang tigas nito ah..". She kneeled, licked the head of my dick while continue playing with my balls. I removed my shirt. We are now both naked in front of the mirror while she was sucking my dick. The position we have made my dick get harder and felt my pre-cum come out. She licked my pre-cum and stand.

She: Oopps, baka lumabas lahat

Me: Isubo mo pa..please..

She: Ayoko..baka pumutok eh.. usapan natin sa loob ka lang ng puke ko puputok di ba..

I pulled her at the bed and she lied down. I started to kiss her boobs, suck her nipples and touched her clit. Her body slightly quiver whenever I rub her clit. She loudly moan "Ahhh" and "Shheet". I kissed her body from the boobs, tummy and down her pussy. I spread her legs and kissed/licked her thighs. I looked at her pussy, it's too wet! I started to lick the sides of it then her clit. I gave her DATY and for few minutes, for every lick and suck to her clit she became more louder and louder as she say, "ohhhhh ang sarap.." or "shhiit!" When she was about to cum. She hold my head and pressed her pussy to my face and said, "Ohhhhh, sige pa.." "lalabasan na kooo ohh". With that, I inserted my middle finger in her pussy, played it inside while sucking her clit. I felt her body shaking, and with a loud "Ahhhhhhh" my finger felt her hot juices coming out. Its too hot! I pull my finger out and removed my face onto her pussy and say, "Grabe ang init ng puke mo.." she replied, "Ang sarap ng ginawa mo eh..".

I spread her legs, placed my body in front of her wet pussy, hold my dick and rubbed...

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June 13, 2022 (11 months ago)

Nice update sir
Salamat po

Mature guy

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June 13, 2022 (11 months ago)

Hot update salamat keep safe always

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June 13, 2022 (11 months ago)

lupet lods salamat sa update

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June 14, 2022 (11 months ago)

Shit sana binuntis mo si Thera, souvenir

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