Some Adventures That Didn’t End The Way I Wanted

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Date: June 11, 2022 (26 days ago)

Was it around 2008 or 2009? I can't remember as it has been so long ago. I used to frequent this X-rated hookup website. I liked the site back then because you had to fill out a lot of information regarding your sexual preferences. The downside was that it is so much more useful when you pay for a membership. I was slim back then. Most of the people who messaged me were foreign guys visiting the Philippines and wanting to get laid. There was one local guy who was also Filipino-Chinese like me. He wanted to have sex with me because his girlfriend didn't want to have sex before marriage. We only met once, went to a motel, took a shower, fucked, ordered food and ate lunch before leaving.

Once, a Filipino woman sent me a message, and we became online friends. She's bisexual, and she said that my profile interested her. She sent me some face pics and I did the same. She was chubby, voluptuous and beautiful. We haven't talked about meeting up or having sex, but we both admitted to being attracted to each other. It was my first time speaking with a woman with whom I shared an attraction. She told me that she'd been in a sexual relationship with a butch and hadn't really had a chance to lick someone's cunt. I was curious about what it would have felt like to lick and be licked by another woman. I wanted to know what the pussy juice of a lady smelled and tasted like. I wonder if it also depends on a person's diet, like that of a guy's cum? Hmm...

A Taiwanese man started chatting with me at the same time on said site, and he asked me to meet up with him because he's in the Philippines on business. I agreed to meet him and went to the hotel that he was staying at. He was with a business partner who's also Taiwanese. We ate dinner and chatted a bit before going to a restaurant/bar in Malate. A mama-san came over to talk with them, and she introduced some women to them. We went our separate ways; his business partner with one woman, while we went off with one. She's so beautiful and sexy and could have passed off as an Arabian princess. I couldn't fathom the reasoning behind why she works as an escort.

We three went into his hotel room and began to undress. When I saw her naked body, I was stunned. She's breath-takingly gorgeous. I felt embarrassed just being with her. We got on the bed, and he had us laying side by side with each other. He started massaging our tits and licked and sucked each of our hard and erect nipples. Afterwards, his hands caressed our bodies down to our stomachs and our mounds. His fingers started rubbing our clits until he felt our juices flowing out of our slits. We were moaning and arching our backs with pleasure. He then inserted one finger into our cunts and started finger fucking us at the same time. Then he inserted a second finger and proceeded to finger fuck us. During this time, I kept on looking back at her, wanting to lick and suck her tits myself. But as I was having these thoughts, the Taiwanese turned me over. I thought he was going to fuck my pussy, but to my dismay, with no warning, he shoved his cock inside my anus. It hurt so much. I clearly specified in my profile that I'm not into anal sex, but he still did it.

I started crying and kept on screaming "No!", but he kept at it as though he couldn't hear me. I kept on trying to push him off as I was crying, but he held on tightly to my waist. I didn't know what to do until the woman with us pushed him off and argued with him that he was hurting me. He apologized profusely, but I couldn't stop crying and curled up on my side, holding onto my knees. The call girl turned me over, opened my legs wide and started licking the insides of my thighs until I forgot about the pain and started moaning. Seeing her beautiful face right between my legs, licking to make me feel pleasure and overlook the pain, turned me on so much that I wanted to kiss her in gratitude. As we were doing this, the Taiwanese went behind her and started fucking her. He kept on screwing her until he came. We all washed up, went to bed, and fell asleep with him stuck between us.

When we woke up the next morning, we all got dressed and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I just wanted to eat and leave for home. I wanted to take a long bath to wash off what transpired the night before. He had one table with his business partner, while we had another table to ourselves. We started chatting away...

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(Filipino-Chinese are Filipinos of Chinese descent, mostly of Hokkien ancestry, where the majority are born and raised in the Philippines)
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June 11, 2022 (26 days ago)

Wow o wow
But napwersa ka sa anal sex kahit ayaw mo
Stay safe mam

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h0rny-FC_mATuR3_0's Profile Picture
June 11, 2022 (26 days ago)

Di ko kasi alam na gagawin nya yun. Tinutulak ko sya pero di ko maitulak :'(

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June 11, 2022 (26 days ago)

adventures is fun special if its unique

am not saint to commit sins, , am not sinner to confess,

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