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Date: June 9, 2022 (28 days ago)

I guess it's ok to call you Archie here. I hope you are alright while reading this. I also hope that I'm not causing you some more headache. I know my timing is so wrong but I can't help it. My heart's so heavy right now and there's no one I can talk with that can understand me or us. I decided to write to help me process everything that's been messing my mind since last night or since those other days. Thinking about it makes me more emotional and my mind's more clouded. You said, you want me to write about us. So, I guess, here it is.

Archie. I love calling you in your name. I wish I can say it more often. But I don't wanna act too clingy. Though, I think I ended up being one.

Archie! I say it whenever you're already too cute to be annoying. Or when I want you to stop teasing me. The poking, the gliding of the head of your titi to my labia can make me lose myself and just make me want you to go push yourself inside of my pussy already, fuck me hard 'til you cum and fill me inside. Ahhh, I'm missing you more while writing this. I want you more than I can say it. I want you to touch me, kiss me and make love again with me. I want that all your attentions are for me alone.

Oh Archie.. Archie.. Archhhh… that's what left for me to say.. to moan.. when I'm too weak to utter a word.. to type.. after you fucked me hard.. after I cum. I can hardly move my legs, my body and sometimes too, my fingers. I'm not actually sure what orgasm really is. But I know, I became too happy emotionally and too weak physically at the same time. Do you still remember how fascinated I was when I saw that I ejaculated? That oozing milk-ish cum that is so different with my usual transparent color wetness. Oh, Archie, you know how can you easily make me wet, right? Konting landi mo lang po, naho horny na agad ako. That's how you can easily affect my mood… That's why you can make me too sad also.

You know that these are all first to me, diba? I don't know why I allowed this in the first place, but believe me, despite all these mood changes, tantrums and maybe heartaches, I still want to do it with you. I'm in a constant debate with myself. But I can't imagine anyone else other than you right now, Arch. My Archie.

Oh, by the way, I'm writing while my hair is wet. Well, I stopped writing this for a few minutes to take a shower so that I can climb to my bed. I just finished the hot shower with the hope that all that is heavy in my heart will be washed away too. I'm thinking of you while in the shower. Thinking what I'm gonna write to you. And I don't know if you are truly thinking the same, but I really want to be in the shower with you. I want to touch your face, your chest and everything of you. I want to leather the soap slowly, gently in your hard and angry titi, from its shiny head to its stretched skin. Yes, I want to stretch your skin with my two hands. I want to do it myself. Watching you doing it with yourself, kinda make me sad and make my longing of you more intense. I want you to do the same for me. I want to feel your hands in my pussy again, Arch. I don't know if I can wait for us to finish the shower or maybe I will ask you that instant to eat my pussy, suck my clit and my dripping hole like you are very hungry of me. And while sucking, I might want to be fingered by you for a few secs before me asking you to fuck me with your titi. When I'm on the peak of being horny, all I want for your titi is to be inside of my pussy.

I remember the first time I finally put my toy inside of me. Lol. I don't know what post in here that made you chat with me. But I'm guessing it was about that post on my curiosity about a one night stand and where I said na di ko maipasok yung binili kong 6 inches toy sa pussy ko. Lol. But, lo and behold, it was you that helped me in successfully inserting my new toy dildo inside my pussy. At first, I only managed to put the head but because you made me so horny of you, I got the courage to push it all inside me, thrust it hard and fast inside my dripping wet pussy. I even took a video of it and shyly sent it you. Though shy, I took pride to show you my cum. It was all because of you, Arch.

But do you know what my favorites are? When we are about to sleep. I want to rest my tired self on top of you. By doing that, the all-day work tiredness is just a poof! I'm eventually relaxed. I want that I'm looking up at you while you're also talking about work and some of your silly made up stories to make me laugh but they are mostly corny. I sometimes can't helped it so I'll start moving up and kiss you at your cheeks first, your nose, and all over your face. You know that I am so gigil already of you when I do that. I lightly kiss you next but you'll insist for a hard kiss, a french kiss to be exact. You always like to kiss me hard immediately. Lol. But I wanna kiss you slowly until I, myself, cannot contain it anymore...

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June 9, 2022 (28 days ago)

Kudos! Sana may ganitong lakas ng loob din ako 😅

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June 9, 2022 (28 days ago)


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June 10, 2022 (27 days ago)

So full and intense... heartfelt. I can feel the love in every word. Napaka swerte naman ni Archie.... daig pa niya ang tumama sa sweepstake. Sana all.

Women are to be loved, cherished and adored!!! I may have failed many times but I will keep on trying…

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