Salubong At Selfish Requests, 2

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Date: April 9, 2022 (1 month ago)

Kindly read Salubong at Selfish Requests 1 for context. Salamat sa mga sumusuporta sa writings ko! I also appreciate the comments and interactions. Please leave me a message in my inbox or TG, I appreciate feedback! Please stay tuned as I will be trying (again) in writing stories, hopefully soon. Thank you!
Okaaaaay, I admit na I am not that into roleplay. Ewan ko ha, it's just that I am sometimes too tired to keep up with the scenario. I mean. All day ko na pinapagana ang utak ko, pati ba naman sexy time, mag-iisip pa rin ako? Hahahaha. No offense to those who like roleplay ha. We all have our cup of tea. It's just not for me lang talaga.

But for one of my birthdays, I tried it out with my fubu. A week before my birthday, pinag-uusapan na namin kung ano ang magiging setup namin for birthday sex. Then I have this idea I pitched to her na what if we tried roleplay. Sya yung nagsuggest nung scenario na what if she waits for me as I come home from a day at work. G naman kami pareho dun, pero di nya sinabi exactly kung anong eksena. Magplay along na lang daw ako.

We had a place booked in advance na tutuluyan namin that has this feel of "home," tapos umuna na sya don. I, on the other hand, went on with my day, basta ang usapan, pupunta ako dun sa place by 7pm, and that I would message her kapag nandoon na ako. She was insistent na I let her know if I'm there na.

Pagdating ko dun sa place, I saw na a few lights were on pagsulyap ko sa windows, tapos gulat ko pagbukas ng pinto, I saw her on all fours, wearing an amazing set of lingerie. Dali-dali akong pumasok kasi baka may makakita samin, sabay sabi nya na "I've been waiting for you all day, daddy."

So cue ko na yon to get in character. Hahaha. Medyo pakipot pa muna ako non kaya I just patted her head and kissed her, tapos diretso sa sofa to take a seat. Sumunod sya, on all fours, na parang pusa na dahan-dahang nalapit, tapos when she finally got to me, I had her suck on my finger, habang ikinikiskis nya yung katawan nya, notably yung puke nya against my leg. Hinayaan ko lang sya magtuloy-tul...

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