Alisa's Morning Fun Round 2, Just This Morning

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Date: December 3, 2021 (1 month ago)

Yesterday morning was really pleasant and extraordinary. I couldn't help but wonder if it's going to happen again today. The temperature is lower today compared to yesterday, but I still decided to wear a skirt. And hoping daddy will ambush me for another quickie, so I tried to spice up something inside.

I wore this kinky crotchless panty that he bought me a couple of weeks ago, and this bra that is silky and soft.

Wearing it and watching myself in the mirror already grows my imagination. I just hope he comes here again, I just want him badly. So I put on my pink skirt and light blue buttoned top.

I prepared early for school, or rather for fucking this early morning.

To stop my mind from thinking about it, I started to read some school notes. I keep glancing at the clock, 6:50… 7:00 … 7:10 .. 7:30… I thought the last hurrah before I start to change my undergarments will be 7:45. And 7:45, okay I need to rush and change, I will also change my skirt to wear pants, its windy and cold and then I heard the door open, I waited for a bit and there's daddy.

I ran to daddy and kissed him. He grabbed my butt and pulled me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He slowly lay me on the bed while still kissing and started to squeeze my tits. He unbuttoned some on the top and unhooked my bra (it's in the front, yeah it's kinky). My tits exposed and daddy didn't waste any second and started sucking my tits and playing with nipples one after the other.

He pushed my legs up and when he looked down on my pussy he smiled and told me I was a naughty little girl.

He made me hold my leg again and took out his phone and then started to take pictures of me and my pussy.

He showed me my pussy and yes, it was glistening wet. Fuck, I wish he'd come down and eat me again and yes he did.

He ate my pussy like he didn't have it for a long time. He was lickiing it, bitting my clit, fuck it was so good. It didn't even take long and I was telling him "daddy im cumming". He didn't care and I came. He stuck his tongue inside my pussy and it was like shoveling. Then he got up and showed me his tongue. It has some white thing and I'm thinking it's my pussy juice. He got closer and I sucked his tongue, and yes it's my juice. "Do you want some more princesses?" I said yes daddy … he shoved...

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