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Date: November 13, 2021 (16 days ago)

A little confession.

Sa totoo lang, wala akong ideya na ang mga sinusulat ko ay may temang "submissive."

I just write the things in my imagination. Kaya kung may nagtatanong fetishes chuchu. Wala ako maintindihan. Hindi ko rin alam ibig sabihin nung ibang categories.

Anyway, balik ako sa confession ko. Someone message me in tg, asking if I'm a submissive type dahil ang mga gawa ko ay ganoon ang tema.

Sagot ko, 'Dko alam. Basta alam ko, I'm dominant'. Dugtong ko, 'gusto ko ung tipong malaya ako pero gusto ko ring hinihigpitan ako.'

He replied, 'parang ganun.'

I got curious about the word "submissive". I remember kasi nang nasa school pa ako, summer class, one of my classmates, group of classmates talking about dominant and submissive. Nag-aaway na sila. I commented, "Ayaw kasi ng mga babaeng maging submissive."

Sino ba namang babae ang gustong maging sunud-sunuran ng lalaki? Wala naman ata. – ito ang pananaw ko noon.

I did a little research on it. The meaning and type of being a "DOMINANT and SUBMISSIVE."

Dominance – to a person who tends to be independent, aggressive, competitive, stubborn, austere, a law to himself, hostile or extra-punitive, authoritarian and also disregards authority.

Submissive – to a person who is often dependent, confessing, accommodating, conforming, mild and anxious for obsessional correctness. Submissive people tend to carry a painful past w/c causes them to be the way they are, not wanting to stand out and in order to avoid furthermore suffering.

Saan ba ako magsisimula?


1. Submissive people aren't assertive

2. Their past is filled with pain

3. Submissive people avoid any kind of conflict

4. Submissive people don't like to draw attention

5. They tend to be emotionally dependent.

I researched too, "Can someone be both dominant and submissive? The answer is YES".

Dominant submissive (Alpha Submissive)

These can be high maintenance submissive and generally require someone extremely strong willed and extremely patient to dominate them.


Nami-miss ko ang pananakit ng magulang ko sakin noon. I almost asked for psychological advice sa school councilor namin regarding this one. Cause, I have this...

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November 13, 2021 (16 days ago)

Somehow true to. Mostly ngayon ang girls or moreso women ay alpha submissive. Nice, right? Hehe. Ilikeyou btw. Your character.

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November 14, 2021 (15 days ago)

U can be both.we have weakness and strength sa character natin. U can understand yourself and others too. Try to look sa isang book i read. Title of d book is PERSONALITY PLUS


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Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 01:13 AM (1 hour ago)

Yung experience ko sa una Kong gf na una Kong karanasan she tend to cowgirl me Kasi Sabi Niya kapag siya Ang nasa ibabaw mas nasasarapan at nailabas Niya din urge Niya. D lang Kasi lalaki laging gusto magexplode to the highest heavens pati babae gusto Niya malasap Ang ikapitong langit....kayà dapat alam Yun Ng nga boys di lang kantot Ng kantot and paglinabasan papabayaan na Yung girl na d nailabas at d nasatisfy. Missing ko tuloy the feeling Ng kinakabayo ako ni x at feel na feel ko na linalabasan siya sa higpit Ng bayo na sa akin....that's heavenly feeling

Virgin Pussy Squirtter

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