We're just at home. He's sitting down and busy playing habang ako nakasandal sa chest nya, just there chilling while browsing on my phone. He holds his controller in front of my chest so basically he's like hugging me or cuddling with me still while playing.

He randomly squeezes my nipples or pasimpleng hipo. Pampagana daw sa game. He also does yung dahan dahang pag hagod ng kamay o daliri nya sa suso ko papuntang utong. I don't wear bra kasi most of time were together so normally my nips sticks out sa shirt or sando ko. Oo laging bakat yan. It tickles pero sort of mainit sa pakiramdam.

He's teasing me by pulling my nipple and giving my tits mild squeezes while kissing me. As usual para daw manalo sya sa game.

"Nagugutom ako. Dinner na tayo." I said that in a pabebe way pero salubong kilay ko like you can't fuck me unless you feed me.

"Tara bili tayo. Dine in tayo o drive thru nalang?" He asked.

"Drive thru is fine. Ganito nalang ako." I didn't bother to put on a bra. A slightly fitted black shirt and a high waist short with no undies, yes I am ready to go and fuck yeah it's soft and relaxing to wear so why not.

Husband doesn't mind at all. He knows how careless I am basta I'm with him. Both of us knows how to drive but since were together then he drives. I'm his queen.

I requested a fast food chain where I want to get food. Surprisingly, the drive thru lane though it's a little late already the line is so damn long. You can see people cramping...

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Nice 😊sana wag mabitin pag oorder na

Minsan na namatay pero muli nabuhay

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bitin na nga agad hahaha

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ganyan talaga pag young and hot blooded

Looks can be deceiving, try me

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