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Date: October 26, 2021 (1 month ago)

I was busy packing for the HK trip when I got a call from daddy. He wants to meet jiust a bit after lunch. Sure! I can put everything on hold for him.I asked him if this is going to be us casual or something else? he asked me to wear casual and sexy or pretty. Ohhhhhkkkaaaayyy.

I hit the shower, prepared myself, blow dry my hair, and started picking what to wear. after trying on some clothes, i ended wearing a pink skirt, white sleeveless buttoned top, and wore one of the sexy pair he bought me before, a pink lace brazilian cut undie with its matching bra. I was still thinking if I should wear my bra, since I am with daddy, he usually doesnt like it when i wear a bra. So I decided not to wear it but I put it in mhy bag.

Daddy picked me up around half past 2 in the afternoon. I got in his car and we started kissing, i guess we both missed each other so badly. I asked him where we are heading, he said we're going to meet a some people. I thought that was very unusual, still, i'm okay. Every time we stopped for traffic, we'd kissed a lot, and daddy will tease my nipples. Though his car is tinted, we'd still be careful.

We got to a place, it as a nice modern house, just somewhere there (I can't say where, he's selling the house and lot).

We got in, and it was a wow, very modern, chic i guess, but extremely new. There were two ladies who greeted us. We got introduced and oh my, one of the ladies was daddy's favourite fubu, and the other I haven't seen or known her. Both of them are seo sexy and so darn beautiful. With their high heels, and sexy clothes, very sophisticated.

We were in the living room having some food to munch, when Dina asked daddy if I am allowed to drink. We just laughed, and daddy said, you know i don't bring anyone who's not yet allowed to drink alcohol. Introduction were made, so Dinaand the other lady was Karlin.

We get to talk, and mostly getting to know each other. I didn't actually noticed, we were drinking a lot too, the red wine was so smooth, I didn't feel anything everytime I sipped.

Daddy asked me to follow him in the kitchen. He then asked me if I'm alright, which I was really fine. He then just kissed me and we sucked each others tongue and then stopped. He told me to not get emotions in the way and that to just go with the flow. I didn't actually know what it meant. So we got back to the living room. Sharlene stood up and asked me to join her. We're going to have a house tour, so we did. We got to some of the area outside, then back inside, and when we passed the living room, daddy and Dina were not there.

We got up to the next floor, saw the rooms too, there's a mini living room, some more bathrooms and the last room to visit was the masters bedroom. When daddy and I got inside, I saw Dina and Karlin were on the bed making out. I got stunned. Daddy whispered to me - look at them going at it.

Karlin was on top of Dina, their tongue was fencing and going in and out of each others mouth, hands groping each others tits. Standing there, I felt daddy's hands are playnig with me braless tits too. His cock pressing on my back, and he was softly kissing my ear.

He slowly pulled me on the sofa, I sat on his lap, where I felt cock some more, and it was very hard.

Watch them... - he said.

I was watching the two ladies go with each other.

Karlin is now rubbing on Dina's pussy, at the same time Dina was taking off Karlin's clothes. DIna took off Karlin's top, and just like me, she has no bra. But she has obviously bigger tits than mine. Dina sucked on one nipple and then the other. Soft moans echoes the room from these ladies.

Dina now sat on top of Karlin, kissing torridly, while KArlin's hand is on her pussy. Dina was swaying her hips, like she was fucking a cock.

At that moment, Daddy's hand was already in my panty, rubbing on my pussy. I was arching as he concentrate his finger on my clit. I tried to grab on his cock under but all hornyness broke loose when he stuck a finger deep in me. I let go a loud moan. The next thing I knew, Dina and Karlin were both standing in front of me and daddy.

Dina slowly put her face on mine, our lips touched. I was getting really scared, but I felt ecited too, well more scared. Dina was softly kissing my lips. I was staring at her on every kiss she did to me. Then I felt a warm wet thing on my nipple. I was being licked. I lost focus on Dina, but she didn't budge for a bit. She kissed my lips and licked it. It was like daddy kissing me the first time. Dina was being so patient. I felt my panty being pulled off, next was my skirt.

Now I was being kissed on my neck, and I was kissing Dina back. I started to lick her lips too. And then it happend, I kissed her mouth, and she immediately kissed back and hard. She stucked her tongue inside mhy mouth, and As I did mine to her, we were torridly kissing.

Dina stopped, and then Karlin kissed me, just like Dina, we were torridly kissing. It went on, back and forth, I was kissing DIna and Karlin. And hile in that mood, someone was rubbing my pussy. I didn't kknow whio I was kising at that time, but someone started to lick my pussy. It was so fucking good. My back was arching, my hip was moving, and I still have a tongue stuck in my mouth.

When the kissing was over, I saw Dina's face on my crack, fuck!!!! it was so intense.

Daddy lifted my waist up, I saw Dina and KArlin pulled off his pants and underwear off, then he left me on top of him. I thought he's going to make me sit on top of him, which is something I want to do.

Instead, I watched Dina sucked daddy's cock. Daddy was whispering on my ear. He was telling me how pretty I was, that how I smell so good, how much he wants to kiss me, how much he wants to fuck me. and then he started to rub my pussy, while daddy and KArlin are kissing.

I was there in the middle, of everything, and daddy was finger fucking me already. And after he did that, he made me watch Karlin suck on this fingers while he tells me to go with them. So I slowly stood up, they made me lie down the bed. Dina Started to lick my knee going up my thighs, my belly, my tits, to my neck and to my mouth. I felt her tits on my body, she was moving slowly to rub her nipples on me. Then she lay herself on my right, we were still kissing, when I felt Karlin layed down on my left. Both of these ladies smelled really good. Karlin started to kiss my neck down to my tits. Someone lifted my legs up, and when I felt something was rubing on my pussy, I already knew it was daddy. I thought he was going to fuck me. instead, I got a lick from some. I really didnt know.

Dina held my hand, and guided it on her tits, she made me rub on it and squeeze it, even made me play with her nipples. She has a very soft boobs.

Karlin started to kiss me again and this time she stole my attention from Dina. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I can smell and taste my pussy juice. At this point, I knew Dina was going to lick my crack and yes she did. She was sticking her tongue inside it just like how daddy does it to me.

But then, I felt something hard on my pussy and I already know it was daddy. While he was fucking me, Dina was licking my clit, damn that was so good. Just for that moment, I came so fucking quick. I was moaning even though Karlin's mouth was so busy with mine. When she let go, I got to watch daddy fucking me. And that's when Dina and Karlin started to kiss each other in front of m...

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October 27, 2021 (1 month ago)

way to go author
love it
stay safe and enjoy life

Life is precious and have many reason to give thanks. Be kind all the time

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November 2, 2021 (1 month ago)


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November 3, 2021 (1 month ago)

thank you for these hot stories hahaha! Stay safe  :)

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