My Rude Awakening IX

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Date: September 26, 2021 (27 days ago)

Ch.09 - The Biggest Mistake

After ko mahimasmasan sa nangyari, my vision started to clear and then slowly bumabalik na yung senses ko. I opened my eyes and right there in front of me was Dan's hideous shirtless body as he began to unbuckle his pants. Para akong biglang nag panic at natauhan as guilt came after me while I started to cover myself under the sheets. Flashbacks of those old tagalog movies came into my mind about some probinsyano guy getting ready to rape some nene girl na walang kalaban laban. Ganun ang nakikita ko kay Dan.

I started to pull myself away slowly while struggling to find words to say for him to back off. Parang kanina lang eh bigay na bigay na ako. It's been mental torture of emotional ups and downs that whole evening.

He took his pants off and then natira na lang yung boxers nya with his "thing" poking out of it.

"Wait lang.. Dan..."was all I could come up with. I started telling him nicely na hanggang dito na lang sana kami. As mean or as unfair as it sounds, I have to do something to prevent this from actually happening. Habang matino na ulit ang isip ko at habang I still have control over my own body.

"Hindi kita pipilitin. Hindi ako namimilit..."sabi nya pero I can tell na he's getting irritated na sa akin.

As I lay in bed and covered with sheets, I tried to reason out with him kahit papaano. Nagpapa-awa na nga ako sa kanya na kunwari nag dadalawang isip ako and hoping na maintindihan nya. That's all I could think off to prevent this from happening. It's not like na sa motel kami somewhere na I can leave and storm off if I wanted to. Unfortunately, na sa hotel room ko sya so there's no place to go and no other way to escape. All I can do is to convince him or better yet find a way to force him to leave.

The truth is natatakot ako. Hindi sa sex or sa experience. Pero nag wo-worry ako para sa sarili ko. Dumarating ako sa stage na hindi ko na macontrol yung sarili ko when I reach that height of libog…. and frankly speaking it's starting to freak me out. Ayokong dumating sa point na it's going to be my normal state na and all the principles that I've stood for my entire life are wasted.

While I still can, all I have to do is put on a brave face and force him to leave...Why not? Despite what happened earlier, I still have my pride and self-ego. I'm not gullible and weak. I can't relinquish control and let this guy run my well-being. Me spasming in orgasm cant be the last thing he remembers about me.

Besides, I already got what I wanted anyway... I know na he wanted me, so it's my turn to show him who's really in charge. Bibitinin ko talaga sya. He will forever regret coming up short of scoring a desirable chic like me. I'll make sure that's how he will remember me.

Humiga sya at tumabi sya sa akin sa left side ko. Iniiwasan ko sya so bumangon na ako pero nakaupo pa rin ako sa bed.

"I think you should go... I'm sorry talaga..."Sabi ko sa kanya while my hands are in my face pretending na I'm about to cry at sising sisi sa nangyari.

"Sige na kahit BJ na lang..."Dan insisted."Kagabi ko pa iniisip yun habang tinitingnan ko mga pics mo sa FB"Dagdag nya.

I have never given a blowjob before. Never been interested and never got curious at all. Ilang beses na ako kinulit ni Christian about it pero ayoko talaga. The thought of giving someone a blowjob really grossed me out. For me and for what I stood for, it's humiliating to women and will forever see it na as a way to feed a man's ego. No matter how guys politely asked for it or maglambing o magpaawa... Once napapayag na nila yung girl… at the back of their head ang iniisip pa rin nila eh"yeah right, suck it bitch!"am I right?

This may be my only rule na no matter what I will never ever break. Sa totoo lang, fuck me nalang, eat me, whatever... Pero I'll never ever service a guy with my mouth and lower myself as some kind of parausan lang.

When I was in high school I have a close friend and she was sort of dating this guy from another class. This guy wanted her to prove her love, so he asked her to give him a blowjob. Sick. She was so into him so she did it and It turns out, this guy was actually a jerk all along and then pinagkalat nya sa mga friends nya yung nangyari. People who heard what happened, judged her, looked down and labelled her a slut since then. As much as I feel for her, I was one of those peeps who find her really tanga. She did that to herself eh. Pumayag ka and you degrade yourself. Since then I promised myself na I'll never ever end up like her.

Maybe I was just overreacting to the whole blowjob thing. Maybe giving head wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. At that time, I really had no idea. I'm not some kind of weirdo naman and I have friends who are like me, who feels the same way, so I'm not alone on this.

I told Dan about my stand on blowjobs. I told him my kaartehan . Sabi ko sa kanya na kahit na I'm in a life or death situation, I'll still choose to die nalang than to give head. That's how I feel strongly about it…

"Tingnan natin hehe..."hirit nya with a sarcastic laugh(mala Denver from Money Heist)

I felt insulted sa reaction nya like he's not taking me seriously. I understand he's being overconfident sa mga naaccomplish nya sa akin... pero paano...? pipilitin nya ako? Mae-enjoy nya ba yun?

"Kahit jakulin mo nalang ako J… Wag mo naman ako iwan sa ere!"Hirit pa nya while he's motioning his left hand up and down in a jacking off gesture.

"Ughh" sabay irap sa kanya as I closed my eyes ng nakasimangot, concentrating... thinking for a way to make him go.

Pero, I realize na the only way to make him go is to do what he just asked…. Jack him off till he cums. I'd prefer not to do it pero parang I don't really have any choice eh. I'm ready to end the night and forget that this whole thing never happened. Fully recovered na talaga ako sa nangyari kanina. I was back to my real self.

"Fine, sige..hanggang ganun lang ah. Once matapos ka, aalis ka na..."sabi ko sa kanya.

"Anong ganun? Sabihin mo ng maayos... tapos sige deal..."insist nya.

I know what he's trying to do. He's trying to make me libog again by talking to him dirty. Not this time boy. Good luck sa kanya dahil this time around, my only motivation is to get him off. The sooner the better, so yeah…. I'll do whatever it takes...

"Handjob kita till you cum and that's it..."sabi ko.

"Hehe halika dito ka sa tabi ko"sabi nya.

Sinunod ko sya. Tumabi ako sa left side ng pagkakahiga nya at nasa shoulders nya nakapwesto yung ulo ko. Umakbay naman sya sa akin then kinuha nya yung right hand ko sabay pinatong nya sa boxers nya. I can feel his hardness as I closed my eyes even more dahil ayoko tingnan yung gagawin ko sa kanya.Old habits.

Ganito din ang style namin ni Christian before. Since takot kami na mabuntis ako, our so called "sexy time" always ended up with me giving him a handjob to get him off. Of course, I've seen his manhood before pero naiilang ako tumingin sa kanya or sa cock nya... So, I just kept my eyes closed lang palagi. Feeling naman nya eh napipilitan lang ako dahil parang diring diri ako sa ginagawa ko in which to some degree totoo naman... hindi naman talaga ako comfortable… pero I understand na it is something I was "required" to do, at least to be fair sa kanya and make him happy.

Suddenly, naramdaman ko na lang na nilipat ni Dan sa belly nya yung kamay ko and then I felt him sliding down his boxers with his left hand. My eyes are still shut sa nangyayari trying to get through this ordeal... A few seconds later, he took my hand again resting on his belly sabay pahawak ng sobrang tigas nyang cock.

My eyes shot open on its own sabay angat ng ulo ko para silipin yung hawak ng right hand ko. My jaw drops with inaudible "shocks" came from my mouth. In my hand was maybe a 6-7-inch fat cock and even to this date, he's one of the biggest I've seen in person so far. It looks even bigger lalo na wala syang gaanong pubic hair and It wasn't kadiri na kagaya ng ine-expect...

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September 26, 2021 (27 days ago)

You're giving us blue balls.

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September 26, 2021 (27 days ago)

since a basa ko to sa unang pinag postan mo po, syet di ko na makalimutan, then suddenly while browsing na kita ko nanaman, Fuck talaga, ganda ng Story mo mo, if this is a true story or fiction, syet I don't care, ang galing mong mag kwento!!! Nakaka L!!! More power and i hope my rudeness did not give you a dismay po...

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September 26, 2021 (26 days ago)

If I remember correctly, this version is more refined. Nonetheless, it’s still very stimulating.

The way you talk to yourself, your inner battle - the rational vs the inner itch that needs to be scratched - is so darn hot.

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September 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

This series deserves to be in the stories. The number of reads does no justice to how this is so good.

“ If your gut tells you something is not right, it is usually right. “

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September 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

tuloy mo na po lahat pls

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September 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

Nice one. Ep 10 post mo. Na rin

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September 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

So hot.....more to cum author...ganda ng pagka narrate

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September 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

Nabasa ko na ito sa ibang site.. sana masundan at magkaroon ng part 11 and so on.. sana author. Bitin kasi gang part 10 lang haha

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October 1, 2021 (22 days ago)

Whoa! I’m now a fan 😍

Love me or leave me but don't keep me hanging.

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