Alisa’s Sex Diary - A Grind

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Date: September 16, 2021 (2 months ago)

I have just finished a conference call with my friends when I read daddy's message on my phone. It was past midnight na.

Only then do I reply to his messages. It was nothing urgent.

nasa work si mom nun, so we were freely talking, when he asked me to open the gate, kasi nasa labas daw siya. I was like okay. Nag night robe lang ako, then I rushed sa gate, and opened it, then pumasok na siya. I asked him kung hindi siya nag drive, sabi niya he did, pero nag park siya a few houses off, kasi hindi niya alam kung andun mom ko and not raise suspicion. He was also wearing a baseball cap, and it made him look far more younger.

We immediately went up to my room. Sa super excited ko, I just humped on top of daddy and we started kissing.

Naka patong ako sa cock niya, na super tigas nanaman. So, I teased him while we were kissing. I rubbed my pussy area and diniin ko sa cock niya. His hands were all over me, but mostly grabbing my butt and shifting to my tiny tits.

Di naka tiis si daddy, tinaggal na namin yung bottoms ko, and he made me sit on his face. Pag upo ko mouth niya, his tongue just went in my pussy. A loud moan went out of my mouth, then I started to pump sa mouth niya.

Fuck! ang sarap! sabi ko.

He slid his hands sa loob ng top ko and it started to play and squeeze my tits. Shit! daddy ang sarap! sabi ko sa kanya.

Inabot ko yung phone ko and I started to take videos.

I heard him unbuckling his belt, and taking off his pants and then he slid downward. He grabbed my phone and dropped it on the bed. Nasa likod ko na siya when he made me suck his tongue. I tasted my pussy juice. Alam na alam ko na ang lasa ng juice ko.

When he was done with that, he started kissing and licking my nape, so I pulled my hair up,and bigla akong napa moan nanaman when he rubbed my pussy with his fingers.

bango mo my lil princess, sabi ni daddy sakin. Then he held my hair up and followed it with; now suck daddys cock.

I quickly turned around and bent over in front of him. He was holding my hair and controlling my head's movement to what he liked.

He gave a very hard slap on my butt, and then another one on the other side. This time he held my head steady while he slowly fucked my mouth. He told me to place my hands on my butt and keep it there.

As daddy fucked my mouth sweetly, he got deeper and deeper. His cock is gagging my throat, the gagging sound gets often and louder. So much of my saliva is dripping from my mouth to my chin.

Then daddy pulled is cock out and with a strong tone he told me to spit on his cock. I spat on his cock head, then he fucked my mouth again. I played with his cock using my tongue whenever he pulled it from my mouth. I see him pleasured with it. But gustong gusto niya niya ako nag gag.

I think na sa...

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September 17, 2021 (2 months ago)

Hahaha intense moment para kabasan ka na at bka mabitin ka. Excitement there na baka mahuli kayo. Well u did enjoy the prank.


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