My Rude Awakening VIII

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Date: September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

Ch. 08 - Second in a row

Napahinto rin si Dan sa ginagawa nya sa akin. Sumisilip kami sa bintana while both thinking the same thing;nakikita nga ba kami sa labas?Dan was torn between answering the call or not as he held his phone habang pasilip silip pa rin sya sa window.

I went straight to the bed nalang feeling frustrated. I was so close to my orgasm to the point na hindi na ako nagwo-worry kung nakikita ba talaga kami from the outside. Heck, I don't even care if si Christian pa mismo ang nakakita sa amin…. I just wanted to cum. My body wanted to cum. How I wish that he called Dan after maybe a minute or two, Natapos na sana ako.

I wanted to keep my distance away from Dan if ever he decided to answer the call. So, I moved away from him and then humiga nalang ako sa bed ng naka-slouch with my upper body resting on maybe 2-3 pillows na magkakapatong. Si Dan naman nakatunganga lang sa labas ng bintana, unsure of what to do.

Despite the istorbo, nasa peak pa din ako ng libog ko. I needed to get my release so I closed my eyes and opened my legs ng konti trying to get off by rubbing on my clit. It felt great pero parang may kulang talaga. It wasn't the same feeling compare to how Dan touched me earlier.

I heard a creek noise so I opened my eyes and there I saw Dan watching me from afar. He was sitting on a desk chair facing towards me na parang gusto nya lang ako panoorin habang pinapasarap ko ang sarili ko.

There's a tiny sliver of awareness at the back of my mind that wanted to wake up from this kalokohan. My guilt was tearing at me, but this my reality now…. Ganito na ako. Pleasuring myself in front of a guy I barely even knew... the kind of guy na I usually ignore if makasalubong ko sa daan... The kind of guy na tatarayan ko agad kapag magpaparamdam pa lang na popormahan ako.... The kind of guy na mapapagkamalan ko lang na worker ng daddy ko. This was far enough below rock bottom for me.

Dan's phone kept on ringing for a while and it's evident that he has no intention to answer the call...why would he?...But after he sees me in bed giving him a show, he accepted the call and put it on a loudspeaker.

"Hello Dan, pre.. kasama mo pa si J?..."Tanong agad ni Christian. His voice sent shivers bigla sa buong katawan ko

I grew up living an honest life. I never lied, cut corners or be sneaky to anyone. I easily get bothered by little things and I don't get over stuff pretty easily so I avoided living a complicated life. That night was probably the first time in a while that it felt like I was deceiving someone else and not bothered by my wrongdoing.

The thrill of doing something behind someone's back started to tear me. Yung nginig ko sa katawan wasn't because of feeling any guilt or regret. In fact, mas lalo pa akong nalilibugan knowing Christian has no clue of what's really going on between me and Dan.

The way Christian asked the question seems like he's assuming that Dan and I are still partying at Clark Quay. That may be the reason why he's calling Dan to look for me. Dan was staring at me and gave me a sly grin like he wanted to tell Christian na"Yup nandito Ex mo…. nilalaro nya puke nya sa harap ko... "

Of course, he didn't say that. He asked casually lang na"Bakit pre..?"

"Kanina pa kasi ako tumatawag sa kanya... hindi nya sinasagot. Balak ko sana sya daanan ngayon at ihatid yung pinapabili nya na SIM card..."Sagot ni Christian.

That was a lie. He made it all up at wala akong pinapabili sa kanya. In fact, I was using the same pocket wifi na pinahiram nya sa akin and I don't really need a new sim card since I'm only visiting SG for a few days. I can tell he's being overly suspicious and it was so obvious na he's calling Dan to check on me.

Dan smugly looked at me and mouthed the word "Ano?" like he's asking me permission to tell Christian the truth. I gave him a dangerous look and shook my head "No!" but Dan continued to tease by nodding na parang pinapapayag nya ako. He genuinely wanted to brag about me and for some strange reason, I was curious about how Christian going to react as well.

We continued our back and forth tinginan exchanges until we heard Christian's voice once again asking"hello? Dan? Jan ka pa?". Hearing his voice again added more libog sa katawan ko and starting to lose my moral sense. "Sorry talaga Christian..." was all I could think of as I glanced over to Dan and gave him a slight nod... before closing my eyes and focused on rubbing my pussy. I just surrendered whatever Dan wanted to say or do.

"Hindi na namin kasama pero hindi ko alam kung nakabalik na sa hotel nya..."I heard Dan spoke and a bit surprised by his reply.

Tuloy tuloy naman si Christian sa pagtatanong kay Dan. He's asking kung what time ako umuwi or kung may mga kasama daw ba ako. He sounded too paranoid for a person who's just 'casually' checking on someone.

"Parang na kwento nya na malapit lang sa inyo hotel nya, baka tanaw sa inyo pre, silipin mo nalang bintana nya kung nakauwi na…. diba, para din hindi ka na mag-alala"dagdag nya.

I was stunned. That came out of nowhere and feeling ko masyado na syang obvious. Ewan ko, siguro feeling ko lang. Maybe because nase-sense ko what he's trying to do?

"Haha! Malabo pre sa dami ng bintana hindi ko alam kung nasaan unit nya hehe… pero try ko nalang tawagan ulit..."sagot ni Christian.

It seems like yung apartment unit nila is facing the hotel yet hindi nya alam kung saan ang room ko, so he doesn't know exactly where to look. Besides, not all the hotel room units are facing their block and maybe yung room ko is facing the other side, opposite of their unit. There's no way to tell.

But, let's just say our dearest sex gods made it sure na kaharap nga talaga ng hotel room window ko yung exact windows naman ng apartment unit nila Christian. How crazy it would be if Christian really went to their window and try to spot where my hotel unit is? There's quite a distance between my hotel to their building so mejo sure naman ako na hindi nya kami makikita.

But the idea of him looking at our direction puts my body raged with libog. Barring the distance or the viewing angle or the tinted window glazing, my mind was fixated to the idea of him finding out about my infidelity... well not exactly, but it sure felt like I was cheating behind his back.

Even if Christian knew where to look, I seriously doubt Christian would ever believe what he is seeing. Even if he uses those state-of-the-art x-ray binoculars we've seen on movies... I'm so sure na hinding hindi pa rin sya magdududa sa akin. He knew me very well at alam niya na hinding hindi ako papatol sa kagaya ni Dan.

That in denial perception alone puts me even more closer to my climax."Shit… kung alam mo lang…"was the thought that kept running through my head habang tuloy pa rin ako sa pagpapasarap sa sarili ko.

"Sige pre…. pero pre ask ko lang...ok lang ba tayo?...Baka naman hindi pwede pormahan yung 'kaibigan' mo sabihin mo lang..."Tanong pa ni Dan and he's obviously trying to bait him to answer that question habang nakikinig ako sa usapan nila.

"Ikaw bahala pre... pero wag ka masyado umasa syempre alam mo na… Pero kapag nakausap ko kakamustahin ko tungkol sayo hehe..."reply ni Christian. He sounded polite or maybe just pretending to say he's fine with it... pero may discouraging hirit pa rin sya na hindi uubra si Dan sa akin.

"Sige pre salamat. Ako ng bahala. Ang hot lang kasi ng tropa mo pre. Pwedeng-pwede eh, chickas!..."Sagot ni Dan. He's trying to screw his mind pa lalo.

"Hehe hindi pang ganun yun… conservative type yun pre… lalo ng hindi papatol sa may asawa yan pre hehe... pang seryosohan yan. Pero ikaw bahala, sige na pre tawagan ko na sya!"Sagot ni Christian na ramdam kong naiinis ng konti.

Hearing him say that mejo na conscious ako ng konti. It says a lot about those guys who actually really knew me. Kilala nila ako as some kind of goody two-shoes, prim and proper girl who could do no wrong. Well, I have lived my entire life protecting that image and all the pressure that comes along with it. I fought every temptation and abstain myself away from anything na ikakasira ko sa mga mata nila. For once, I wanted to be free and away from all of that. No more thinking or analyzing every outcome. Just let it all out...

Malas lang talaga. I could have break bad to a much more decent looking guy. A guy na at least somehow worthy and justifiable of my actions. I could have pick anyone sa mga fully deserving na suitors ko para at least kahit papano reasonable itong ginagawa kong kalokohan.

But I ended up with Dan. He's a dick, rude and bastos. Again, I don't wanna sound matapobre sana or write about him in a bad light, pero he's really that physically underserving na kung sino man makaalam na we are both in the same hotel room, they might think I'm being raped, drugged or possibly...

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September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)


They don't miss you and it's okay. Nights like these don't last forever.

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September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

Ang Hot naman

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September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

Damn I miss having a willing and obedient sex slave

DM lang TG: @Unknowinged

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September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

Yes, it’s such a special feeling to be “master”

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September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

True, the feeling of being superior to a person(in a good way). Having a prim and proper woman who is only willingly submitting herself only to youre desire at anytime, fuck sarap sa feeling yung ikaw ang pinapakitaan niya ng kalibugan niya habang ang lahat ang tingin sa kanya ay mataray at di makabasag pinggan. Sarap

DM lang TG: @Unknowinged

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September 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

Prose and pacing are excellent.

The use of taglish heightens the sensation. It’s like I’m inside your room, seeing exactly what you are describing.

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September 15, 2021 (2 months ago)

Pls continue. Eto gusto kung story.. Godbless😊

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September 15, 2021 (2 months ago)

Pls continue miss. Sarap basahin

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September 19, 2021 (2 months ago)

very well written
tenbits. can't wait for the next one!

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