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Date: September 13, 2021 (2 months ago)

Good day, FSS. I had wanted my debut story to be an origin story of sorts but decided on sharing this particular one instead as it proved to be an exhilarating one for me and my wife. That's us on my profile pic, BTW.

This happened late evening last Saturday as we were getting ready for bed. I noticed my wife's showering was taking a little longer than usual. When she finally got out, she was wearing her usual "pambahay" shirt but with nothing else underneath except her black lace panties which accentuate her creamy smooth skin, very shapely legs and curvaceous butt. She is 5'4", 42yo (I'm 44, 6'1") and the mother of our five – FIVE – children but she still makes men's heads turn especially when wearing shorts. In fact, the few lucky guys who have had the privilege of sharing a night with us have been hankering and asking for another encounter, and many others have requested for a meet up of the swinging kind. But that will be in the origin story I plan to share some day.

Back to last Saturday night. When she lay down beside me, I offered to give her a back rub. Of course, we all know (my wife included) what exactly a "back rub" means, especially when she's looking like that and smelling so delicious.

As it was officially a back rub, I started kneading her back – slowly and methodically alternating pressure from light to hard where needed – and she started moaning encouragingly. I proceeded purposefully down to her beautiful ass, generously poured oil over the plump and shapely cheeks, and down into that tantalizing erogenous crevice, letting the oil flow down the insides of her legs, on her anus and into the steamy hot slit of her pussy. She lets out a prolonged soft moan of pleasure while I massage and caress her luscious glutes, letting my fingertips softly and playfully brush her anus and labia, her pussy now wet with her natural juices as well as the oil.

By this time, there was no way I could finish her "back rub". Stripping naked, I spread her legs a little to give me access to that whole wonderful sexy region of her body. I kissed the cheeks, licked and bit, and let my tongue play all over her ass, her anus, and her pussy. I elongated and stiffened my tongue and pushed my face down and let my tongue penetrate her anus first, then her labia, licking and playing with her clit in the process. She squirmed and moaned and pushed her hips harder into my devouring mouth and darting tongue and she was absolutely flowing down there. Then, she says to me softy but commandingly:

"Prepare mo na ako."

"Ha?" I was caught completely off guard.

"Prepare mo na ako. " She repeats, and glances back at me with a smile both innocent and impish at the same time.

Then it hit me. The reason why she took longer in the bathroom was because she was preparing herself for something special that night for the both of us. I wasted no time getting to my feet – my cock standing stiff as a rod and already dripping pre-cum – and brought out our special "kit" where we keep our "toys".

I made her lie down on her belly over a couple of pillows, which raised her midsection and ass higher up, giving me better access and more room to play. I took out the medium-sized ribbed silicone anal plug, generously lubed it up and slowly and gently pushed it in her anus. She moaned softly, and I proceeded to lick, kiss and tongue her pussy and clit. She was quivering and moaning with pleasure now. I then used her vibrator over her clit and as I was inserting it inside of her, she said:

"I want your cock inside me."

With her lying on her belly and her ass raised up at my disposal, I grab hold of my cock, lubed it up (it wasn't really needed as she was already dripping wet by now) and penetrated her pussy slowly from behind. She moans again, louder as I begin pumping her soft, then hard; slow, then fast. She squirms and pushes her ass back into me, trying hard to stifle her moans of pleasure for fear of waking up the kids and the yayas. I lay almost my full weight on top of her and ask her if she likes it like that. She says yes, so I pump her harder while I slip my right arm under her neck and shoulders and embrace her tight, almost choking her. She yelps "Yes… harder…"

With my left hand, I reach under her and play with her clit and it was then that she bites onto her hand to prevent herself from screaming in pleasure as her first orgasm kicks in hard. Her body shakes visibly in the aftermath of her ecstasy as I continue to pound her pussy from behind while...

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September 13, 2021 (2 months ago)


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September 21, 2021 (2 months ago)

nice brother.....pero punyet*ng covid to ano

swing lifestyle....

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