Alisa’s Sex Diary - Father’s Day Part II

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Date: August 30, 2021 (1 year ago)

I got my period 2 days later, I told daddy about it. We still meet, punta kami sa place niya, and movies or kwentuhan lang. sabi ko, I want to see the other videos, he was a bit puzzled, kasi usually daw, girls don't want to see it. But na curious ako, and i want to see what these girls are doing, and make daddy happy. Baka lang kaya ko.

So I did, i asked him na hindi siya mahilig sa malalaking tits. Sabi niya, its okay big or normal, but not small. Sabi ko sa kanya, paano na ako, super liit, ang laki pa ng hands ni daddy, so lalong nanliit ang boobs ko. He complimented me about sa area na yun and sabi niya, i'm special daw. I bet, you say that to all the girls no? he said, NO! ikaw lang. I think nag blush ako nun.

The more ako nag browse ng videos, the more ako na hot and horny. Sabi niya sakin, tumigil na raw ako, coz we both might get really horny and start doing nasty things. He knows may period ako, but then I just wanted to watch those videos.

I noticed a lot of things, and by far, I saw na gusto ni daddy nag gag ang girls niya pagka bini-BJ siya. this I cannot do. Super hirap, but i can try. Then, I saw lahat ng girls mahaba ang hair.

I asked him kung sino ang favourite niya. He showed me the folder, and she's so pretty. She also has the most videos on his ipad. I was jealous, coz even during this pandemic, they still did get together. Her most recent video was last week.

Also, nag try kami mag bake, which was not bad for my first try.

Then we didn't get to see each other, coz mom was on holiday for the whole 7-days.

We went for a staycation on an island. Some of my friends were there too, so I gotta have so much fun too.

After all the break, I missed daddy so much na, although we kept messaging, it was so short and quick lang and I have to delete the messages agad, and I don't want to see the pop-ups from the phone coz baka may ibang makakita.

When I got back to Manila, I scheduled a meeting agad.

I have reminded him for father's day part 2, although too late na, I still want to surprise him.

Mom suddenly said, we're gonna buy the condo. So I immediately messaged daddy and canceled the meeting.

Mom and I met with the agent, and talked about the terms again. We got to the place again too, and mom decided to buy daddy's condo unit. I messaged daddy about it, but he never replied.

When we got to the place, daddy was there. Hirap na hirap ako pigilin sarili ko coz I was so happy na nandun siya. I was containing my excitement. Napansin ko rin na he was talking more sa agent namin and kay Mom.

Pero super bilis lang, then umalis na si Daddy.

Eventually yung interior designer namin dumating na rin, and looked at the place. After nun, pumunta na kami sa office ng agent to settle everything, kasi iniwan na ni Daddy yung keys sa agent.

While they were doing the papers, sabi ng mom ko sa agent, Ang bata pa nung may-ari, and also good looking talaga. Nag chismis pa talaga, just my mom being chinese hahaha and yes no.1 sa chismis ang chinese. Anyway, nung narinig ko yun, I messaged daddy about it. Nag reply siya kung selos daw ba ako? sabi ko, konti lang with lots of laughing emojis. Sabi pa niya na si Mom doesn't look 42yo na, and ganda raw ng mom ko, and kamukha ko. So sabi ko sa kanya, selos na talaga ako niyan :-) then i asked daddy kung type niya si mommy. Depende, i-date ko muna then malaman ko kung type ko siya, yan ang sagot niya. I sent him a lot of angry emojis :-) , just us being fun.

Nung na settle na lahat, mom and I went out for a good lunch with the agent. Nag chismis pa rin sila about kay daddy. Mom seems keen to know more about him, and yung agent naman, was just telling her what she knows. The agent told mom that he has other properties, some are for rent, and he's used to buying these condos or lands. Mom was teasing our agent about him. But she said she already has a boyfriend. Also, John likes her as part of his team within this property business. So no emotions and no personal connections.

Mom and I talked and she told me all about the apartment, how I owned it, responsibilities, consequences, and lots more. She was just being a mom, and that she knows I'll be moving out soon. But I will come back home every weekend or holiday naman. And she can visit and stay with me when it's her rest day too.

That evening, Mom went out with her friends, she said she'd be back late or very late na.

I was doing a conference video call with my friends, and also did some uploads in my IG. A few mins later, I got a message from daddy, nakita niya raw yung photos ko sa IG and I look stunning. He'd do this from time to time, he doesn't comment in IG coz my mom checks my IG, and she'd be suspicious if there are people doing those comments. Most friends know about IG, she also knows, except for a few and daddy's one of the few.

Around 8pm I got a message from mom that she's gonna be out for the whole night. They decided to go to a hotel and spend the night. It's nothing new to me, she has done that before and all the time too.

Checking on my mom's facebook, waiting for her update, usually she would upload a photo. Still in the video conference with my friends, I saw the FB notification, and yeah they were in the hotel with friends.

I messaged daddy asking him to come over.

About an hour later, Daddy called me to open the gate, which was around 9:45pm.

We got to my room, and started to kiss agad. Then I told him na i'm gonna give him my father's day gift, part 2. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down to his foot. I stroked his semi-erect cock and told him, I'm gonna suck his cock and make him cum in my mouth and I'll swallow. Daddys cock suddenly got so hard after what he had heard.

He sat on my bed, while I knelt in front of his hard rock cock and started to play.

Daddy was taking pictures and videos of me, that's for sure. I was massaging his balls with my tongue while I was stroking his cock. I completely pulled out his pants and undies off his feet, pushed his legs up till I saw his hole and started licking it. My one hand is stroking his cock, while the other is massaging his balls and my tongue is licking his ass. I heard him groaning and it got louder.

Then I softly asked daddy na tumuwad siya, which he did naman agad. Hinawakan ko agad cock niya and licked his hole too, I can feel that he loves what I was doing. I was using my two hands to stroke his cock, coz I want him to cum na, I was just too excited to swallow.

Not very long, he said he's gonna cum na. He sat na ulit sa bed ko and I pumped suck his cock so fast and tight in my mouth. I heard him saying he's cumming, and there it was, the first squirt of cum in mouth was so strong, so was the 2nd and 3rd squirts. I immediately swallowed it all. I wasn't letting go of his cock, Still squeezing to the last drop I could get.

Lumuluha na ako, coz It was a lot. When I opened my eyes, I saw him holding his phone.

I slowly let go of his cock, Opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and smiled at daddy. He was telling me how much of a good girl I was. I told him, happy father's day daddy ko. Then I ran to the bathroom.I washed up, brushed my teeth, gargled with listerine. My stomach felt full. I thought I was going to throw up, but it was all okay.

When I got back to my room, he was sitting pretty on my bed.

I got on top of him, and we kissed. Super sarap daw ng gift na binigay ko. I told daddy, it made me happy na nagustuhan niya yun. I knew that daddy's not gonna leave the house without fucking his baby girl, and that's why I just wore a skirt and sando both white na damit. I didn't even bother to wear panties and a bra.

He made me sit on his face agad, which I did, and when he saw my uncovered bald pussy, he told me how naughty I was. He was even asking me if I'm trying to be his slut. But before I could answer, he started to lick me na. I held my skirt up, as I watched my pussy slide on his mouth, nose and chin. I was moaning and super gigil kay daddy, kiniskis ko ang sarili ko sa face niya. He would stick his tongue out, and dun ako mag grind or mag pump.

I knew daddy was the one that unleashed ng kalibugan ko. I'm super addicted to him.

Lumilingon ako, wanting to see his cock, and when I saw it, gusto ko humarap sa cock niya and suck it, but alam ko naman na si daddy ang masusunod.

Napahawak nako and lean sa headboard ng bed ko, when daddy suddenly slid down and licked my ass. I went like Fuckkkkkkk, here we goooooo.

pinasok ni daddy cock nya sa pussy ko then he pulled up my top, pinakagat nya yon sakin. He then grabbed and squeezed both my tits while he pushed his cock deep inside.

and that's when he fucked me deep and hard again, he didn't let go of my tits, he was pinching my nipples, licking my neck.

He was also verbally abusing me. Daddy said that I was his slut, that I'm so horny for him, and i'm now his slut.

Then he fucked me so fast, super ingay na ng bed ko, and yung headboard nag bang sa wall, but hinayaan ko lang siya. He was fucking me so hard good then he just pulled out. I thought mag cum na siya, pero hindi. He pulled me by my hair, and pina harap niya ako sa lighted vanity mirror. Pinapanood niya sakin ang ginagawa niya, playing with my tits, rubbing all over my body and kissing. Then he pushed my head forward, spread my legs a bit, and he fucked me just like that. Daddy pulled my hair and made me watch myself getting fucked. I also saw him with his cellphone, I'm sure he's getting all of it. And it turned me on so much too. naka hawak lang siya sa hips ko, then he pulled my hips towards him every fuck he made.

Came a point na mag cum na ako, sinabi ko sa kanya, he shifted his hands on both my tits again, and fucked me fast. Nag cum ako, and then he pulled out and naramdaman ko na ang warm cum niya sa likod ko, dun niya nilabas.

Yung ibang cum niya, pinutok niya sa legs ko, and I felt it dripping down.

I heard so many camera clicks, and while he's taking pics of me, I turned around and kissed him. Then I went out to wash up.

When I got back, naka tapis lang ako ng towel, Naktingin lang sakin si daddy and naka smile siya. Sa harap niya raw ako mag bihis, so I did. He was video recording everything. I even asked him what panty I should wear, showed him some options, anong top, and skirt. He picked it for me, and I just got naked in front of his phone, so I showed daddy by wearing it one by one.

It was so late na, when daddy left, I think it was past midnight.

After nung gabing yun, I slept so happily again. I can smell daddy's perfume sa sheets ko and sa pillow ko, so nice and yummy. I thought, I will do something different for daddy.

The next morning, Before I went out with friends, I prepared what I'm gonna wear and nilagay ko sa bed, took a photo and sent it out to daddy. Then, I took a picture of myself wearing it. Showing it to daddy and asking him what he thinks. If he said something positive about it, I'd post it on IG. I did this every time from there on, and it was fun.

Nearly 3 weeks after that evening, miss na miss ko na si daddy. i was super busy lang and was out with family and friends too.

Also, natanggap ko na ang mga emails about sa application ko for overseas university. Nung unang nag meet kasi kami ni daddy, nag suggest siya about it, na kung pwede naman, mag apply daw ako sa mga overseas universities. This helps sa credentials ko sa post graduate kung mag MBA then PhD, and sa working experience too coz I get to work sa overseas.

So during these 3 weeks, I got three offers, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and UK. Nag usap kami ni Mom about it. Sa totoo lang, gusto ko sa UK, but nag worry si mom coz of the covid cases, nasa high risk list sila, just like...

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