My Rude Awakening VI

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Date: August 23, 2021 (1 year ago)

Ch. 06: Just getting started

I opened the door slightly, just letting him know that he can come in. "J...?" I heard him asked as he pushes the door and let himself in.

Nakatitig lang kami sa isat isa at parehas kaming naghihintay kung sino unang magsasalita. He was just standing there with his right hand holding the door open while I was behind trying not to be seen from the corridor with my left hand resting at the handle from the inside. Tuwang tuwa naman sya when he saw me without any underpants.

I was about to say something to break the ice when all of a sudden, he grabbed and pulled me from my back with his left hand and straight away forcing his lips to mine. I kissed him back gently yet willingly at akala ko pa we are heading straight to the bed na so I was trying to close the door pero pinipigilan nya... he was pulling me even more so that I'm fully exposed to the hallyway.

Bumitaw ako sa kissing namin and gave him a death stare while mouthed the word "NO" sa gusto nyang mangyari. Most guys would probably back off after that... but not Dan. He kissed me pa lalo and opened the door even wider for any passerby to see. My hotel room was right in the middle of a long corridor naman pero kahit na, if somebody went by for sure kitang kita kami.

It's been a while since the last time I kiss anyone. Halos nakalimutan ko na nga yung feeling ng may kahalikan and that was way before pa when Christian and I were still dating. I still remember how he kisses me so softly and gently, yung tipong dahan dahan at ramdam ko yung respect nya sa akin.

On the contrary, Dan is a very daring kisser. Parang there's urgency the moment our lips met as his tongue aggressively pursued my own na kaagad. I wasn't used to it pero for some reason I wasn't complaining. I was breathing heavily habang nilalaplap nya ako... letting our tongue dance as we both kissed each other torridly. At that point, I just closed my eyes and gave myself in.

I was trapped in a daze and didn't even notice I was half-naked while we were making out fully exposed to the hallway. I was so incredibly horny and Dan was turning me on so much... inangat ko yung right hand ko towards sa likod ng neck nya and then I grabbed his hair pulling his face into mine.

Seconds later, we heard people coming from the lift lobby heading towards our hallway. I reacted right away and pushed the door to close pero pinipigilan nya. I tried pulling away din but he's not letting me go. It took all my strength to break our kiss and forced myself away from him. I managed to take cover behind the door just in time for passersby to go through. Dan retorted smugly, glancing with a sickening smile between me at sa mga tao na dumadaan sa hallway.

I tried pushing the door to close it again pero before I could even react, Dan pinned me up against the wall and held my jaw with his left hand, keeping my head still as he was all over my mouth na naman. I'm not gonna lie, the rough treatment ignited a fire under my legs and suddenly I became powerless.

His tongue went around my chin and then to my neck and ear...Fuck, wala na…. diliryo na ako. His left hand guided my legs to spread up a bit and then I felt his rough fingers crawling into my clit area just on top of my very soaked panties. All of this is happening while his right hand was keeping the door open, fully exposing our lewdness acts for everyone to see.

I was in heaven. My hips are moving along the rhythm of his fingers. Then he started to slip his hand inside my underwear sabay hawak ng buo sa pussy ko, leaving me groaning in shock habang napahawak ako sa kanya ng madiin.This is it...

I was holding my orgasm the entire time we were chatting earlier. when I felt his bare fingers touched my pussy, I just lost it... Game over na. His middle finger started rubbing my clit in small circles and it drove me crazy... I swear to God I was in pure lust and ecstasy. He broke our kiss at pinapanood nya lang yung nagdi-diliryong reaction ko. I tried pushing him away to no avail as I felt his middle finger sliding down to stroke my wet hole.

I was never a fan of inserting fingers sa pussy ko. Not even when I play myself. I remember the time Christian tried doing it and for sure it was also his first time touching a girl, he was so inexperienced that I ended up in ridiculous pain after at feeling ko nagsugat na sya sa loob. Since then I never allowed him to finger fuck me anymore kahit pa sa actual foreplay namin. I'm cool with getting off naman just by licking or rubbing across...

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August 23, 2021 (1 year ago)

That was awesome... Ang sarap non bhe!!!

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August 23, 2021 (1 year ago)

It’s still as intense as the first time I’ve read it years ago

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August 23, 2021 (1 year ago)

You’ll probably get more 👍 and ❤️ if you put it in the stories section

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August 24, 2021 (1 year ago)

Thanks sa suggestion. Maybe next time

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