Alisa’s Sex Diary - Getting Gutsy

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Date: August 21, 2021 (28 days ago)

Alisa's Sex Diary - PAranoia

After that lovely moment, Even with my exhausted body, I couldn't sleep. I would take naps, but I wake up from time to time. It's been 4 days after the deed, and I was very off. My mom asked if it was my period coz I felt too exhausted and sad or worried. I just said, no, and made up another excuse. I counted my cycle days over and over, and true enough, I should have had my period 3 days ago. I don't know what to do, and how much I could take feeling this thing. When I did it with my ex-boyfriend, hindi naman ako nakaramdamn ng ganito coz he was wearing a condom every time. but this is very new to me, though I love it, it's not a good feeling as of this moment. I also cannot talk to my friends about this, they know I don't have a bf anymore, so this will lead to a lot of questions.

I messaged John, and asked him how he was, just me trying to strike a conversation.

He replied and everything seemed okay. I wanted to tell him about my situation but I just can't say it. He said I sound worried, so he offered to meet. I told him to pick me up the next morning, after my mom leaves for work.

When I got in his car, we kissed, and then he laughed at me, he said I looked so pale and worried. I wanted to cry, and I did cry. He comforted me all the way to the restaurant where he bought us take out food, and then back to his place.

He asked me if I bought a pad, which I actually have, so he said then you're fine, coz he knows kung ano problem ko. Sabi pa niya, magkakaroon ka later okay? so be happy. Let's eat. We ate, and good enough nagpapatawa naman siya so nalibang ako.

We watched a movie after nun. We hugged all the time, and na comfort ako sa ginagawa namin. Eventually, naka tulog ako.

Bigla akong nagising, when sumakit puson ko, so I rushed to get my pad and then to his bathroom.

Finally!!! yes!!!!! super painful, but yes!!!!! so happy!

When I got out of the bathroom, John was laughing at me, but I received everything with a smile and happiness. I wanted to go home, but he insisted that I stay for the day and rest.

He cooked lunch, prepared snacks and dinner before he brought me home that evening.

When I got home, I took a long shower and slept till the next morning at nearly 12pm. I finally got to recharge.

pangalawa to sa super paranoid ako, the first one was 2yrs ago. I was 16yo nun, every sunday, yung maid namin nag day off siya. So isang Sunday, nagpaalam ako sa mom ko na pupunta ako sa classmate's place. WHich I did naman talaga. My mom was supposed to pick me up 6pm, kaya lang, after lunch sa classmate's place, nag decide kami mag laro ng monopoly the classic way. Yun nga lang, yung monopoly nasa bahay namin, so I decided na umuwi and kunin yung bolard. Mom ng classmate ko ang nag drive sakin pauwi, and she said she'd pick me up 30mins later, kasi may bibilhin lang siya. When I got home, tuloy tuloy lang ako sa bahay, going to the 2nd floor. Wala ako napansin na off sa bahay. I saw my mom's room half open, so I decided na pumunta run and gugulatin ko sana siya. But I heard something different, its some noise, and when I got there, buti na lang sumilip lang ako. Nakita ko mom ko,getting fucked by a man.

She was facing the headboard nakatuwad siya and this man is fucking her from behind. umalis naman agad ako. I took the monopoly and lalabas na sana ako ng house. But hindi ko rin alam kung anong nangyari sakin, kasi i went upstairs again and peeked. My mom was moaning so loud and this man is groaning loud too.

Kinakabahan ako sa nakita ko, but i kept watching for some few mins. Then umalis na ako, and lumabas na ng bahay, where sa gate nako nag antay sa mom ng classmate ko.

I played it quietly all day, then at 6pm sharp, my mom was there to pick me up.

I got in the car and acted like nothing happened. Nag dinner pa kami sa labas, and when we got home, I was so curious and paranoid.

everytime uuwi ako sa bahay, naiisip ko yun. Kaya From then ON, parati na akong nag hello sa living room if walang tao. Sometimes, late at night, when I go to the bathroom, naiisip ko pa rin yun, what if nandun sila sa bathroom, or may lalaki si mom sa room niya or something.

HIndi naman na naulit yung incident, but paranoia kicks in every time may near same situation.

After a few days.

I remembered when I was 15yo, sabi ng mom ko, she'll get me my own place when I turn 18yo. Nung time na yun, nag thank you lang ako, and hindi ko naman masyado pinansin. But now, it's coming to life, Nagtingin kami ng condo unit near school ko. To be honest, hindi ko pa kailangan ng sariling condo now, what for? online classes? Plus, dalawa na alng kami ng mom ko sa bahay, with a stay out house maid and driver.

So far wala pa naman kami napipili.

NAg kwento ako kay John about it, nag biro pa ako na kami na lang bibili ng condo niya kung meron siyang for sale but with a special price. Sabi niya, pwede naman, may condo unit pala siya malapit sa campus na papasukan ko. Binili niya raw yun nun, dahil may project/business siya malapit dun. After nung project, pinapapuntahan niya na lang sa maid para linisin every week, or pagka-gustong gamitin ng isa sa siblings niya.

Nag offer siya na mag meet kami and dalhin niya ako sa place. The next morning, sinundo niya ako sa haws, quite early, around 7am. When we got there, it was a wow. It didn't feel like it was a 1-BR type of condo. He asked me if he likes the place, close to the campus, accessible of anything, stores and cafe's outside are very close too. I liked it, hopefully we can afford it hahahah sabi ko sa kanya.

Then he stood in front of me and we kissed. So much kissing, he made me kneel on the sofa, then he stuck his hand on my pussy. Just rubbing it there. I lifted my skirt up some more, then he pulled my panty down to my knees. He continued to rub my crack. He was just finger toying me, and watching me at the same time.

Then he made me face the other way, and pulled my panty off completely, he even said let's get this out of the way. He made me spread my knees apart, while I leaned forward on the back rest o...

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