My Sex Chronicle Chapter 5: Ivy Part 1 And Conclusion

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Date: June 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Disclaimer: This is somewhat a work of fiction given that I am pulling from the memory of years past and of my past at that, things are bound to be subjective. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog/confessional, I am purging myself of these stories and in doing so, I am kind of reliving my glory days.

I tagged this as a confession instead of a blog. Konti lang kasi ang sexual parts and those are pitiful at best - spoiler warning. The thing is I want to tell this just the same for honesty's sake. I did say I wanted to chronicle all my sexual adventures or in this case, a misadventure.



There isn't really much I can say. It might be considered cheating to even call this a chapter of My Sex Chronicle but there were some sexual aspects involved.

I am purposefully omitting times, dates, and specific ages as I do not want to be banned from posting on this site. You can check out my blog for specifics if you want to but I find that it does not affect the story that much.

Needless to say, this will be a short story.

She looked up to me and for some reason found me attractive. I used to run track and she'd always be there waiting for me at the finish line.

She called me Mallows, I called her Marshy after the term of endearment used by one of the teen love teams at the time. Click ata yun - not so sure now. It was puppy love. May libog na ako nun but not so much as to see her in a sexual light. She was a companion. Someone to feel kilig with.

It was, altogether... stupid.

Anyway, we "became official" near the end of the 3rd grading. We'd usually hang out after school. She had her sundo but they always came late so we'd usually hang around the many buildings on our campus. I've met her parents once or twice. I was introduced as kuya Brian - someone helping her with her subjects. It wasn't far from the truth. Many upper-classmen did that as a sideline.

I have to make it clear that our school was inside a bigger campus. High School sya inside a University and there were a lot of trees. There was a "forest" near/around our school. Malaking vacant lot sya na madaming puno and you could use pathways there as shortcuts if you wanted to get from one end of the campus to the other pero masukal kasi sya plus may mga abandoned construction projects. Walang masyadong gumagamit nung place where we usually hung out. There were stories of kapres there.

I loved that place. It was in one of those abandoned construction sites that we decided we'd have our secret spot. We'd sit and talk about the day. Class nerd that I was, I sometimes tutored her there pag nahihirapan sya sa isang subject - usually algebra.

During one of these afternoons, umulan while we were walking around. As in malakas na ulan. We were in the middle of "our forest" so we ran. I tried to cover her with my jacket pero walang silbi. We ended up seeking shelter in our secret spot. We were both wet. It was typhoon season so there was that. Sabi ko magpatila na muna kami.

She was cold but we were both wet so I held her close but it didn't help. She was getting chills. In a panic, I took off the top of my uniform and held her to my bare chest. Piniga ko yung jacket ko then covered us up.

Nagulat sya. I think more than the he...

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You can call me a player back in the day but I've mellowed down a lot since then. I'm here to purge my conscience so to speak. I have a lot of stories to tell about my sex life and it's a good thing that I actually write for a living.

Oh and I do tie up my partners with rope.
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June 21, 2021 (1 month ago)

Nice adventure. Nagmarathon ako ng series na 'to.

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