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Date: May 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

hello fss world, i am a 36 old guy, a silent reader of the fss site.

my confession is about of my fantasies about a mature women, married, perhaps in her 40s to early 50's. Di ko alam kung tama tong nararamdaman ko pero i wanted to experience yung mature kind of relationship esp in bed.

i've been into few rel...

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May 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

ingat lang dahil meron pandemic pa

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May 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

Thanks alexdj

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May 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

Nice. Feel you bro. Hoping to meet din dito ng mas older. ๐Ÿ‘

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May 27, 2021 (26 days ago)

Tagged and fb groups (madaming separated and byuda)...build friendship lang then after pandemic kitain mo..mas better kng nearby ur place at kng may oto ka..ingat and happy fishing

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May 28, 2021 (25 days ago)

Subukan mo sa dating apps. Baka matupad ang pangarap mo. Katulad ko ๐Ÿ˜Š

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June 2, 2021 (20 days ago)

Do not fear PenisWriter is here.

Do not be bothered. Normal lang yang na e-experience. Same din naman sa mga girl na mas type nila ang matured at dad-bod type.

I had the same experience at napag compare ko pa ang matured chubby at mga sexy bebot.

Matured Chubby:
1. May insecurities sila sa katawan nila kaya madali silang mahulog sa mga lalake na naappreciate yung pagiging chubby nila.
2. Duon sa mga chubby single mom or married but looking, magaling sila sa sex or open sila magexplore. Sarap sa kama at game sila.
3. Dun sa mga single chubby mature, medyo challenge kase need nila muna ng love bago ang sex. Pero, jackpot ka maka virgin ng ganyan. Ingat lang baka mapikot ka.

Young and sexy.
1. Pihikan sila madalas. Looks ang importante sa kanila. Paano na kung hindi ka kagwapuhan
2. Mahirap pilitin sa kama. Pa virgin kahit hindi naman na.
3. Matagal na investment, gusto ng long term relationship.

These are just my own thoughts.


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