Bakit Nga Ba?

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Date: April 16, 2021 (22 days ago)

In one of my random chats sa lobby, someone asked me bakit daw ako nakikipag-relasyon sa isang may asawa na or bakit ako nakikipag-sex sa kanila. Nabasa daw nya kasi sa mga confessions ko na pumatol ako sa lalakeng may pamilya na. At hindi lang isang lalake.

Hmmmm... Bakit nga ba?

Well, let's go down memory lane.

Let's start with Arcee. Arcee was the guy na nakadonselya sa akin. Technically, hindi pa married si Arcee nung unang may nangyari sa amin pero may pamilya na sya that time. Hindi pa nga lang sila nagpakasal but they already had two kids with his live-in partner.

Bakit ako pumatol? Hmmm... Crush ko sya, 'yon lang.

Then si Arem.

Like I said before, si Arem was my "the-one-that-got-away" guy. College boyfriend, the first guy I had given my heart to. And the first guy who explored every inch of my body. Sayang nga lang, hindi ko sa kanya sinuko ang pinagkakaingatan kong hymen.

Alam ko mahal na mahal ako ni Arem even then. Sa tanang buhay ko sya lang ang nag-iisang lalakeng kumain sa akin while I was on my period. Literal na binaba lang nya ang panty ko halfway sa thigh, with my bloody napkin still attached into it, and just lapped at my pussy. I know it was so ewww, right? Kahit ako nun napangiwi eh. Pero maygash, ang sarap. Kaya pumikit nalang ako at ninamnam ang bawat hagod ng dila ni Arem. And this happened way back during our college days when we were both newbies to the carnal world.

Fast forward to two decades later, nagkita nga kami uli ni Arem. Thank you, Facebook. And we had sex, or made love, or whatever you want to call what we had.

Bakit ako pumayag? Well, mahal ko pa rin sya, after all those years and after all those men I had bedded.

Moving on, meet family man number three. He was the reason kung bakit andito ako sa FSS. And I know, I have not written about him in details, in any of my confessions. But I did write a story about him before, nidelete ko nga lang.

Anyway, let's call him Jess because he was born on Christmas day.

We met sa mIRC and even after nine long years, I still remember the day he finally gave in to my persistent private messages. Ha!

Hindi ko tanda anong tawag sa mIRC nun but it was basically the same as the "Private Room" option sa chatroom dito. Lagi ko kasi syang nakikita sa #channel na tinatambayan ko pero puro lang sya pa-sounds eh, hindi sya masyadong nagsasalitype. So na-curious ako sa kanya. And I happened to know he was a programmer. A combination of "supladong IT", well, that got me determined to get to know him beyond the chatroom, whatever it takes.

Long story short, bumigay din si Jess and that started my climb up in the stairway to heaven and hell.

But before the hell part, I had a very steamy ride to heaven with Jess.

I remember every detail of all the things we did.

The walling sa banyo, maygash, that was so great I can still remember how horny I was at that time. Kakaahon lang namin sa dagat and we were supposed to wash up lang para mag-ready na for dinner. But we ended up fucking against the cold tiles while some of our companions were just outside waiting for their turn to use the shower room.

The ice cream on his balls. Ha! First time I did that and I was so aroused everytime I hear his moans kapag dinilaan ko na bayag nya after spreading some ice cream on them.

The fucking while he was carrying me. Oh em!

To be honest, I had one of my best weekends with him.

Oh make that two. He flew to Thailand (where I was working back then) twice to fuck me. Literally and figurativ...

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