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Date: October 17, 2020 (12 days ago)

Di ko pa alam who I'll write more about.

Kaye is a pretty recent conquest - I had her just before I got married but we "went out" quite a few times I just know it'll take multiple days and much effort to write about her. At the same time, I am thinking of writing some of the girls I had when I was way younger.

I was like Barney from HIMYM. I had a list of women I've slept with (now at the mid 30's). I actually had a physical list but I think I misplaced it somewhere. I stopped adding to this list when I got married.

The problem I face now, given that I've had plenty of partners and with the addition of time is that I am forgetting some of their names. I know that there was this girl who I let stay over at my place in QC. Oh my sister was furious that I let a stranger sleep and worse, stay at our place for an entire week. We fucked that entire week too wh...

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You can call me a player back in the day but I've mellowed down a lot since then. I'm here to purge my conscience so to speak. I have a lot of stories to tell about my sex life and it's a good thing that I actually write for a living.

Oh and I do tie up my partners with rope.
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October 17, 2020 (12 days ago)

Noella, kase siya fav character ko sa Genshin Impact 🤔.

I rise where others fall. Whenever the world is turned against me, I survive in exchange for my humanity.

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October 17, 2020 (12 days ago)


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