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Date: October 14, 2020 (16 days ago)

I had my sexual awakening pretty early. AS IN PRETTY EARLY - elementary days around 1993-1994 and my dad influenced me I think.

My dad had his stash. You know what I mean: playboys, hustlers, and local sexy magazines. Being the curious little boy that I was, lagi akong nagkakalkal sa loob ng bahay and I came upon my dad's stash. I read a few, enjoyed them and I was hooked. Really hooked.

Binalik balikan ko yung stash nya. Both my parents were working so I was left mostly alone at home and damn boy, did I make the most of it. At this point I still did not know how to masturbate. Nagbabasa lang ako.

Anyway, along came Betamax. Uso pa nun yung Betamax rental places. Dad would rent some of these and watch it sa room nila ni Mom. When they were away at work, I'd sneak in and watch the films myself.

E nahuli ako.

Nahuli ako ng mga ilang beses.

The first time was really scary. Napalo ako ng sinturon noon a. I dunno, pero when my dad found out I think there was a glimmer of pride in...

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You can call me a player back in the day but I've mellowed down a lot since then. I'm here to purge my conscience so to speak. I have a lot of stories to tell about my sex life and it's a good thing that I actually write for a living.

Oh and I do tie up my partners with rope.
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October 15, 2020 (15 days ago)

You writing for a living makes your work pleasant to read and easy to understand.
I do remember the old local magazines back in the day I was a teen and I save up to buy magazine that is worth 80 php at the time.
I remember being aroused by the stories I read.
Also I trade my mags to the boys my age.
The pages somehow sticks together if you know what I mean ha ha ha !
Looking forward to read your work Sir ! More power

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