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Date: August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Good day mga Ka Fss. NOD Yvonnie, is your nurse on duty for the day.

Reading kamasutra, adult books and magazines gave me different understandings about sex and sexuality. Madalas even newspapers give juicy sexual infos. (Parang sex education lang pero nasa ibang level).
Western version of the kamasutra focuses more on sexuality in health in and well-being with an attemp to lessen or eradicate STI particularly AIDS.
The original hindu kamasutra focuses more on sexual desires and sensuality, preparations before sexual practice are only secondary. European and Asian kamasutra took sex to the next level and applied sexual knowledge into practice.
Bilang abang lingkod niyong nurse, i took the liberty of taking down interesting notes throughout my kamasutra readings eversince High school na alam kong mapakikinabangan ko in the future. Kaya nga mas maganda pa rin ang magkaroon ng journal or diary lalo na mga nasa medical field.

(Kinda like me preparing in yearning how to pleasure my future husband or would be partner in my meditations noon)

Today I would like to share to you my wonderful notes in the world of sex and kamasutra for free (because some infos are prohibited to be posted in public)
As a nurse, I love helping people who are in need of knowledge. Enjoy reading :)

-Exercise and streching just before sex greatly improves penile erection.

-Going for all-out sex woth lesser beaks and rest time? Extend your sexual stamina by drinking a glass of vitaminized water or sports drink (gatorade will do).

-Try wearing knee caps and shoulder guards when going for a rough round of advanced kamasutra sex (without the injuries involved) You can also wear a helmet when you want your girl to do daring aerial sexual positions (which involve a high risk of falling)

-The best and easiest way to anal train is moving your bowel regularly. (Healthy choice din) Anal sex can be really painful without anal training so I recommend moving your bowel before you do anal sex. (Add some enema in your partners' anus and you and your partner are good to go.

-Some guys can cum by just stimulating the prostate throught anal fingering. (Girls, sabayan niyo ng bj para mas masarap)

-Some girls can cum just by breast massage. (So guys, do your girl a favor and massage her chest part even in doing doggie styles or missionaries)

-Guys, Kegels' exercise (AKA Pelvic floor muscle exercise) is the best way to delay your cum during sex and avoid premature ejaculation. All you gave to do is empty your urinary bladder often then hold it in. (Umihi ka muna tapos pipigil ka ng ihi for 3 seconds then relax. repeat this at least 3x a day. You can actually search for a youtub video on how to do this)

-Sa mga manliligaw na lalaki diyan, a sexual psychology study suggests that women will always seek out suitors or partners who is like their father. (Instinctively, laging hinahanap ng isang babae ang mga katangian ng kanilang sariling ama sa lalaking mapipili niyang magiging ka-partner niya sa buhay) Translation: If you want to know what really pleases your woman, ask about her father.(The same goes for men na hinahanap ang mga katangian ng kanilang sarirling ina sa babaeng gusto nilang maging partner)

-It is easier and safer to use home-made disposable sex toys rather than reusable ones. A certain DOH hospitals' study shows that partners using sex toys(dildo& fleshlight) repeatedly has a higher risk of contacting AIDS and STI's(Sexually Transmitted Infections). Napakarami na po akong nakikita sa youtube na videos in making easy homemade sex toys.

-Guys, your semen will always have a high ph value(power of hydrogen) kaya no doubt na commonly mapait ang lasa ng tamod ng lalaki at parang amoy bleach but you can always improve the taste, consistency and aroma of your cum by eating citrus fruits like pineapple and orange. This fruits are acidic and decreses the ph value in your body fluids including your semen. Minsan nagtaka ako kung bakit mata...

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Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher
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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Oh shit, so nakantot ko na pala technically ang daughter ko

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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Oh shit, so nakantot ko na pala technically daughter ko

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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Salamat crush 😁


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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

I do agree with miss YvonnieKimsori sa breast massage or breast playing. Yung wife ko madaling nilalabasan while playing with her tits. Maraming nerve endings sa breasts ng mga babae. With proper technique and tongue - hand combination, your partner/gf/wife will definitely get the big "O" with just playing with her breast.

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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Also, people who exercise regularly and who practices good nutrition are more active in sex and do more rounds. Based on my experience.. 🤔

I rise where others fall. Whenever the world is turned against me, I survive in exchange for my humanity.

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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Keep it up idol

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August 16, 2020 (1 month ago)

Thanks for the support guys.

Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher

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