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Date: May 17, 2020 (17 days ago)

Sabi ko nga sa title, this is my first confession. I'm not sure if there will be others that will follow but let's see. I just turned 30, 5'10, moreno, and I would say na meron dating but not a 10.

My confession will be about my love of older women. I've been with a few girls, some younger, some my age, and others older. Some single, some aren't. In a way, I prefer women who are in a relationship because there's a bigger chance they won't kiss and tell.

Mas gusto ko yun kasi I'm also in a long term relationship. Yes, I've been cheating on my girlfriend. I do love her pero iba kasi yung raw sex with someone who is not your significant other. Gusto ko kasi rough, wet and really dirty pag dating sa sex. Anyway, enough of that. Here's my confession.

I'm in my 2nd year of med school when I tried this dating app. Siguro dala ng stress na din kaya I was looking for a means to release some stress.

There I met a woman in her 40s, single mother, and a body to die for. She's really fair, and if I remember correctly, she had c-cups. Face-wise, she's more cute than pretty.

So I messaged her but she didn't reply so I thought she wasn't interested. At first akala ko wala na and that was really disappointing because I was really interested. It took a few days before she finally responded and from there, we started chatting.

Usual introductions and some small talk before I tried my luck and ask her out. She said she was busy but we could try and set a date. We found a common ground and decided to meet after her work.

I was to go to her place and we'd meet in the resto near her condo. She had me park at her condo and she met me at the lobby. The moment I saw her, wow. Yun lang masabi ko.

She was wearing this pink dress and a jacket. Nothing spectacular but it fit her really well and showed all of her curves. Nothing too sexy, just enough to keep you interested and guessing.

We proceeded to the resto, ordered some picka-picka and a couple of beers. We talked about the usual topics -- how was your day, how was work, etc.

After an hour or so, I excused myself to go to the restroom then got back to our table. When I got back, she asked whether the restroom was open cause it's usually locked and that if I wanted, I can use her bathroom upstairs.

Took that as a hint so after a few minutes, and made some excuse to use the bathroom hoping she'd repeat her offer. Lame, but it worked cause next thing I knew, we were in her condo.

Once we were in, I threw caution to the wind and grabbed her by her waist and kissed her hard. She stopped and and said 'are you sure?' I responded by kissing her harder and she started responding.

Removed her jacket and her dress to reveal her tits. She was braless and they were perfect. I started kissing her neck as I worked my way down. Gently bit her nipples to tease her a bit before ravishing them.

She started to really moan at this point so I stopped to keep her from climaxing because I wanted her to explode on my mouth. I let go of her wonderful tits and I worked my way to her belly.

Lightly kissing my way down to her belly button as I played with it using my tongue. She grabbed my hair cause she was feeling ticklish and tried pushing me down to have me eat her.

I didn't want to yet cause I wanted to really build the tension between her legs so I kissed past her pussy and licked her thighs instead.

When I got to the insides of her thighs, I started really sucking and mark it as mine. From there, I worked my way down further to her seemingly unending legs until I got to her foot where I started sucking on each toe.

There she went crazy and started to really scream so I started playing with her clit using my free hand. When I felt that she was about to cum, I jumped to her pussy and started really sucking on her lips while I fingered her hard.

As she started bucking, she started to squirt on my face. This really surprised me because this was the first time I was squirted on or had an experience with a woman who squirts and it got me wanting more.

She got my shirt all wet but I didn't care. At that point I knew I needed to fuck her. She was still trying to catch her breath but I didn't let her. I removed my pants as fast I could and entered her without warning.

Her eyes widened as I hit her pussy walls and started to fuck her deep. I held her arms up while I tucked her so I can lick her armpits while doing it. She started getting wild and pushed me down so she can be on top.

As she rode me, I started sucking her tits like there was no tomorrow. When I felt that she was about to cum again, I pushed her to her back and had her on all fours.

This time, she looked at me with a devious smile and asked if I wanted to take her ass. She wanted my cum inside her ass. She didn't ask again but instead deep throated me to get my dick ready.

When it was wet enough, she turned her back and I entered her really slow this time. It was as if time stopped because she was really tight. This was another first for me and I was loving every second of it.

We started finding our rhythm and I started fucking her ass faster. I don't know how long I lasted but I got really into it that I started pulling her hair, lick her all over and fuck pound her ass.

Next thing I knew, I was cumming hard deep...

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