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First, let me tell you a little something about myself…

I grew up in a middle class family which provides adequately for the needs of four children -- my two sisters, a brother and me. We grew up in a kind of suburbia in the southern part of Manila. My sisters and I studied elementary in a Catholic school run by nuns. My parents, though devout catholics, raised us as independent minded individuals. However, growing up with two older sisters who are... ok fine... I admit it... prettier than I am, and teased always because of my "average" Pinoy nose (read: pango), I became shy. My siblings and I were never close during our teens that the adolescent stage of my life was quite lonely.

I do have a few close girl friends back then. But, with the somewhat conservative upbringing by their families as well, we never talk about "taboo" subjects -- especially not sex!

Anyway, I was a bit of a prude in high school. I had a boyfriend in my junior year. He went through the lengths of courting me -- taking me home after school, being interviewed (interrogated was more like it!) by my mom, going on group dates -- until we became a couple.

The farthest base this guy ever reached was just lip-to-lip kiss during our less-than-a-year relationship. Oh, he attempted to get to first and second base... but always fell short! But I felt his heat, of course, every time we hug. It may be because of him, or maybe it's because of me. But then again, we were still in high school. So perhaps, I was just being veeeerrryyy cautious!

Even when I went away to college (I got accepted in a university which has a campus in a nearby province) and had all the means and time to experiment and explore my sexual and sensual side, there was just this thing that stopped me from going all the way with a guy.

There was this one guy, Carl (not his real name), who I was sure wanted to have me. Carl is also one of my orgmates.

One weekend, he asked if he could stay overnight in the apartment I share with five other girls. He said that his housemates already left and he forgot his keys to their apartment. My housemates always leave for home on Fridays, so Carl and I had the apartment pretty much to ourselves. That Saturday night, I let Carl sleep in the living room downstairs while I slept in the only bedroom upstairs. The following morning, I woke up and hoping to go home in Manila to spend the remaining weekend with my family.

I woke up Carl sleeping on the sofa. He said that he was still tired and sleepy, and asked if he can sleep in for a few minutes more. He also asked if he can sleep in one of the beds upstairs since the iron sofa was uncomfortable. Of course, he was my brod, so I let him sleep upstairs. And since it was still early 6:30 am, I decided to sleep in for a few more minutes as well. He laid down on the bed across my own cot.

In the back of my mind, I know he will try to do something naughty. I couldn't get back to sleep. And then I heard him softly call out to me...

"Come here, Danelle..."

Feeling in a daze, I got up and laid down beside Carl, but turned my body away from him. He put his arms around me and we lay there quietly in spoon position for a few minutes. I felt the heat of his breath on my shoulder. I pretended to sleep. He knows that I'm pretending to sleep.

Slowly, I felt Carl's hand move to caress my waist, my hips and then my buttocks through my night shirt (a very oversized t-shirt). His hands felt very warm through the fabric of my shirt. He pressed his body against my back and I felt his hardening member on my butt.

I had to admit, for a virgin with no sexual experience at all at that time, I felt heat between my legs and warm tingles down my spine. I wanted more, but something was stopping me from actively participating in his attempts to seduce me in my "sleep." Besides, I was also curious and anticipating of what Carl will do next.

Keeping my eyes closed, I felt Carl plant a trail of kisses from my neck to my shoulders while his right hand began to move to the hem of my shirt. His warm hands inched its way under my shirt and unto my bare stomach. With my body keeping still, his hand caressed slowly to the edges of my thin bra while gently licking my shoulders. That's when my hand moved to stop his hand.

He stayed still for a few seconds, then pulled me to face him. I tried to resist, albeit feebly, when he got on top of me. He held my wrists to the side of my head while kissing my neck. He tried to kiss my mouth but I kept my face turned away. Still pining me down, his mouth travelled to my left breast and sucked my nipple through my shirt. He positioned himself between my legs, his hardness pressing down on me.

He dry-humped me while his hands kept my wrists to the side of my head. He let go of my arms to try to pull my shirt and bra up to expose my breast.

That's when I "woke up".

I quickly pushed against his shoulder and struggled to pull myself from under him. Then I ran out the bedroom, into the bathroom and locked myself in.

It's like my feelings were put in a blender set to puree -- fear, desire, excitement, disgust were all in there mixing with each other.

After a few minutes that seemed like an eternity, I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door. It was Carl.

"Danelle, I'm sorry. I really am. I won't try anything stupid again, I promise."

I considered his words. I also considered who to call for help in case he does try something stupid... my neighbors? Also students who went home on weekends. We have no phone in the apartment and this was "pre-cellphone" era. I can always go to the police station a few blocks away, if he doesn't kill me. Or perhaps, just even go along, let him have his way and try to enjoy myself as well.

I opened the bathroom door and there he was, sitting on the living room chair, already dressed to go. He waited downstairs while I got dressed in the bedroom (I made sure that the door is locked). And then we left the apartment. I never spoke a word to him before we parted.

I never spoke to him again at all.

That experience really made me wonder: Am I a prude? Am I frigid? Was I wanting my first time to be something special?

The answer came to me three years later...


His name is Cris.

When we first met, I never really looked at him as boyfriend material. No, he's not ugly, but he's not male-model-hunky-bod kind of guy as well. In looks, you could say that he's an average Juan. He's taller than I am by a few inches. His body is built ok, with a few love handles on the side. He's not rich, but he sings and plays the guitar well. He's very kind, understanding and family-oriented (his family is tightly knit). He's also very intelligent and articulate.

I looked up to him like a big brother. Kuya Cris, I would call him.

Then he started calling me on the phone. We talked about a lot of things. From politics, to music, to practically anything under the sun.

His first love letter was met with surprise! He wrote about me and why he likes me and why he wants to court me. I asked a female friend to read it and told her that the person that Cris is talking about in that letter could not be me.

But Cris is persistent. He sent me love notes everyday. He would serenade to me during tambay hours at school. And still we can talk about anything and everything under the sun.

My friends and I tried all our best to dissuade him from courting me. But in the end, I realized that I might be missing out on something good.

What can I say, the guy melted me! (I'm a sucker for guitar-playing intelligent and articulate guys, so sue me!)

He was also a romantic guy. We'd go on long evening walks by the Manila Bay. Sit there and talk. He would hug me, caress me.

The first time we kissed -- okay, this may sound naive and cliched -- was magic. He gently, but firmly, pressed his lips against mine. His mouth opened ever so slightly to suck gently on my lower lip while his tongue grazed it. Such feathery light, yet sensual touch made my knees buckle. I held on to his shirt to keep me from falling.

That first kiss that lasted for just a few seconds got me hooked on him.

Ok, I don't have much guys to compare that kiss with. My first boyfriend in high school never got me to French kiss him. Even Carl, who had me pinned under him never got to kiss me at all. And Cris is just my second boyfriend! Perhaps, you readers would probably scream at me, "What's the big deal? It's just a freaking kiss! And he's your second BF! Pfft!"

But for me, it was a big sensual, sexy deal! And the long walks and talks by the Bay lead us to kissing and necking by the bay.

For those of you who would frequent Luneta, try to drop by at night. Lots of couples there often in the dark secluded areas, kissing and groping at each other. And if you happened to visit there some evening in year 2000, perhaps you could have passed by Cris and I in one secluded spot.

At least for me, that began a sexual awakening. But, prudish, inexperienced, and even perhaps frigid me, stopped me from going all the way with my second boyfriend who is ten years my senior. (Have I mentioned that he's 30 and I'm only 20?)

Oh we'd fool around a little in the dark. We would sit there under a tree, my back on his chest with his arms around me. Him kissing, nipping on my neck as I press my body closer against him. I would feel his thumb graze ever so slightly against the side of my breast. He would pull my face towards his and he would kiss me on the mouth, his tongue gently pushing my lips apart as it explore inside. I would hear his soft moans as I suck on his lower lip. My hands would rub down his thighs and legs.

I would feel his hardness against my back and the heat of his body. Every now and then I would get bolder and press my back on his hardened crotch. I would feel the heat and wetness between my legs increasing. Yes, I admit to myself, I wanted more! I wanted him to touch me. I want to kiss all of him, not satisfied with his mouth only. I wanted to tear off all our clothes to have his skin touch mine. Then and there at Luneta Park, at night, secluded in the dark, I wanted him to take me.

His sensual kisses has brought me to the brink of desire. In layman's terms, Cris got me horny (though, of course, I was still a virgin and I never really knew that THAT was what getting horny means).

But, frustrating as it sounds, his hands would never leave the side of my breast in an attempt grope under my shirt. He would hold on to me tighter, however. Whenever he feels that he could no longer contain himself, he would gently push me away and take me home. Talk about self-control!

One Saturday afternoon, we went on a date. We went to the cinema to watch Stuart Little. He's not really a fan of that talking mouse, but that's what I wanted to watch. We on balcony seats of the theater. Since it was still early in the afternoon, there were a few patrons watching (or perhaps people don't really dig watching a talking mouse).

The lights dimmed and we sat there holding hands while watching Stuart's adventures with his new adopted family.

Cris and I were wholesome (yeah, right!) at first. He began kissing my mouth and I was kissing him back. His right hand caressed my cheek, my neck, slowly moving down my arm while his tongue did wonders darting in and out of my mouth. He pulled my hand and placed it on his crotch, making me feel the hardness inside his jeans. He moaned softly against my mouth when I started to rub his crotch. His right hand left mine and went under my shirt, under my bra to touch my nipple. I trembled at his touch. I was breathless. My mouth left his so I can gasp for air when he pinched and rolled my nipple between his fingers.

Through the dim light from the cinema's projector above us, I watched his face watching mine as he slowly squeezed my breast. Whenever Cris squeezed my breast, my hand on his crotch would do the same. I watched him look at me with desire as his hand moved to my other breast. Gosh! I had to stifle a moan to keep from attracting attention from the very few cinema patrons seated around us.

His eyes locked into mine as he let his hand wander to the waistband of my jeans. Slowly he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I pushed my hips forward and opened my legs wider to give his hand more access to where no man has ever touched.

With a finger, Cris slowly rubbed my clit. The feeling was so glorious. I tilted my head back and was breathing heavily. I swear I moaned out loud when his finger rubbed my moist pussy lips. With his other hand, Cris pulled my face towards him. His lips devoured mine while his fingers began probing inside my pussy.

I couldn't help myself from pulling his hair as he began finger-fucking my cunt while his mouth kept my moans from getting us thrown out of the theater. When I was nearing the brink, he quickly pulled his hand from inside my jeans. He pulled a black jacket he brought (how convenient) over his head and my body. Before I realize what he was doing, his mouth is sucking on my nipple and his fingers went back to fucking my cunt. Wanting to feel more of him inside me, my hips moved to meet his fingers. I could only grip on his shoulders while he did his wonderful assault on my body.

His fingers moved faster and faster in and out of my pussy while he sucked and squeezed my breasts. I could feel this wonderful pressure building between my legs until I couldn't take it anymore.

Holding a hand over my mouth to stop my cries, I shivered and trembled on the first orgasm I ever had in my life.

When my trembles subsided, Cris discreetly pulled my bra and shirt back down and zipped up my jeans. He pulled himself from under his jacket and raised his hand covered in my juices to my lips. I sucked on his fingers and tasted my own sweet cum. Then he kissed my mouth passionately.

Then the lights of the cinema went on.


Cris and I have been going steady (not so wholesome, but we were not yet intimate lovers) for three months when we almost hit a snag in our relationship.

I had this girl friend who was in a relationship with two guys simultaneously. One Sunday, she asked me to come to their house. But I had a date with Cris that evening so I declined. She said she needed my help. It turned out that her BF #2 is also there, asking my friend to finally leave her BF #1. I already told her my views on monogamy, and that I think of her as a selfish bitch for hurting her two BFs. But we've been friends since high school so I simply told her personally that whatever I say or do won't matter because the decisions in her life will always be hers.

I was supposed to meet Cris that afternoon somewhere in Baclaran. Sunday commuter traffic in that area was horrendous. Luckily, I saw Cris as he was walking through the crowd, away from our meeting place. He looked angry. He had every right to be because I made him wait for more than an hour!

He almost didn't want to talk to me. He planned for us to watch a movie and have dinner. But, because I was late, he lost the desire to go through with his plans. I apologized and begged him to talk to me.

So we decided to go to one of our favorite hang outs -- the CCP -- to talk. I could feel that he's not feeling very romantic that evening because he picked a spot where there are a lot of Sunday loiterers around.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines located at Roxas Boulevard in Manila, is one of Imelda Marcos's monument to what they call her "edifice complex." But it is one of the homes for the country's arts and culture. Whenever there is a show, the CCP building is lighted up and the fountains at the front of the building would dance for the patrons.

But that Sunday with Cris, there were no shows. No dancing fountains. Very few lights along the driveway of the main entrance are lit. There are, however, still a lot of people -- mostly families with young kids wrapping up their weekend together on the CCP's front lawn, with a few couples holding hands seated on the low wall of the driveway.

So Cris and I sat there and I told him about my girl friend's boy troubles. I appreciated that he voiced out his opinions, specially from a male point of view. But, coming from a tight-knit family with a brother and three sisters younger than him, he is a bit conservative when it comes to relationships. Needless to say, we see eye-to-eye on having one partner at a time.

He also apologized for his beingmasungitfor my tardiness, and we hugged.

It was very cozy, sitting there with him holding me. I didn't want to leave, really. So we sat there for hours just talking... and of course making out.

After watching Stuart Little just a week before, our make out sessions have become more hot and steamy. Even more so this Sunday evening at the CCP grounds.

Because there were only a few lit lamps around the building, it was quite dark where we are sitting. His arms were wrapped around me as I leaned back on his chest..

In the dark, he began nibbling on my earlobe then trailed kisses down my neck and shoulder. He looked around cautiously, then his one hand disappeared under my blouse while the other hand dove into my jeans to massage my clit.

While his hands did their magic on breasts and pussy, he kept talking about stuff which I, in my very, very horny state of mind, did not even understand. Damn this man for talking about his grandmother while his fingers molded my nipples into hard nubs, and making my clit swollen!

He again finger-fucked me just outside the CCP theater, with some people milling probably nearby (with other couples perhaps doing steamy things to each other too.)!

I thought it would be a repeat performance of the Stuart Little experience, but I was wrong. I felt the hardened evidence of his desire for me pressing on my back. His breath was hot and heavy on my neck. His fingers (I think it was two fingers) rubbing inside my core faster and faster was making me delirious.

Then Cris whispered in my ear, "I want you, Danelle... now."

Oh, God! I want him too! I've never felt this way before. It was like my arousal and desire for Cris inside the cinema escalated to a hundredfold! But I couldn't wait any longer. He wants to fuck me. And I wanted him to fuck me!

He discreetly guided me to the side of the CCP building, behind the statue of the two ballet dancers. It was very dark. The ledge shielded us from the people driving by the side of the building.

Cris sat the base of the statue, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. He guided me to kneel before him and led my hand on his hot and stiff manhood. With his hand, he guided my hand around his girth and slowly pumped. In the dark I couldn't see his cock, but I felt its hardness and width. I was a bit shocked and amazed that the width of his cock is almost the size of my wrist. I was also amazed at the smoothness of the skin.

With my hand, I explored him... from the base to the tip. The tip was wet with drops of precum and rubbed it with my thumb. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I gently pinched the tip. His hand guided mine in an up and down motion around his cock. He then let go of my hand and gently pulled my head towards his stiff member.

Ok... I've had my share of watching blow jobs from the X-rated DVDs my sister hid under her mattress... but watching is different from doing.

But it was like I was in a dream. My nipples and pussy were tingling. All of my inhibitions and caution thrown to the wind and what was left was my desire for this man, Cris.

I slowly put his cock inside my mouth. As I was inexperienced, I felt awkward, I didn't know what to do... Should I close my lips around his member? Should I suck like I would a lollipop? But lollipops are not this big! Do I do it the way I brush my molars?

So my first blowjob on my second boyfriend felt really awkward for me. So I started sucking on the tip first and felt his hand pull a little tighter on my hair. I let my tongue roll and play around the tip for a while then sucked on it again. Above me, Cris groaned softly..."Ohhh yess, Danelle..."

Feeling more bolder, I put more of his man meat inside my mouth, sucking. Then while his cock inside my mouth, my tongue gently flicked and press along his shaft. He then pushed his cock deeper inside my mouth, almost making me gag. His hand guided my head up and down on his cock, going faster and faster. My eyes teared up because I can hardly breathe.

Suddenly, he gently pushed pushed me away. Cris took off his shirt and spread it on the ground. He led me to lay down on his shirt and swiftly pushed my blouse and bra aside to expose my breasts. With urgency, he suckled on my breasts while pulled my pants down.

I was nervous of getting caught, but paralyzed with desire that I laid there. Above me were the twinkling stars in the sky. "This is it," I thought to myself. "My first."

I let my fingers run through his hair as he alternately sucked on my breasts, nibbling on my nipples. His fingers again found my pussy and pushed inside. I couldn't help but arch my back in pleasure.

I realized his mouth...

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Nice. Happy Ending. ☺️

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Wow! That was nice. Galing mong magkwento.
At the ccp area...I had the same experienced with my girlfriend, though mine was in the 90s 😊

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Nice! Saan kayo tumambay doon?

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Wow! That was nice. Galing mong magkwento.
At the ccp area...i had the same experienced with my girlfriend, though mine was in the 90s 😊

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