As promised, eto na ilalahad ko na an gaming ginawang Sexual Bucket List. Bago pa kami kinasal mag-asawa ay naisipan naming gumawa nito. We list all fantasies in our minds when it comes to sex. Almost a week din bago namin ito nafinalize. I submitted mine, she submitted hers too den saka namin kinombine. May mga naalis sa list kasi ayaw nya at iba ayaw ko, since it is our sexual bucket list eh kaya dapat pareho naming gusto. May ginawa kaming bucket list for both of us, may ginawa rin ako bucket list for her at ganun din sya gumawa din sya ng para sa akin.

First, I will define what a bucket list is. Bucket list is a checklist of experience you want to have before you die.
Sexual bucket list forces you to think what you really want to do in and out of the bedroom. There are countless sex positions, locations, kinks and coupling you want to explore to get more experience. It's almost guaranteed to make your sex life a little more exciting. Making a list is just the beginning, though. The real fun comes in checking each item off. (refinery29.com)

So, eto na po ang aming sexual bucket list (not in particular order). Marami na po diyan an gaming naacomplish, at medjo marami pa rin ang soon to be accomplish pa. Maybe after ng lockdown or maybe after siguro manganak ni misis pag talagang pwede na para makabawi naman.


1. Throw a two-person-kissing party – Sa loob ng 30 minutes, walang ibang gagawin kundi maghalikan lang kayong dalawa. Sa usaping halikan, hindi lang sa lips pwede, kahit saang parte ng katawan na partner ang pwede halikan.

2. Cook and eat a meal together naked

3. Give each other lap dances

4. Have phone sex

5. Play the naughty version of Truth or Dare

6. Play with a remote controlled vibrator

7. Practice the art of fucking first – sa tuwing may pupuntahang mga okasyon, o kapag may date, magsex muna bago umalis ng bahay

8. Go to third base at the movies and perform sex / oral sex on each other

9. Dare to have sex /oral sex/ even touching each other's private parts in public

10. Make a sex tape / record your sexual intercourse

11. Have the loudest sex possible

12. Role-play - #naughtyschoolgirl #sexylibrarian #policeofficer #hotnurse (dressing up is never a bad idea)

13. Have sex with your partner in a venue with mirror ceilings

14. Indulge in a dirty day where you and your partner dedicate the duration of the day exploring one another sexually (no cellphones, no shopping, no television, no family)

15. Spend an entire day naked together

16. Silent sex

17. Sex with no kissing

18. A quickie in a skirt

19. Watch each other masturbate to completion

20. Have sex on the dinner table after you cooked your partner a meal (that way you get to serve them twice)

21. Have sex outside your house – pwede rin sa terrace, o sa likurang bahagi ng bahay, o sa garden, or pwede rin sa loob ng sasakyan

22. Have sex in the rain

23. Have sex in complete darkness

24. Have sex in the comfort room / shower of a resort – yong common na CR o shower hindi yong sa loob ng kwarto

25. Have sex in the woods

26. Have sex in your place of work or hers

27. Have sex in a tent

28. Have sex at a drive-in / hourly motel

29. Have sex in a body of water (beach/ river/ swimming pool)

30. Have sex on a rooftop while the moonlight and stars are your only witnesses

31. Have sex in a parking lot of a mall / hotel / park, etc

32. Have sex in a car

33. Visit a strip club together and get a lap dance for both of you

34. While jogging, go to a safe place and have sex

35. Touch each other under the dinner table out at a restaurant

36. Have sex vacation weekend where you have sex at least 10 times in one weekend

37. When having a vacation getaway with friends, find a way to have sex in your room or anywhere else

38. Have Sex in a massage place

39. Try threesome (MFM/FMF)

40. Have anal sex


1. Touch yourself (and enjoy it).

2. Use a sex toy to pleasure yourself

3. Kiss a female

4. While having a solo session, film yourself

5. Masturbate to completion

6. Give him a hand job / blow job while he is driving

7. Give him a blow job while stuck on traffic

8. Place ice-cream of your choice on your lover's intimate area - suck and lick it dry because that is simply the best way to eat your dessert

9. Wear nothing but heels to bed

10. Have your partner jizz on your face

11. Be a human alarm clock by waking your partner up with a blow job

12. Masturbating during sex

13. Using a dildo and your man -- at the same time

14. Masturbate or give him a blow job in the theater

15. Surprise your partner by welcoming him home totally naked

16. Devote an entire day to just pleasing him: he must get to set the rules with this one!

17. Give him oral sex every day for a week

18. Allow him to dominate you for a night

19. Shave him

20. Let him cum in your mouth and swallow it

21. Wear two-piece at the beach or swimming pool

22. Wear a skirt with no panty


1. Use a sex toy on your partner

2. While having a solo session, film yourself

3. Masturbate while your partner watches

4. Place ice-cream of your choice on your lover's intimate area - suck and lick it dry because that is simply the best way to eat your dessert

5. Be a human alarm clock by waking your partner up with licking or eating her pussy

6. Touch or lick her pussy in the theater

7. Touch, play or lick her pussy in the public place such as parks, malls, etc.

8. Surprise your partner by welcoming her home totally naked

9. Make her squirt

10. Devote an entire day to just pleasing her: think oral sex, erotic massages, drawing her a hot bath, cooking or ordering her favorite meals.

11. Give her oral sex every day for a week

12. Allow her to dominate you for a night

13. While traveling, stop your car and perform oral sex for her

14. Shave her

15. Find her g-spot and try giving her a G spot orgasm

16. Give her multiple orgasms

I know karamihan sa inyo meron ding mga fantasies kagaya namin. Di naman siguro bawal diba, fantasy lang naman eh. Di rin naman naming pinipilit talaga na gawin lahat yon, basta kung ano lang ang kaya. Wag rinn irisk ang sarili para lang magawa i...

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March 29, 2020 (2 months ago)

Sir, check pm

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March 29, 2020 (2 months ago)

Nice that woukd deffinitely spice up your sex life as amarried couple. We will wait for the updates.

*I was Born to FIX YOU..🎭🎭🏩

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March 29, 2020 (2 months ago)

Thanks ilonggoguy. Medjo mahirap rin pala magsulat. Dadahan dahanin ko lang.

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March 30, 2020 (1 month ago)

Wow.How nice Sir. Halos magkapareho tayo ng sex bucket list naming mag asawa. We added something spicier. Like couple swap, mmf for me, ffm for him. Next in line (Latest addition) for me is triple penetration(double vaginal)
. Nagawa ko na kay hubby yung fantasy niyang prostate massage with deepthroat bj in my nurse uniform. Swallowed his cumshot there again.Three birds with one stone :)

Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher

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March 30, 2020 (1 month ago)

wow. buti pa kayo ms yvonne. sakit siguro nyan double vaginal. pero parang masarap.hehehe. di rin kasi masyado open partner ko sa ganyan. mdjo may pagkaconservative eh. di ko rin naman pipilitin kung ayaw nya. minsan kasi pumapayag pag inoopen ko minsan din hindi eh.

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April 1, 2020 (1 month ago)

May foreplay technique kung paano paluwangin ang vagina for double pen. Bka pwede pa triple pen.

Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher

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April 2, 2020 (1 month ago)

Wow. Pwede pala yon. Parang gusto ko matry.hehehe

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