Often times we see and hear stories about different people going through certain phases in their lives, one of which is the phase of having fun while young and single especially in terms of their sexual adventures such as hooking ups/ having fwbs or fubus. Kalimitan sasabihin ng iba, lalo mostly ung mga married/pamilyado na and tapos na sa phase nila of having fun:
"Enjoyin mo lang yan habang bata ka pa at wala pang pamilya kasi kapag nag-asawa ka na hindi mo na magagawa yan ulit."

Coming from their perspective, definitely naiintindihan ko sila lalo sa main factor na pagkakaroon ng loyalty sa lifetime partner and obligasyon sa pagkakaroon ng mga anak. Naiba na ung mindset and kasiyahan nila due to having a settled life with great reponsibility.

But in my case, being free and single, it is very different from the usual way of thinking ng karamihan. In my case, I DO NOT CONSIDER having fun and adventure in sex as just a phase, but rather, it is choice. A VERY GOOD CHOICE.

Not all single people seek the settled life, not all single people want a solid monogamous lifetime partner. (Some want all the fun and adventure in their life no matter what age or status ang marating nila)
Not all married people are contented with the settled life, not all married people are perfectly loyal to the partner. (Hence why nangyayari ang cheating or even cuckolding dahil naghahanap ulit ng adventure or sadyang natetempt or naiingit sa mga single)

For me at my case today, totally single and free, and walang sabit; I am more than happy in this state than I ever was of even the times ng sweetest moments of ever having a gf before. Im not being bitter sa mga naging ex-gfs ko. Today is Feb. 13, 2020 and bukas ay Valentines Day so bawal ang peanut bitter!

It is just that I came to realize na mas masaya pala ang ganto, having fun and staying single and responsibility free, kesa ung sa dati na paniniwala ko na pagseseryoso sa mga minahal kong babae before.

In some ways I can say na reverse phase ang nangyari sakin, nagseryoso muna ako bago ako natuto sa having fun pero again, naging mas masaya ako sa ganto. Im actually even thankful na hindi ako nagkapagkatuluyan to any of my ex-gfs dahil kung sakaling ganun, I would have never discovered this kind of happy single state in my life.

Some people say na darating ang araw na magsasawa din daw ako and mapapagod sa ganto-ganto lang. Seriously, I would never understand that concept of other people, and as if naman others know your mind and decisions more than you do...
- Bakit magiging exhausting ang isang bagay na ineenjoy mo naman gawin?
- Bakit mapapagod sa kung anong ginusto mo rin naman gawin mapaanong edad ka pa?
- Bakit may silly concept na sinasabi na sa mga youngsters lang ang pwede magganto?

All points being said in this confession of mine: I mean no harm to those people who enjoy being in a peaceful settled life. Im actually h...

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February 13, 2020 (1 month ago)

interesting point,

it takes a certain level of self awareness din to decide what life you want and how'd you want to live it

basta, no playing with the non-players. manage your encounters

i'm not trying to be fit to be your fantasy, i just want to fit in my dress

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February 16, 2020 (1 month ago)

jeez man,wrong tags!

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