Kamasutra Saga: The Element Of Womanhood: Water

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Date: February 6, 2020 (7 months ago)

Wet, Watery,wild
Hello everyone.
NOD Yvonnie is on duty again here at FSS.
Im about to make your heart beat faster.

Love is basically a mixture of chemical substances dancing around your brain. The difference between us and animals is that we tend to give these bodily "emotions" some meaning. Yung mga hayop ,they just act according to instinct.

Last time, nagpalindol ang mga guys sa fiery kamasutra. Now its time for a turn of tide. Let the tsunami rise up in bed making for here we have a change in element-Water.

The element of water in kamasutra defines womanhood as flexible, vulnerable and emotional. After the guys burn out, this is the part when the girls dominate them in bed.
Its our turn to be on top. The purpose of this change in element is primarily to let the guys rest. Usually para makapatong uli sila sa atin later on for the finishing moves.

Girls, Before we go wet, watery and wild; let us first know the simplest basics on learning muscle control-(since we will be on top of the guys this time)
First, know basic breathing patterns (used in yoga combined and meditation) Girls,Notice that when you inhale, your vaginal muscle constricts. When you exhale, those muscles dilate and contract. Simple lang in using this effectively in sex. When your guy thrusts inside you, inhale deeply to give his penis extra yummy muscle control. Pasikipin mo kepyas mo pag pinasok niya ari niya by inhaling. Exhale ka na tuwing palabas yung titi niya from your vagina. Wow .easy piecy. Now do it by rhythm. Moan whenever you exhale for extra horny points at para di ka mahirapan in your breathing. You can also open your mouth using a naughty expression while doing your guy. Ganun lang yun kadali pero mahirap kabisaduhin lalo na kung sumagad at bumarurot na mga guys. Shit. Hindi aq nagmumura pero Napapamura ako sa hapdi. Sometimes, I try to hold my inhaling breath hanggang sa kaya ko kahit labas masok na si hubby sakin. (Mas sumisikip vaginal canal when you do this) Madalas mas gusto ng guys ang masikip na kepyas. (Parang virgin lang) But dont forget to take it easy and breath or else mahihilo o mawawalan ka ng malay due to lack of of oxygen. Duh!..
Furthermore, konti lang ang mga sexual position under sa water element. Some books describe three possible variations which includes classic cowgirl, Amazon at Lotus(Sitting position). Maraming variety of positions pero I tried to list down sa cover photo mga intermediate level na kayang gawin ng couples this coming Valentines day.

Girls, Now, lets start off with a good foreplay. Its your choice of blowjob, handjob and/or milking. Stop when your guy is hard enough. Dont overdo it baka labasan siya agad. Dont forget to lube yourself at ang ari niya para hindi masakit ang pagpasok. Less friction means more sensation. Next. Do the basic cowgirl. Push your guy forcefully in bed using both arms para cguradong mapahiga. Mount with your guy. Stroke his penis a little then stroke your clit using rotational motion. Re...

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March 16, 2020 (6 months ago)

Ill be reading all, thanks author,

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