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Date: February 2, 2020 (1 month ago)

Hi, my name is Bella. I'm 22 years until 3 months ago..I'm petite. I'm only 5'0" and weighing only 42 kg. I'm not new here but i made this account solely to post this confession.
I have a long distance relationship with this guy for almost 4 years na and this confession is about our first meeting. It happened 3 months ago and it was my first time.
So, this guy is 41 years old. Hahaha we met online and we've been friends for a year before naging more than friends. Di kami diretso vidcall or SOP...our relationship progressed slowly. Like first, legs pic pa, then boob pic..then more private pic, then vid call na...and all of it first time ko ginawa. Nung first time ko mag finger, we were video calling so he was there to witness it. And it felt so good knowing na pinapanood nya ko. Sobrang nabasa pussy ko non.

Fast forward to our first time sex.
I was waiting for him na sa hotel room since he needed to travel an hour pa to get there.
Sobrang kinakabahan ako ksi first time ko yon and at the same time i'm excited kasi we've been waiting for this for a very long time.
I opened the door when he knocked. When he entered the room, nagkatitigan lng kami tas natawa kasi after 3 years nagkita rin kami then he touched hair my side waist..sobrang nalibugan na ko ksi ang sarap ng feelings na nattouch na nya ako.
Then i made him sit sa sofa before i stood in front of him, dancing slowly while i took off my clothes. Hinimas himas ko boobs ko habang sumasayaw..then pumatong ako sa legs nya na hubad hubad while sya fully clothed..i started unbuttoning his shirt then he took it off before ko hinalikan neck nya lick ko nipple...

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February 2, 2020 (1 month ago)

wow sarap. swerte naman nya. pic mo ba yung cover photo?

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February 2, 2020 (1 month ago)

Sarap ng donnut

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February 2, 2020 (1 month ago)

Hi wanna chat

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February 3, 2020 (1 month ago)

Sanaoil para madulas. Wala lang. Ahaha.

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February 3, 2020 (1 month ago)

sarap ng susunod na eksina..

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February 3, 2020 (1 month ago)

Miss wag mo na ituloy kwento, nalulungkot kami.

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February 5, 2020 (1 month ago)

Mmmm mkhang nkaka excite tong basahin. Abangan ko n lng. Layo ng age gap nyo huh..

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