Kamasutra Saga: The Sexual Elements

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Date: January 19, 2020 (1 month ago)

KSS: The Elementals
Hello mga KaFFS.
Good morning.
Your AteYvonne is here again.

Good news guys and girls. I gobbled up some Kamasutra books and digested it sa pinakasimpleng confession for you to absorb.

Let us continue learning the art thru a different perspective.Yung instant,
ready- to-use agad.

Some kamasutra books explain the sensual art of pleasure by representing sexual emotion and passion in three main elements namely:

Fire: passionate, angry, strong emotions
(Hardcore sex, Patriarchal sex)

Water: Apologetic, submissive, vulnerable
(Apology sex, Matriarchal sex)

Wind: Discreet, soft, chaotic.
(Softcore, rest time sex)

Fire represents MaleDomSutra or the art of Male Domination sex. Mga sex position kung saan ang lalaki ang laging nakapatong sa babae.

Water is the kamasutra sexual element of womanhood. Ang babae naman ang papatong sa lalaki. Usually mga woman-on-top positions. There are many variations of this.

Wind is chaotic. Ibig sabihin combination siya ng either fire and water element where there is no dominant gender in bed. Parehong rest sex or sexual positions kung saan pwedeng makapahinga ang magpartner kung saan pwedeng bumalik sa fire o water ang position after. Dedepende kung sino ang magtake ng initiative at kung sino sa couple ang may mas mataas na endurance ang next course ng bed action.

For immediate understanding, I took note of some of my updated top listing music the we play when we have sex(in order):

Fire: (MaleDomSex. Girls, Let your king dominate you first. Start with a good blowjob and youre good to go)

Buttons- I forgot the artist
Boom Boom
Beautiful Girls-Sean K
(total of 15 minutes) Guys, kaya pa?

Water: Girls, its our turn to be queen. If your guy is up to it, let him give you some oral action then let him lie flat on the bed. Guys, rest muna kayo. Its cow girl time. Girls, you can sing along while doing your guy..

Havanna-Camila C
My humps-Fergie
Beautiful girls- Jojo(Female version)
Hey sexy Lady-i forgot the artist again

Wind: Lets rest up girls. You can blowjob your man and let him explode or you can let your man give you some softcore action. Kung kaya pa niya, let him spoon you. At this rate I already came at least 3 times na. Medyo madulas na. Perfect for a combo finish. You can always delay your guys' cumshot by blowing his glans penis(ulo ng ari) while massaging their testicles(balls). Girls, Remember your corkscrew motion. Isabay mo na ulo mo in up and down motion or you can finger yourself while blowing your man kung nabitin kau at di pa nilalabasan.

Nothings gonna stop us now
Careless whisper
(any instrumental soft music can do..play on repeat until you and your partner explode and cum.)

Happy Ending:

The trick on wind element is to take it slow and steady. Guys, wag magmadali. Mas masarap ang pagputok pag dahan dahan. Mas maraming sex fluid ang naiipon pag mas matagal.
Remember ang golden rule natin sa love hormones. The longer you have sex, the deeper na magfall in love kau sa isat isa. Just let your sex juices flow into your system.Wag magmadali. Then Kung sino sa magpartner ang may mas mataas na endurance ang susunod na papatong. Balik tau sa either Fire or Water element.

Lets do it over again. Girls, you can talk dirty to your guy kung kayo ang nakapatong like: "Ganito ka ba sakyan ng ex mo...?" or "Cguro hindi ganito kasarap yung ex mo" You can again slap your guy (softly) kung naughty din sagot niya. Guys, kung kayo naman ang pumatong, I recommend the position na pareho kaung comfortable ng partner nio like doggy style(any variation). Finish your girl by lowering your body weight (unti unti habang labas pasok ang titi nio) hanggang totally nahiga na kami sa bed. Napakavulnerable namin sa ganitong position. Masochistic aq sa ganitong posisyon. (Im so horny, I want to be sexually punished)
If your girl has long hair, you can pull it as additional support to thrust your dick in and out of her vagina. Kung short hair naman ang girl, you can use one of her arms or both arms to pull in thrusting motion. May variations. Yung iba, isang arm at sa hair ang hinihila ng lalaki.Kaya madalas I keep changing my hair. minsan long tapos papagupit ako para di magsawa si hubby. (He thinks he is fucking his ex gf.short hair kasi ex niya) My husband loves to finish me in this way. Dinaganan na talaga niya ako while asking me naughty questions like "Nagpapatira ka siguro sa iba no?" I would answer him lagi ng "sorry, bad girl ako.." so he would slap my butt many times and fuck me harder. "Sorry..sorry....." Ouch. The pain and pleasure is pure ecstasy. Moan lang aq ng moan. Kahit nilabasan na ako ay hindi parin siya titigil. He would even fuck my asshole lalo na pag galit siya. He would cum in my anus pag ganun. If not, I know I must swallow his cumshot paghila niya sa buhok ko at tinapat na niya titi niya sa mukha ko o pag nagpablowjob na siya. Automatic yan.
(Love na love talaga ni hubby yun. I also love his sperm in my mouth. sweet.
I always tell him I love him when we explode. Guys, Always remember na mas masarap ang sex pag may halong pure love. Kahit di mo sabihin sa partner mo, mararamdaman yan namin.)

Pag alam ni hubby na mag sesex kami ay nag sesexual fasting siya in advance for at least three days para mas maramin ang nailalabas niya sa akin.
(Napupuno ang bibig ko ng tamod when he does this so I swallow while sucking his dick agad-agad) Madalas nadidiligan aq ng marami pag Valentines day.

I should recommend the same sa mga guys. Bisperas ng Valentines day wala munang masturbation. The longer you have sexual fasting, the more sperm you can ejaculate into your girl(Mas matamis din ang tamod pag nag fasting). Im sure she wi...

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January 21, 2020 (1 month ago)

Paano mo sinet up ung camera sa picture nyo?

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January 22, 2020 (1 month ago)

My balak din si madam mag take pic and vid sa bedsence nila ohh

What you see is what u get

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January 25, 2020 (30 days ago)

Nkakaturn on. Ung asawa ko na ang nagsabi pero ayaw nya pag hindi cropped. Bka maiskandalo. Mawalan kami ng lisensya

Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher

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January 25, 2020 (30 days ago)

Actually, video namin siya. Snapshot lang cropped ko. For sexurity purposes.

Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher

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January 22, 2020 (1 month ago)

The best ka tlgah madam. Madami pba mga lahi nyo same din kya sila sau. Pwd pa arbor ng isa. Gawin ko di reyna kung same din sau kalibog at ka takaw sa tamod. Ughh.

What you see is what u get

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January 25, 2020 (30 days ago)

Im very sure di ako nag iisa. Yung mga pinsan ko na FilAm nurses abroad. Same din kami ng trip.

Experience is the greatest kamasutra teacher

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January 28, 2020 (28 days ago)

This is what i want learning while reading....well for me sex is an art of making love..pag mahal mo partner you can do everything ....i mean "EVERYTHING" to please him and make him satisfied.Hopefully maka dagdag tong nabasa ko....thanks si....im getting hook na sa mga akda mo....

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