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Date: January 14, 2020 (7 days ago)

Thank you to those who messaged me after I posted my work here. It inspires me to do better.

Common questions via PM:

1. Is that me on the photo? - Yes, that's me
2. How old am I? - Second paragraph, first sentence ng confession ko, I am 32 years old
3. Naka experience na ba ako ng mature guy? - No, not yet. But who knows?
4. Pwede bang makuha number ko? - There's a certain level of comfort that I must get in with you guys before I give you my number. Remember, I'm taken so discretion is key

There's one particular PM I got that kinda ticked me off pero admittedly may pagkukulang din naman ako. Hindi daw significant ang five years age gap. I guess I was wrong to not say five years or MORE na age gap ang gusto ko. The more matured the guy is, the hotter *wink*

I'm not particularly looking, though, but I am open to the possibilities of hooking up. Just thinking about it is making me horny. Ewan, kakaiba talaga dating ng mas matanda sakin. Ibang intensity ng libog kapag naiimagine kong kinakain ang puki ko ng matured guy, na yung dilang humahagod sa hiwa ko habang nilalaro tinggil ko ay sa isang mas matandang lalake. Or yung pag imagine na nakatuwad ako sa harap niya habang binabayo niya ko ng sagad, kakaibang kiliti talaga sa katawan ang dala. Tapos binabastos pa habang kinakantot, binubulong kung gano kasarap ang pagbabad ng burat niya sa puki kong basang basa na. That feeling of shame mixing with lust gives me a more intensified libido. Ugghhh damn! (ang init ng pakiramdam ko as I write this)


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January 14, 2020 (7 days ago)

Hmmm,are you interested in the thought of having submitted to an older man or your much interested on the intellectual or personality aspect of being mature?or both? May mga tao kasi na tumatanda lang pero hindi nag-gogrow ang utak,meron namang iba bata palang mature/responsable ng mag isip, magkaiba kasi ang meaning ng older person at mature person,well para sakin ganun yun.

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January 14, 2020 (7 days ago)

Good point, sir. I prefer to have a touch of both

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January 14, 2020 (7 days ago)

goodluck po sana makahanap ka :)

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January 14, 2020 (7 days ago)

Your quiet a boost in a mature man's confidence.Good luck on that

Married yet related to many who try to

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Thursday, 16 January 2020 (6 days ago)

pwede ba!? lols

I wanted to see sunrise, I wanted to feel sunlight... I waited to be with the ocean waves again

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Sunday, 19 January 2020 (3 days ago)

There are 20 year olds who have the experience of 40 year olds. And there are 40 year olds with zero bedside manners. I'd like to think this is not about age but about attitude.

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