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Date: December 29, 2019 (24 days ago)

Im usually a loner, pero Mahirap magisa abroad kaya if someone invites it's easy to cave in lalo na pag may okasyon.

Cherry(not real name and also an escort) and her sis living together sa pad nila, Cherry invited me to spend a feast with them little did i know I'm gonna feast both them.

Minsan ok din naman na mapagkamalan na bading and may upside din naman sa part na yun. One time me and Cherry hooked up at pag labas ko ng room nya her sister thought that was gay and she did not think that i fucked her horny sister.

The holiday came we exchanged greetings and pleasantries, wines food on the table mahina ako sa inom : I think I have mentioned that on my previous confessions.
after the feast, kwentuhan until her sister ask me if have i ever did it with a Girl, I told her oo naman and i asked back if did she did it with same gender, her answer got me to the mood she said yes and cherry was shocked maybe coz of the wine. she told the story in detail. it was her college roommate she was eaten and fingered. then cherry sharedher story when she was deflower by her ex bf in detail also. so then it was my turn I told my story to them in details and they become horny...
until cherry sat beside me and gave me a kiss, suddenly Cherry's ate asked me you are not really gay are you? i said no. Cherry's Ate is also hot but Cherry is prettier and haven't had sex for years last daw nya yung ex bf nya but she do pleasure herself. Cherry is cool but her Ate is a little conservative. tinanong ko yung Ate nya if ever when she want to try having sex again she didn't answer pero she ask Cherry if when did the last time she did it, she said she just did it yesterday, coz she had a customer yesterday.. her ate was shocked that her sister is more active than her.
so she confronted her who and cherry repliedjusta random guy that she had a crush on. Cherrys ate saw her she just kissed me a while ago so she must be thinking that her younger sister is a slut. Cherry is a slut indeed but for pay and her ate have no idea.. Cherry calmed her sister and explained that shes on the right age and ect.. then it was all good. Then after a while they are both tipsy and Cherry become touchy, but im not really drunk so i know everything going on. her ate suggested that we just watch a film. While watching my eyes and her Ate eyes met, di ka nga bading sabi nya sakin... it's been a while since your last, do you want to try it tonight i uttered. she didnt say anything but kissed her anyway... Cherry was coming in form the rest room, ano yung nakita ko? ask nya samin.. it's good go on i dont mind buyo pa nga nya samin... then we just kissed for a couple of minutes while Cherry is watching us at sinalang nya yung porn sa TV... it's not my first time to do it with two girls but this is rare for me.
I kissed her ate from the neck running to her blouse, Cherry is cheering for us sabi nya sabi ko na nga ba malibog ka rin ate, I think she just wants her ate to be happy. Cherry is already touching her self while me just sucking her sisters nice boobies, tangina tagal ko tong hinintay ungol ng ate nya... wag ka lang mag papaputok sa loob ko ha pakiusap nya sakin, then she undressed. kinain ko pussy nya while her younger sister is watching us and not the porn on the TV.. then i told Cherrys ate to relax I will fuck her wet pussy , pumatong ako sa kanya at pilit inabot yung kung ano man maaabot to cover us... masarap at medyo masikip si Ate at basang basa and puke nya while humping her si Cherry naman eh libog na libog din, lumapit si cherry sakin at hinalikan nya ako while fucking her sister... tinanong nya si Ate nya if nakakailan na sya, I dont know yung lang y...

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December 29, 2019 (24 days ago)

Ayos baka 2 na sila na pwd mong putukan hehe

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December 29, 2019 (23 days ago)

sana nga bro 😅

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December 30, 2019 (22 days ago)

Bisana ko ulit yung confession ko sakit sa mata di ko rin naintindihan, anyway thanks atleast na intindinan mo, i really appreciate it dude.

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December 30, 2019 (22 days ago)

Tagalugin mo nalang sakit sa bangs ng english mo

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December 30, 2019 (22 days ago)

oo nga, baka last narin naman nato, sarlinin ko nalang mga sexcapades ko.. hirap magsulat kahit tagalog lalot madalian... LOL

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December 30, 2019 (22 days ago)

Ayus lang yan bosing, keep it up, sila na nga nakikibasa sila pa may ganang magreklamo, pwede naman nilang wag basahin

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December 30, 2019 (22 days ago)

thanks bro, pagsipan ko, sakit nga sa mata haha

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December 30, 2019 (22 days ago)

Keep it up.. yaan mo sila.. tuloy lang sir..

"Were the Captain's of our own Soul. Were the Master of our own FATE".🤗🤗

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December 31, 2019 (22 days ago)

Boss baka pwede mo samahan ng pic haha

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