Deep Desires For Milfs And/Or Mature Women

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Date: December 26, 2019 (30 days ago)

Maraming beses na akong nakakita dito ng members na may true stories, confessions, and adventures with milfs and/or mature women.
Maraming story contributers din dito ARE actually hot milfs and/or mature women themselves.
And ako rin mismo sa sarili ko, once may direct personal experience with a milf itself.

Ako sa sarili ko have always been and always will be attracted and highly interested sa mga milf and/or matured women kahit pa single yan, in a relationship, married, separated, widowed.

Why are milfs and/or mature women so alluring, exciting, iressistible, and most important of all, addictive?
A) For some men, it is because they seek greater experience for a partner in bed.
B) For other guys, it is because of curiosity. Curiosity of trying something new and different sa nakagisnan nilang partner.
C) For other guys (lalo sa mga virgin guys pa), they seek the best first time experience na pwede magturo sa kanila sa mga dapat nilang malaman in bed beyond what they watch sa porn.

Pero pagdating sakin, in my very own taste and perspective, what makes a milf and/or matured women so addictive and alluring for me? Based on the possible answers above, is it A? B? or C?

ANSWER: None of the above.
A. I am far too confident in what I can do in bed based in everything I did with all the partners I had.
B. I already once had an experience sa milf, and yet Im still wanting more so definitely it is more than just a factor of curiosity.
C. Again with regards sa A, I am already beyond the experience of even some men na mas matanda pa sakin so definitely wala na sa katawan ko ang pagiging virgin pa.

What makes me so interested in them then?
Simple. It is the fact that these women lalo na ung mga mature na are not affected by the prude and boring stereotypical concept na ang paglalaro or having fun is not only for young people.
I am so attracted to the fact na at such state and age nila, marunong parin sila lumandi (AND I DO LOVE THAT SO MUCH!).
They are breaking ung nakasanayang kaisipan na "sige, enjoyin mo lang yang paglalaro habang bata ka kasi kapag may matanda ka na or kapag may asawa ka na, hindi mo na magagawa yang mga bagay na yan". Para sa kanila, hindi sila affected nun, and THERE IS NO SHAME AT ALL to have fun in your life regardless of your age.

A milf and/or mature woman is the type of girl na hindi nililimit or dinedeprive ang sarili nila sa fun and pleasure regardless ng state a...

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December 27, 2019 (30 days ago)

very well said


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December 27, 2019 (30 days ago)

Well said sir. Kaya kung meron sana Na MILF jan na taga qc/ Caloocan sana chat kayo sakin

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December 27, 2019 (30 days ago)

Ako bro sobrang hilig ko sa milf puro ermat pa ng tropa ko

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December 31, 2019 (26 days ago)

asawa ko baka gusto nyo

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January 11, 2020 (15 days ago)

This is interesting

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