Forbidden Relationship III

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Date: August 10, 2019 (9 months ago)

If you don't like INCEST, stop reading this instant.

So na kwento ko sa inyo nakaraan kung pano nag start relationship namin ni ate. Natawa pa si ate nung binasa niya. Ang messy daw hahaha. Pasensya narin pala kasi may mga events ako na skip nun before our first sex that night. May mga iba ring pangyayari before nun. Na excite ako masyado mag tell kung pano nag start relationship namin. Also please forgive me for the txtnote I used in the last two stories. I was just very excited back then. Now I would try to properly narrate our sex stories after the start of our incestuous relationship.

Finals was coming so hindi kami naka pag sex masyado and dumating period ni ate. So hold back talaga and patience. Well it's fine naman kasi maiipon yung lakas ko and we would miss each other dearly. I suggested na mag condom ako kahit ayaw ko pero siya ayaw niya rin. Gusto niya bare, iba daw kasi sa sarap.

Pag nagpapahinga kami ni ate due to school activities dun kami sa living room or sa kwarto niya. When we were in living room, siyempre magkayakap kami sa sofa. Naka hug ako from behind niya. Ganun usually position naming pag kami lang sa sala at nagre-relax. Tapos pag may mga nude or sex scenes sa ibang movie na napapnuod namin, lagi ako nagkaka hard-on. Si ate ngingiti lang sakin.

Ate: Not now, ok? Just have patience.

Then kiss sa lips ko. Tapos ako hahalik halikan siya sa neck niya na napaka bango. After a few more days na ganun, libog na libog na ako. Saturday nun so andun parents namin sa bahay, si Mom nag luluto that time tapos dad naman namin tulog pa. Mga 9Am yun, I think. Ang sexy ng suot na night gown ni ate nun, silk pa. So nung magkatabi kami ni ate, di ko napigilan yung kamay ko na dumapo sa left leg niya. Si ate naman napa tingin sakin with a questioning look tapos hawak sa kamay ko para pigilan ako.

Ate: No. Andyan si mommy.

Me: Leg mo lang naman Ate. Please?

Binitawan ni Ate kamay ko.

Ate: 'Sighs'. Fine.

Tapos pinch sa gilid ng katawan ko.

So ganun kami habang naghihintay ng breakfast. Hipo lang sa left leg ni ate, taas baba tapos papunta sa inner thigh niya. Natigil yun nung dumating si Mom dala yung food na niluto niya.

The day went on with me groping Sis when I get a chance but I stopped when she was getting a little annoyed.

Then midnight came…

Grabe libog ko nung gabi na yun. Gusto ko talaga maka sex si ate. Di ko napiligan sarili ko at pumunta ako sa kwarto niya but not before making sure our parents are asleep. Nag dala rin ako ng lubricant, a massage oil na binili ko nun after mag start ng relationship namin, gusto ko kasi talaga himasin buong katawan niya ng may oil. Nung nakarating na ako sa tapat ng kwarto ni ate, kumatok ko ng ilang beses at si Ate di pa tulog.

Ate: As expected… Come in.

Pumasok ako sa kwarto niya at ni lock niya agad yung pinto. Umupo si ate sa kama niya at tumingin sa direksyon ko. Gusto ko talaga hubaran agad si ate kaso ayoko naman na magalit siya. I also planned to back off tonight, just gonna jack it off till I calmed down, if she was adamant to not let me have my way with her body.

Ate: I'm fertile. We really can't. Have some patience for a few more days.

She said as she looked to me. Then I brought out the massage oil while also looking at her expression carefully. Looking for signs if she really didn't want to do anything sexual tonight. She looked at me with a questioning look.

Me: How about a titfuck?

Sabi ko habang libog na libog. I think that she was a little annoyed back then.

Ate: You really can't hold back huh? Fine. You owe me for this.

She then reached for the hem of her nightgown, drawing it up. I was drooling with anticipation as the silk clothing was lifted. Her breasts came into view with a generous bounce proudly boasting their marvelous size. My sister's delicious-looking nipples had yet to harden. I then jumped to those tits and put them in my greedy hands. The bottle of oil was tossed towards the foot of the bed. Sis then slowly reclined onto bed. The moment she was on her back, dun ako naghubad, picked up the bottle of lube and umakyat sa bed ni ate and I straddled her stomach. The only light that night was from her lamp. I already had pre-cum then that was dripping for the tip onto her skin.

I flipped open the bottle cap and put the bottle above the center of my sister's breasts. Oily stream flowed out directly to the middle of her chest. I was massaging the underside and the whole of her breasts then.

Ate: It's warm.

I poured the lubricant to each of her bosoms and slowly massaged them, making her nipples harden. She shivered slightly as I continued to massage her breasts. Almost half of the contents of the lubricant was poured onto her glorious breasts which was definitely worth it.

Then nag decide ako na takpan yung bottle for other parts of ate's body later.

Then I went back to massaging her breasts. I pushed them up to watch them swell up to her chin. I then bounced her breasts, as if slapping them together.

After a while of massaging her breasts, I could not take it anymore so I put my cock between her tits and sis helped by pushing her two globes of flesh to sandwich my cock properly between her breasts.

Me: Shit ate. That's a hot sight!

I groaned as I was having deep breaths. I started to move my hips back and forth at a steady pace. That steady pace turned vigorous as I continue to tit-fuck sis. The feeling of my cock being between her tits was pleasurable. I was really enjoying my sister's well-oiled breasts. Then my hands grabbed onto her tits as I was getting closer. My thrusting was faster and harder. After a few frantic thrusting, I finally came. Streams of cum after cum flew to my sister's chest, neck and face. After those streams of cum I laid down next to Sis.

Ate: How was it?

Me: Amazing… But…

Ate: Not enough?

She said as she looked at my still hard cock. She reached for it and played with it. It turned into a handjob shortly after. Then we turned to each other to kiss which quickly turned to French kiss. She let me dominate and control our kissing which I loved since I also sucked her tongue.

Ate: Seeing as this is still hard, I'll let you use my other hole.

She said with a sigh.

Me: You sure?

Ate: I know you wouldn't leave without your full satisfaction.

Me: I'm sorry and thanks for this Sis. I really mean it; I just can't help it. I'll treat you to something you want when we go out.

She looked at me with understanding eyes.

Ate: Well, we are already on the deed might as well enjoy it. Make me enjoy this night bro.

Those eyes of hers turned playful. She then positioned herself into dogstyle position. I started by pulling her panty down and removing it completely. I then cupped her butt cheeks with both of my hands and slowly parted them so I could gander at the hole between. Sis gasped when I dove my face down between her lovely luscious cheek and started to use my tongue to lick her asshole.

Ate: Ah… Yes… That's it.

I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I do so I put furious effort into licking her asshole. My tongue did not just play with her asshole, I pleasured her pussy by twirling my tongue over it and her clit which made her moan and gasp. After a while of playing with her asshole and pussy lips I used the lube again to lather her lower parts.

Ate: Oh…

Sis moaned when she felt the oil drizzled over her ass cheeks. I spread a good amount of oil over her entire butt cheeks and pushed my middle finger inside her asshole to lube it which made her moan loud. After the contents of the bottle was emptied, I tossed it aside aimlessly and I quickly grabbed her cheeks, groping them furiously. I pulled them apart to expose her well lubed hole.

Me: Di ko na kaya tiisin Ate.

I heard her chuckle while I positioned myself to enter her with my still lubricated cock. I slowly put it inside while grabbing her butt cheeks and when I finally entered her, I pressed those cheeks together. The inside was hot, and also very tight. She was clenching me real tight inside her.

Ate: Shit. You stretch me real good!

I only thrusted slowly for a few times then went on fucking her ass fast and hard. Sis was huffing and panting then and was crying moans of pleasure which was pleasant to the ears. Thrusting my cock so deep made Sis grabbed the sheets in her fists, her huge breasts flattened and her face pressed down the mattress. Her hole's walls convulsing around my cock made me groan. My hands then grabbed her waist to thrust much harder. At that point sis was muffling her moans using the bedsheet.

Me: Sarap ba ate? You like it?

She just nodded her head in agreement while moaning while meeting my thrusts with her hips. Then I used my right hand to play with her clit, sis was soaking wet, rubbing it gently at first before my strokes became more vigorous.

Ate: Oh my god!

Our bodies were smashed together with combination of sweat and oil. The room was filled with slapping of flesh. Feeling close to cumming, my hard thrusting became jerky with me using both of my arms to hug sis from behind. Sis was moaning heavily and she replaced my hand which was pleasuring her pussy with hers and she was shoving her fingers inside. It wasn't much longer before I gave one final hard thrust before freezing. The blast of semen was unleashed inside to the deep part of her hole. More of my semen gushed in quick bursts.

Ate: Hey, make me cum.

She asked after the bursts of semen. I was stiff enough inside her and Sis was gyrating her hips with great lust, pumping against me to get my cock in and out of her hole. I knew she was close. I then shoved my cock as deep as it could and slipped both of my hands underneath her to grab her big breasts. She was squirting and panting in that moment and her essence squirted from her pussy.

With both of us recovering from our orgasmic release, Sis went limp beneath me and I laid down next to her left and hugged her from behind.

Me: Ang sarap nun. Next time naman ito pag pwede na.

I said as I touched her still soaked pussy.

Ate: Of course. I miss that monster in my most forbidden hole.

Sis said as she turned her head to kiss me. We kissed passionately with me massaging her tits from behind. Then she slowly turned her body to face me. We then had a slow French kiss which stopped when we needed air. Then slowly both of us fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, we were lucky that we woke up first than our parents. Waking up we hugged each other but I immediately left the room so as to not get caught. The next few days I held on without using her forbidden place. When it wasn't anal, she was kind enough to give me blowjobs and jack me off at times. Then our first public sex happened when we were at mall Makati area. After I treated her to something good as I promised, we were just roaming around after her exam and mine then Sis had this bright idea to do it in a restroom when she noticed my lustful stares towards her body up and down. It was hard sneaking in a girl's restroom. We had to patiently wait for an hour. But well, when we were inside a bathroom stall, our chests were pounding. I could hers pounding when were making out after we got in. Damn the excitement that time. I kissed her neck while unbuttoning her uniform and she was rubbing my rod with her right hand and unzipped my pants. She then pulled down my pants in a hurry.

Me: Wow someone is hot today.

Sis just bit her bottom lip and looked to me. My cock sprung free from its confinement and stood hard in front of her face. She didn't waste any time and wolfed my whole member down her throat. I lolled my head back and closed my eyes while feeling the pleasure. Sis's lips formed a tight seal around my shaft and I felt their pressure. My eyes wakened slowly to look down at her and she looked back while grasping the base of my member and sucking deeper and faster. I let out a huff with the fast pace of sucking and directed my attention towards Sis's defining characteristics, those ample white breasts, confined by that black bra. As her cleavage pressed against my thighs, my thoughts became excited with the thought of releasing those breasts from their containment. But Sis was completely in control here. I was at her mercy as she casually lapped at my tip and then took me deep inside her throat again. Then she released me from her mouth and took my member to her hand while gazing to my face.

Ate: Take off your pants.

I did as I was told and kicked my pants a little to the side. With a hint of smile, she licked me from my base to the tip before engorging my erection to the insides of her mouth. The speed of her pleasuring increased again as she bobbed her head with greater vigor and I gripped her head with her hair as I pushed my member further inside. My erection felt bigger than it ever had before. I wanted to see her tits.

Me: Ate…

Sis released me, again taking my member in her hand and pumping it slowly.

Ate: What?

Me: Take off your top and bra.

A smirk was made over Sis's face as she locked eyes with me and saw my desperation to her breasts. She had always garnered attention for her well endowed body and enjoyed the advantages of it. She stood up with a slow rise and grabbed the back of my head to push my face over her exposed cleavage. And she whispered into my ear while pumping my throbbing cock.

Ate: You have hands, don't you?

My eyes widened at her words as she licked and sucked on my ear lobe before staring directly into my eyes. She squeezed my erection harder which made me go into action. I was breathing heavily as I gripped my Sister's head with both of my hands and kissed her passionately, much to her surprise. Then my hands snaked down to hold her open uniform and slid it to the sides of her shoulders and with a growl I hugged her and unclasped her bra and her breasts sprung free from their hold. I took a moment to take the beauty of those melons. I dove my head between her breasts and began sucking them from left to right with ferocity which made her moan loud.

I then put my hands on her shoulders to impart what I want her to do next. She knelt down and nonchalantly pursed her lips as I pushed my manhood into her mouth and began to face fuck her while she was massaging my balls. While this was going on, a group of girls went in the restroom which made us stop, with her removing me from her mouth. I wasn't paying attention to what they were talking about but they sure were taking a while and some of them went inside the empty stalls. When they were leaving Sis stood up and she showed a flirty smile before removing her skirt followed by shimmying her black laced underwear down her shapely legs to the floor along with her skirt. She was now completely naked in front of me and in a public place no less. She pushed me down on the closed toilet bowl and put her lips to my right ear.

Ate: Let's put this inside here.

Sis seductively whispered into my ear as she aimed her beautiful flower to my manhood. I was really surprised by what she said.

Me: Fertile ka parin diba?

Ate: Oh you don't want to do it then?

She said with her face close to mine.

Me: Well, I would to love to. I really miss that hole. But it's dangerous.

I managed to say even when feeling really aroused by our situation.

Ate: Shh… Don't worry, just don't do it inside.

The rush of excitement when those girls came in must have turned her on that much. Then she kissed and looked at me as she slowly impaled herself onto my member. Heat and wetness surrounded my erection when I fully entered her with her releasing a moan.

Ate: Let's do it slow so you won't accidentally do it inside.

She was gyrating then with me hugging her and cr...

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August 10, 2019 (9 months ago)

ms masarap pag tagalog mo ikwento sir....pero msarap.xa bsahin..tnx..for the lustfull story of your sis

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August 11, 2019 (9 months ago)

Nice story!

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August 11, 2019 (9 months ago)

I like the story!

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August 11, 2019 (9 months ago)

Nawawala libog ko pag English tagalog ung binabasa ko.mas maganda Kung tagalog,tagalog Lang. Pag English, English Lang. Nalilito utak ko Kung malilibugan ba ko o mag tatranslate ng english

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August 11, 2019 (9 months ago)

ok sana kaso puro english na sa huli,dumugo na ilong,nakakalambot ng burat.lol

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August 11, 2019 (9 months ago)

Story nya yan, he can use any language na gusto nya.

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August 12, 2019 (9 months ago)

Nice story sir.

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August 12, 2019 (9 months ago)

i can sensed that this story is partly co-written by ur sister, right?

i can imagine how lustfully beautiful ur sister is..swerte ng magiging BF nya..

thank u for sharing ur story..

carpe diem! make that moment count!

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August 20, 2019 (9 months ago)

Slr. Ate was beside me when I was writing the story.

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August 17, 2019 (9 months ago)

sarap basahin ng story...sana masundan p...kahit tapos ko n binabalik balikan ko p dn eh...swerte mo s ate mo...patikim dn kamo ako...hahahahahaha!!!

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August 20, 2019 (9 months ago)

Masusundan pa pag nagka time. Mdyo busy na ulet e.

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August 19, 2019 (9 months ago)

Nice job author!

ain't bitter, it's BETTER!

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October 10, 2019 (7 months ago)

Ilang years ng ganyan set up niyo ni sissy?

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