Our First Meet Up II

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Date: June 6, 2019 (11 months ago)

Somehow, it felt good that Irish and I were just listeners to the threesome story of a rather sexy couple, kase madalas kami ang nagna-narrate ng istorya.

Jade continues.

"Bernard was not aware I was naked under the water, so tuloy-tuloy lang siya papunta sa jacuzzi. Anton tried to cover me, although my body was not really visible unless you get really near me."

Anton took it from there. "Bernard I knew suspected agad that I was doing something with my girlfriend. He was ready with his kantiaw, as in ribbing us, asking me in a teasing way kung naka-istorbo siya."

I was enjoying the cold can of beer and the story. Irish rested her head on my shoulder while listening.

"Lumapit si Bernard sa amin. Pinisil ko yung arms niya (Jade points to Anton). Tapos he told him, pare don't get too close to us please. That was probably a mistake."

Anton's turn, "Oo nga kase it made him more suspicious."

"Lumapit siya lalo, so I had to cover my breasts with my arms. Of course that means my bottom was exposed, shit! Tapos eto namang si Anton, instead of getting mad at Bernard for the intrusion, natawa pa!"

"Well, I was struggling kase between getting out of water and grabbing a towel to wrap around Jade, or to stay in the water to cover her. And in my head I was like, shit, both choices are not good."

Jade took over the narrative.

"So habang natatawa siya, ako naman, naisip ko, so what if he sees me naked? So while I took a few steps away from him, and he eventually did not move in the small pool too close to us, I decided I wouldn't care anymore. So I walked towards the other end of the jacuzzi, and grabbed the handle to get out and get my bathrobe. That's when Bernard saw me totally naked, pero nakatalikod ako."

Irish was like, "Wow, you were quite daring to do that."

"Oo nga sis, I don't know what got into me!"

Anton added, "Because of that, Bernard became such a tease all night. We didn't stay long in the whirlpool. We went back to our room. Nothing else happened that night."

"Ay bitin!" Irish guipped.

"Well sis, the following night, we were all scheduled to fly home na kinabukasan. Our flight was at noon so I started packing na para I didn't have to wake up early the next day. Anton came back from his meetings. I was in my underwear and tank top, without bra. I didn't realize he was with Bernard. Anton has his own key to the room so he just went inside without knocking. Bernard was staring at me like he was so hungry."

I asked Jade, "So did you grab something to cover yourself with, or did you like the attention?"

She blushed before she responded. "Well, eto na nga. It turned me on that two men were kind of feasting on my body. E si Anton, mahilig pumisil ng puwet when he sees me in my underwear. And he did that even though Bernard was there."

"It was just an instinct, I didn't care that my friend was in the room."

"I was almost done packing anyway, so I didn't mind what Anton did. However, I needed to carry the luggage on top of the bed, so I can close it up na, ready for the flight tomorrow. That's when Bernard gave me a hand, while Anton quickly went to the bathroom. Bernard was as usual friendly, then he uttered something na first time ko narinig sa kanya. He said 'Kaya lahat kami inggit kay Anton e, ang ganda mo na, ang sexy mo pa!' Which I tried to dismiss as pambobola. Though I know it made me smile."

Then the turn of events.

"Bernard lifted the luggage from one end of the handle, and I held on to the other end. Then I counted one, two, three para sabay naman i-lift at ipatong sa ibabaw ng bed. In the process, I lost control of the bag, my grip was either too light or the bag was too heavy. As a result, it knocked me off my feet and I fell on the carpet. Bernard was such a gentleman, he went to me agad and gave me a hand. It was so awkward, I felt my arm was broken. I had a minor bruise sa kamay. He checked me out. Anton heard me shout and went out of the bathroom agad. He saw me and Bernard on the floor."

Anton said he got nervous, kala niya kung napano na si Jade. "I ran to her and saw that Bernard was holding her arm and hand. Her shirt was moved aside, showing almost half of her left breast. She looked injured but she also looked sexy. I told her to lie down so I can check on her injury. Just like that, binuhat siya ni Bernard papunta sa kama."

"Nagulat din ako when Bernard carried me, his arms around my back and butt, tapos nilagay ako sa ibabaw ng bed. Then Anton started looking at my bruises sa kamay, my arms, and my legs. Hinaplos-haplos ako, then kissed me to comfort me. We started kissing tenderly at first, then it became quite torrid. I forgot momentarily that Bernard was in the room."

"Man, I just got carried away," Anton said. "I started kissing her and fondling her. In a way I was displaying her to my friend. I wanted him to see how sexy my pretty woman is. I took off her shirt and licked her breasts right away. Bernard was seated by the foot of the bed, watching us."

Jade recalled the next events, "Anton was all over me. I was really starting to feel horny when he ran his mouth around my neck and my breasts. Then I felt someone was taking off my panties. It could not be Anton because his left hand was around me and his right hand was playing with my breasts."

My turn to ask a question, "So pare, didn't you stop him when you saw what he was doing?"

"Good question, Lance. My first instinct was, hoy pare ano ginagawa mo! But then I felt there was chemistry. And then I whispered to Jade, 'lie down and enjoy this, sweet.' She responded by kissing me harder and putting her arms around my neck."

"That wa...

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Started being explored and exploring early in life; been into erotic situations accidentally and by choice; maraming ng napagdaan, marami ng natututunan. Yung mga ibang nangyari sakin similar sa mga fiction write ups dito. Except that yung stories ko, tutoo.
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June 6, 2019 (11 months ago)

keep it up!👌👌👌

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June 6, 2019 (11 months ago)

2 months palang si sir pero 55 na nasulat nya haha tuloy mo na yung kay ed sir sabik na kami sana masolo nya si maam irish

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June 7, 2019 (11 months ago)

Fuck!! Panalo na naman tong story. I like this genre!! Keep it up sir. Thank you for always sharing!

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June 7, 2019 (11 months ago)

A narration within a narration. Parang "Inception," a dream within a dream, but this one I think is a real true-to-life story within another true story between 2 couples. Nice one...

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June 13, 2019 (11 months ago)

Cant wait for the fucking to commence

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