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Date: June 1, 2019 (3 months ago)

Irish and I finally got to meet Anton and Jade (not their real names, of course, but close). We had some cocktails and dinner in one of the big hotels in MOA. Anton was attending a conference in the same hotel, so he has a room under his name, which he upgraded to a two-bedroom suite.

I felt they were too cordial in the first 15 minutes of our finally meeting in person. They did introductions like they were reciting in school. They were both very polished, physically and with the same they speak. Like me who had spent some time in the States, Anton had a bit of slang so we understood each other well.

Our ladies immediately warmed up to each other. They sat beside each other, and Jade was so comfortable to call her ate Irish, which my girlfriend did not mind since she's three years older than her anyway.

They showed up in their very casual get up. Si Anton naka walking short, boat shoes, tank top that shows his lean, muscular build. He's shorter than I am, younger than I am. Jade was in a pair of gray leggings, tank top din, with her hair braided. She had a tight body and was slightly taller than Irish.

Irish and I came from an out of town gathering, which was quite informal. She was in a pair of walking shorts that reveals her glam legs and the female version of my red Fred Perry shirt. I was in shorts and red shirt. Both of us wore sneakers.

Anton was checking us out, and he was not very subtle about it. Head to toe scanning. Jade was more natural, more bubbly.

We had light alcoholic drinks then dinner was served in Anton's suite. They told us about their story as a couple, how they met, where they met. We shared the same.

Jade opened up. She was so turned on by our story. She sought some validation from Irish if all of it was true. "If it were not true, why will we show up tonight?" ang sagot ni Irish.

Si Anton naman, was listening closely while the two girls were having a very lively chat.

After dinner, coffee and hot tea naman. We were in the dining area of Anton's hotel suite. The rooms were a few steps away, but we were very comfortably settled on the dining table. Anton then asked us to move to the living room, where the soft, large sofa looked so inviting.

Irish was in my arms, while Jade and Anton were beside each other, knee to knee. Para kaming ready to be interviewed. I broke the ice.

"So guys, here we are. What would you like to know? Fire away!"

Anton glanced at Jade, parang nagpapa-alam na siya muna magtatanong.

"Thank you talaga for agreeing to meet us. How long have you been into threesomes?"

Irish picked it up. "From the time it started to the last time it happened, total of mga three years."

That surprised Anton. "Ows, it's not been that long pala."

I clarified, "When you read our stories, you might get the impression that we've been at it for a very long time. That's just the reader's perception. What we've shared all happened in a span of two and a half years lang, almost. Kaya lang naging three years because something unexpected happened."

Jade's turn, "You mean not with your therapist Ed and not with your friend Kyle?"

"Yes. We have not written about it yet. It's a different person."

"Girl or boy?" Anton probes.

We told them the answer. They smiled and said, "Shit, that must be hot."

Jade had a sparkle of curiosity in her eyes.

"Hey ate Irish, how did it feel the first time? And how was it different from the second or third time?"

Irish was very vivid, "I felt so wanted, so desired. That was a powerful turn on for me. I felt so sexy. I also felt that I was in control, even if I was the one being shared by my boyfriend. It did not feel like I was being taken advantage."

I interjected, "In the first place, it was Irish who first brought it up with me."

Anton fished for the details. Before I shared, I told him that I have one condition: "That no one will be carried away by libido because of what I am about to share."

He said, "Well, we'll try our best!"

That's good enough.

"Irish and I were making out in the car, early in our relationship. The car I was driving was tinted but not the very dark type. We parked a few blocks away from a school in Ortigas. I had her bra removed and I was starting to kiss her neck and play with her breasts, when three boys appeared from nowhere. Tapos sumilip pa talaga sila sa bintana, with their hands covering the sides of their eyes. Nagulat ako siempre and I stopped. Tapos sabi ba naman niya (pointing my finger to Irish), honey don't stop!"

"So ate Irish, have you always been an exhibitionist? Does showing your body turn you on?"

"Alam mo Jade, I was not very conscious of it until later in life. Sa school namin dati, all girls kase kami, so therefore it's not big deal to walk around half naked in the dorm."

Then Anton stands up and says, "Time out guys! I will just get a drink. I admit this conversation is beginning to hit me between my legs."

Jade and Irish continued talking.

"Tell me about the first time, was it Ed your masseur?"

"No, he was the second."

"Who was the first?"

Sinabi sa kanya ni Irish. Jade goes, "Wow, that was so unexpected!"

Anton was back with some beers and flavored vodka on hand. "Did I hear it right, that your first time was?"

Irish smiled.

"We have not shared that story on FSS. You think it's hot enough a story to share guys?"

"Tangina Lance, anong hot? Just the thought of it, na yun ang first time threesome ni Irish, it's so fucking, fucking hot!"

Jade grabs the airtime, "E yun nga lang story niyo ni Ed, we would always fuck right after reading them e."

I popped a can of beer.

"Hey girl, tell me how Ed really looks like."

"He's dark, smooth. Mga 5 feet 8 inches tall, and kinda buff."

"Please don't leave out the most important detail, sis!" Jade screamed.

"Thick. And hard as steel. Mataba parang face towel when you roll it from side to side."

"And very long?"

"He's definitely shorter than him (Irish points to me)."

"But you really liked it?"

"Jade, more than his cock, it's that he knows all the buttons to push. When he eats me, I get weak. His mouth has magic."

Jade wrapped her arms around Anton, "Isn't that so hot to hear, babe?" Then they smuck.

I handed one can of beer to Anton, "Pare, wala lang laman yang lata ng beer mo."

Anton grabs, drinks, then speaks.

"Dude, the first time it happened, did you feel bad that your girlfriend was being consumed by another guy?"

"Of course, it did kind of feel that way. Parang teka lang, girlfriend ko yan, dapat akin lang yan."


"Irish and I really communicate very well, especially while having sex. That's the key. Some couples don't talk at all while making love. Di kami ganon."

"How does that help the situation?"

"First time it happened, I asked Irish directly if she wanted it. She said yes, but she also said only if I'm ok with it."

"Tapos, does that make it automatically ok, like, acceptable? Just because she said she wanted it?"

"Look, dude, the thing is – I did not know I would really like it, or allow it, until it happened na. It was not like I ran the scenario many times in my head before going for it."

Jade's turn, "Lance, you mean it was like you gave in lang to what your girlfriend wanted?"

"Di naman sa ganoon. It does turn me on too. It made me hornier, made me wilder in bed with her."

Irish saves the day for me, "Ganito yan guys. In most instances ata, the guy would convince the girl. In our case, I brought it up and learned we both like the idea. So when it finally happened, we were not surprised pero we were also not very sure how to go about it the first time."

Jade reached out for a pack of chips then emptied it on the bowl in front of us.

I seized the moment, "Oh guys, break muna tayo from us, kayo naman, how did it happen?"

"You want me to start?" Jade asked Anton. He gave her the thumbs up while he was gulping from the can of beer.


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June 2, 2019 (3 months ago)

Ang ganda talaga pag true story :)

sundan agad author

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June 3, 2019 (3 months ago)

Nice one. Can't wait for Jade and Anton's 3some revelation...

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