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Date: February 8, 2019 (4 months ago)

I met her in college. She was first year and I am graduating. There was this college activity which we were both part of. I got her number from the event organizer and we started texting. Things were kinda slow, and I graduated without anything happening between us.

When I started working, we started chatting thru YM more often. One night, the conversation led to sex and naughty topics, and to my surprise, she is one game, liberated soul hiding behind an angelic face. We went on chatting, texting, about anything, and mostly sex.

Webcam was a thing back those years, and we always turn our webcams on whenever we chat. And it has been years already but I remember this scene vividly. After days of chatting and video chatting, something happened.

Me: wow ganda mo ah.
KJ: di naman palabiro ka talaga
Me: sus! I dont joke about you. Kala mo kasi puro biro kaya di tuloy naging tayo dati
KJ: hahaha wala naman sa tipo mo yung maiinlove sa tulad ko
Me: tulad mong? Maganda?
KJ: liberated. Parang ang formal mo kasi, everyone I know who knows you thinks that way
Me: di din. Type kita matagal na hahaha. Ganda ng suot mo ha.
KJ: pantulog na. Matutulog na kasi sana ako.
Me: ay sorry. Sige sleep ka na. Bukas na lang ulit.
KJ: sige ok lang. Mainit din naman, di din ako agad makakatulog. Sira kasi aircon dito sa dorm. Fan lang gumagana.
Me: ah kaya pala nakaspagetti strap ka lang.
KJ: oo mainit di ako sanay
Me: take it off para mas malamig
KJ: hahaha ayoko nga, lugi ako
Me: bakit?
KJ: ako lang maghuhubad tapos manonood ka? Dapat may makita din ako.
Me: ano ba gusto mong makita para tanggalin mo damit mo?

I recall, I was so nervous during that time. The thought that a beautiful girl is about to take off her clothes in front of a webcam and I am going to see it made me sweat. My hands were a bit shaky, this was actually my first time doing this. What made it more special was the fact that she is my crush. Her short curly hair that falls perfectly just above her shoulders made her sexier. Her eyes, and her eyebrows are perfectly sculpted on her white small face. And her small yet sexy lips sealed the deal.

KJ: ikaw. Kaya mo ba pakita yan?
Me: Alin?

I took of my shirt.

KJ: yan lang?
Me: hahaha. Ano pa ba?
KJ: gusto ko makita titi mo

The world felt like Neverland, and I felt flying over it like Peter Pan, full of happy thoughts. I never expected her to say it, though I know how liberated she is through our texting episodes before.

Me: seryoso ka?
KJ: ayaw mo?
Me: ano kapalit?
KJ: maghuhubad ako ng top
Me: yun lang? Parang lugi ako ha.
KJ: di ko pwede isama yung baba baka dumating yung room mate ko mahirap magbihis agad
Me: ok
KJ: parang nalungkot ka

She positioned the webcam right in front of her, in between her legs. It was a laptop she was using, and her hands started showing what is right under her loose shorts. She played with her pussy while I watch in disbelief. After a few minutes, she stopped.

KJ: o di ka na lugi nyan ha, patingin nga kung tinigasan ka

I focused my webcam on my hard-as-hell dick that is just outside my boxers.

KJ: tigas nyan ah. Akala ko di mo papakita e
Me: di ako sanay dito pero grabe ka
KJ: gusto ko magsalsal ka manonood ako
Me: wait, kala ko maghuhubad ka pag nakita mo to?
KJ: alin?
Me: eto
KJ: yung titi mo? Napakaformal mo titi lang di mo pa matype
Me: oo yung titi ko

She took her top off and her small yet firm boobs showed. She played with her nipples and that made my dick even harder.

KJ: sige magsalsal ka na habang pinapanood mo ko pakita mo titi mo ha

So I did.

KJ: ang tagal mo labasan

She said after a few minutes.

Me: sorry nainip ka na ba?
KJ: di naman baka lang dumating room mate ko tapos di ka pa tapos baka mabitin ka
Me: sige tatapusin ko na
KJ: tulungan kita

She focused her cam on her boobs. I knew he held her laptop closer to her breast.

KJ: titigan mo dede ko ha
KJ: magsalsal ka lang
KJ: ang laki ng titi mo ang sarap hawakan nyan
KJ: gusto kong hawakan yan tapos pipigain ko para tumigas
KJ: ang sarap isubo nyan ang l...

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February 9, 2019 (4 months ago)

Was doing d same chat sa ym open video.some chatting na ako lang pinapanood.some of my chat we do actual sex....miss all convo nasa archive ng ym.


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