Spakol And Fubu

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Date: January 4, 2019 (20 days ago)

hi guys just want to share. recently kasi mejo lilo na muna sa mga dating sites, mejo matumal..

i dont know if late naba but recently ko lang na discover ang mga spakol,. at first libre lang ng architrct na ka transaksyon nmin. sort of lagay ba to me and one of my colleague.

sarap isipin lang na you have the power to choose kung sino babarurutin mo.. then grabe performance level. as in expert sa ibabaw. super linis and bango. now nag eexplore ako sa mga walk.. but minsan kasi puro filter na and tour really not sure if malinis.. how i wish lang if meron pa kaya na girls na papayag sa ganung set up. mutual na discreet kalaro sa sex..

before kasi dame ko na meet nung binata pa ko na ga...

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January 4, 2019 (19 days ago)

Wear a condom for protection, a gun can protect you from robbers but a rubber can protect you from slow agonizing death.

The Wanderer!

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January 5, 2019 (18 days ago)


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January 6, 2019 (17 days ago)

pm sent kye. ­čśŐ

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Tuesday, 22 January 2019 (2 days ago)

kye?  still here?  paramdam ka naman..

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January 7, 2019 (16 days ago)

I know the feeling. I had a fubu of my own in one those spakols. She was that goooood, mabango and malinis, a real GFE. Maybe she knows who she is if she is reading this. I was with her every week for more than a year. Kaya lang it was so expensive, so I had to give up later on... I just cherish her memories now...

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