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Love And Separation (A Rejoinder)

Submitted by on Saturday, 21 September 2019 (1 day ago)
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Love and Separation.

When it goes well, Love is a good thing!

When it sours, Separation follows.

It goes hand in hand. Hoping one will last forever and the other not to be experienced at all.

Which path to choose? Tough choice and decision to make. But it has to be made. We cannot escape making that decision. Our mind says No. But our heart says Yes.

In the end, our heart Wins, Love flourish...and our mind Hopes not to go through Separation.

That's what Life is all about. Love and Separation.

Only those who goes through it will fully understand what it means.

Hang on. Hope on. Love still conquers all.

(This is my comment on a blog written by 6 months ago & suggested by @Lawliet_DN to post it here as a blog.)...
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Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 September 2019 (4 days ago)
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Hi Guys,

Sorry magrarant lang ako.

Naobserve ko lang kasi na pag nalalaman ng lalake na older na ang kachat nila laging ang tanong "Nasan si hubby?", sa totoo lang kasi nakakairita, siya ba gusto niyo makachat?

Madami namang way of asking kung ano status ng isang babae, pero para tanungin pa kung nasaan yung partner niya, nakakairita talaga.

Magkachat na nga kayo itatanong mo pa yung tao na di naman kasali. Maybe it's because I am separated and I hate my ex, but, still its frustrating to see that kind of question.

Pwede kayo magcomment para naman maintindihan ko, pero that's what I feel whenever I get asked by that question.

Thank you....
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Incest Stories

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 (4 days ago)
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Tanong lang po... Ako lang ba mahilig sa incest stories.... Wla kasi ko makita masyado incest stories dito eh... Salamat po.......
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Special Day For My Dear Friend.

Submitted by on September 14, 2019 (8 days ago)
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"Birthdays come around every year, but girl like you only come once in a lifetime. I'm so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day."

"I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. And the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends!"

"I promise that the more birthday candles you blow, the more I will be here for you to celebrate every special event in your life. Happy birthday!"

Hahaha. . ....
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(To protect the identity of the Purple Chatter, I will avoid specifics about her & the timeline when it happened recently.)

A few days before, I saw this Newbie purple chatter entered the chatroom lobby. Her chatname/handle partly described her so one would have a general idea what's her status & her body built. She greeted the lobby as a newbie normally does. Nabuhay ang Blues sa lobby at gilid & greeted her back as well. Dahil mejo busy ako at that time whischatting with a purple chatter, I didn't follow the lobby feed & just noted a few interactions between the blues & the newbie. Same getting to know Q&As lang naman para sa newbie.

What caught my attention was that this Newbie is posting something like she is seeking a one-on-one encounter (sort of soliciting sex from my POV) with a blue whether virtually or for real (malayo nga lang siya kaya who she is seeking with must be within her location or willing...
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Questions To Ofw Wives

Submitted by on September 11, 2019 (10 days ago)
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Magandang araw sainyo mga ka FSS!

Tanong ko lang sa mga wife ng ofw dito kung meron man.

May mga sexual escapade ba kayo na nangyayari while wala si mister nyo? Alam ba nya?

Gaya ng uso pa ba ang all girls party tapos aarkila ng call boy or kung ano tawag may mga sexual activities na mangyayari o kung ano pa?

Kung may iba pa share nyo naman dito. Kuha lang idea hehe

Salamat in advance sa lahat...
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NC7/Manong's Reaction

Submitted by on September 10, 2019 (11 days ago)
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Hello FSS! :)

So, sa mga nagsend ng private messages. Sorry guys kasi naging busy ako nitong mga nakaraang araw. Well, as for NC7, hindi natuloy yung pag-alis ni hubby pero imbitado si Manong sa 17. May magaganap kasing salu salo sa bahay kaya niyaya ko si Mang Teroy.

Second, kung naalala niyo yung naganap sa NC6. Mang Teroy took a photo, right? Ipapakita daw niya kay Mang jose. May mga nagtatanong at curious din kung anong magiging reaksyon ni Mang jose.

Well, naikwento naman sakin ni Manong caretaker yung mga naganap at nasabi ni Mang jose matapos niyang ipinakita. Pasimple daw niya itong ipinakita kay Mang jose noong nagbalik ito ng hiniram na pala kay Manong Teroy. Sa pagkakatanda ko at pagkakaintindi na rin sa kwento ni Manong, eto yung mga nasabi.

"Ukininam teroy, sino ayta?"
Translation: Ukininam teroy, sino yan? (Yung mga ilokano dito, alam niyo na yung meaning ng ukinam or ukininam. Hahaha!)

Sinabi daw ni Mang Teroy...
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Cringe And Irritatting

Submitted by on September 10, 2019 (11 days ago)
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Hi fss world. Sa totoo lang I just want to say na nakakaasar o naririndi ako sa mga nag popost dito ng mga celebrity sex stories.

Para ksing sobrang out of touch sa reality mga kwento. Sa totoo lang im a realist ksi and hindi naman basta basta papatol yan kung kani kanino although yung iba sympre may bayad hehe.

Sorry sa writers jan ha... Im really sorry pero instead of fantasizing about celebrities or (playing magic cards)...

My advise... Ayusin nyo hitsura nyo... Maligo kayo at magpagupit... Makipag date kayo... Aralin nyo ang opposite sex... Talk like a man and live your dreams kesa naman puro pantasya at jakol lang hehe peace brothers...
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Hey You !

Submitted by on September 7, 2019 (14 days ago)
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Hey Guys !
This kalapanty will be taking an indefinite leave from the community here. Her pain is too much to bear and she needs to fly a little bit higher to take it off of her wings. To those people I got too close in here, I kept telling myself that I shouldn't make a lot of friends cause I tend to push people who cares for me but there you are. Thanks peeps for the memorable advices, late night talks and kulitan especially the landian.You guys will always be in my memory. To those petty fights I've been to I'm sorry I'm not always kind.
Chalamuch Peeps. I was never the good girl and you guys are witnesses to that and thank you for accepting me.
See you in two to three years maybe ? Love you.
Indefinite Toodles....
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Lady Scorpio, Are You My Someone?

Submitted by on September 3, 2019 (18 days ago)
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A couple of days ago, a Purple Chatter (let's call her Lady Scorpio though not her chatname) sent me a link to a Scorpio-Taurus Compatibility Assessment ( which intrigued me very much. I sent her my Viber# & told her I would like to talk to her about the link at length to see whether we are really compatible or not.

She obliged & she even installed a Viber app & add my # into her list (she said I'm the only in her list...hmmmm).

That evening, we scheduled a talk time as she was to go online for her hotel-based customer support work. An hour past midnight, she called via Viber & we talked as she multitasked with her online work. (Amazing! How can she do that?!).

We didn't notice the time as we dwell into the link she sent. We validated some of the key points in the assessment & confirmed it's really in our...
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