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Goodbye Telegram. You'll Be Missed...not?

Submitted by on Saturday, 24 September 2022, 11:59 PM (21 hours ago)
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Goodbyes are difficult. It's so difficult, in fact, that many of us avoid it entirely in our relationships. We frequently deny ourselves the opportunity to practice this vital human connection, whether saying goodbye as in "see you later" or farewell as a final step in moving on and generating closure in a relationship. Many people find goodbyes difficult; they allow an opportunity to both experience and communicate the significance that a contact, connection, or person has had in our lives. This vulnerability, displaying the difficulty we may have in separating from another, is a common challenge in a world where many are told to "be a man" and avoid expressing emotion, or "stay strong," as in avoiding all chances of crying or expressing other emotions outside of the narrow happy, sad, and mad feelings, and being perceived as weak or "overly sensitive" by another.

It's difficult to say goodbye and let go. It is, at least, for me. In fact, for some, it is so unpleasant that...
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Hello FSS Members! hingi lang sana ako ng favor at konting time sa inyo.

I'm currently doing a research about Personality Development and Human Behavior. My topic is more about the sexual desires, kinks and preference of a person specifically towards incestuous relationship. Comment lang kayo sa baba kung ano kayo o mas prefer nyo sa mga sumusunod. (please note that this can only be applied to a few number of people)

A. I'm Gay, i like men, but i also like Incest porn like mom and son and matured women. i dont like women younger than me.

B. I'm Lesbian, i like women, but i also like Incest porn like dad and daughter and matured men. I don't like men younger than me.

C. I'm a Straight man but only likes Incest porn like mom and son and matured women. i don't like women younger than me.

D. I'm a straight woman but only likes Incest porn like dad and daughter and matured men. i dont like men younger than me.

please be hones...
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My Date

Submitted by on Friday, 23 September 2022 (2 days ago)
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This guy left me in a state of awe!

Checklist lang mga dears, in relation to what I posted recently. His age range 45 to 50.

-masarap humalik
-malambing yumakap
-maasikasong sobra
-may sense kausap
-magaling at sobrang marunong
-feeling secured ka all times
-knows all the right places
-hindi natutulog agad after the action (pogi points ito!)

My list could go on forever.
But Id like to see how many have had a great time dating someone senior than them.

Sarap noh?...
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Only Love Can Hurt Like This...no Shiiiisz.

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 September 2022 (2 days ago)
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Love is a torment. You can fall in love with someone who captivates your spirit but destroys your mind. Bittersweet.

Love has the ability to make you feel intensely connected, invincible, validated, needed, and cared for. It can also make you feel alienated, alone, despondent, and ashamed. We have a natural desire for human connection. It ranks with our needs for oxygen, water, and food! We are social beings who seek the company, compassion, and warmth of others. It's not surprising that it has such a strong influence.

We have no control over who loves us, who we love, or how our lives will eventually unfold. That's both exciting and terrifying at times. We welcome it at times and oppose it with every fiber of our being at others. We want to be happy, to be safe, and to be secure. So, how do we deal with life and everything it throws at us?

This was not my first time falling in love, but it was the deepest I had ever felt. The frequency and intensity wi...
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Updates And Some Announcements

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 September 2022 (3 days ago)
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Hello FSS.
First of all gusto ko magpasalamat sa mga bumasa, nagcomment at naglike/heart sa aking likha.

I'm sorry to say na kailangan kong i-delete ang story na 'Lugmok' due to some issues with the storyline. Hehehe. Pero don't worry may mga pumasok sa isip ko na ideas and stories.

Update sa A Petite Adventure. Pasensya na medyo matatagalan pa ang pagpost ko ng 9th part. Busy din kasi sa school. Sana maintindihan nyo po.

Asking some authors for advice and title ideas. We could use the inbox for exchanging messaging incase na di ako naka online po.

Another is san na kaya sila sir junkabul at x_sir_rex_x. Inaabangan ko pa naman mga gawa nila. Hehehe

Keep safe FSS fam....
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Copyright ©️

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (4 days ago)
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It's very frustrating to know that may writings are being copied in other erotic website.

Is there away to prevent this?

Alam ko naman na hindi pulido yung mga stories ko at hindi naman ako sikat na writer para magreklamo pero gusto ko lang sana na dito lang sa fss nakapublish lahat ng gawa ko dahil ito lang yung website na alam kong maayos at maganda ang management.

I'm sorry for ranting haha.

Baka may pwede kayong mabigay na advice since hindi ako kagalingan sa mga tech stuff. Tumatanda na ata ako

Thank you....
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Intellectual Property, Copyright Rules, And Plagiarism

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (4 days ago)
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Need to have this moment to say something off my chest.

I'm terribly sorry, but what part of copyright and "Bawal pong kopyahin ng walang pahintulot. Please lang" don't you understand? Nakaka-asar lang po minsan eh. Parang wala nang respeto sa mga writers ang ilan sa mga tao dito.

Writing stories require time and effort po, kung hindi niyo alam. And for you to downright just copy A) a story B) without permission from the author and C) to have it posted on a website that MONETIZES, I repeat, monetizes, authors works is something that doesn't fly well on anyone's book.

Plagiarism na po iyan, mga ate at kuya.

I've submitted 3 stories pa lang dito sa website, and plan to write some more. Pero sa lagay na ito, parang nakakawalang-gana na magsulat dahil sa ginagawa ng ibang tao na ito.

I sent a message na to this site's admin. Hopefully, they can do something about it.

Iyon lang. Salamat....
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The Last 84,600 Seconds

Submitted by on September 18, 2022 (7 days ago)
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Hearing you utter "I think I know who this is" (was that it? I had a lot going on my mind i didnt remember exactly) , I knew that was you. Finally, I got to meet this special person I have been talking and chatting with for quite sometime. Iba talaga pag face to face, you can see how genuine the smile is even behind the mask. And I should not fail to mention, ang gwapo! Very artistahin. Like I told you "makalaglag panty!"

I've known you for over 12,355,200 seconds as I'm writing this, but the last 84,600 seconds has been a whirlwind of wonderful memories I will never forget. I just wanted to express how I appreciate everything. From that first greeting; our strolling kahit naulan or napakainit at literal na tagaktak ang pawis; our eat outs, our small talks, but most of the time I'd just like to listen to you because I am really amazed with the way you deliver the things you wanted to say; your history lessons which makes me wonder how you remember all those; up to that last...
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Exhibitionist Babaeng Sobrang Libog

Submitted by on September 18, 2022 (7 days ago)
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Meron ba ditong babaeng sobrang libog na kahit saan tamaan ng libog eh game na game kahit anu kaya gawin meron na ba ditong nag try sumakay ng public vehicle na wala bra at panty naka hoodie lang tapos nag huhubad sa pinaka likod or sa mall namamasyal ng gnun lang suot or sa palengke naka sexy damit pero wala undies... or napagawa niyo na ba to sa mga asawa niyo o gf mga pare... salamat sa mga mag cocomment nakakalibog lang talaga sobra ng ganto ......
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Submitted by on September 17, 2022 (8 days ago)
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Hmmm gusto ko lang sana magtanong sa inyo meron ba mga girls dito na sobra libog yun kahit anu gagawin for kantot and nudist things?.... example meron ba dito naka pag mall na ng walang bra at panty tapos maikli at sexy ang suot? Mga ganyang bagay or nag outdoor sex na sa public?... sana may mga makilala ako mga girls dito na mga sabik at uhaw sa kamunduhan ng kamanyakan....
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