Wild Thing

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Date: July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

I didn't tell him I was going for a visit last night, but today, I texted him before going to the airport.

"Meet me at the airport today…and I'm going to be in your arms again"

While boarding the plane, I cannot keep still. This is my surprise for him. A month ago I was in his arms when he visited me at my place. We made love till we are spent..And I could not forget that day.. The day I promised myself..I'll be with him again..

As the plane landed, my heart began to pound, now, much faster…..something is throbbing at the center of my core…..I'll be with the person I love…..

I went out of the arrival area, and saw him there…standing….in his brown shorts, black shirt, slippers and cap….a very ordinary sight…..yet he was smiling at me.

He kissed me on my lips…..never minding the people around us, and I hugged him tightly.

We walked through his motorcycle. This is the very first time that I'm going to have a ride with him. As we started our journey to the city, I can't help but press myself to him.
My breast on his back made my nipple hard….I'm beginning to get horny…

"Damn this feeling when I'm with him"…I'm so hot now…

I hugged him tighter…He didn't complain….I'm beginning to feel wet…

Much to my knowledge he is affected by what I'm doing to him, I was not surprise when he turned at the lodge we passed by the road side…

"Is this where I'm going to stay"….I asked him

"No,"….he answered

"I just got to have you right now"….he continued

I smiled. I've been longing for him too.

We entered the room. It was just after he put down my bag, when he started kissing me, his hands kneading my full breasts…He was rough, full of desire….I don't know what happened and when we started removing our clothes because now….He is inside me ..his hard shaft..pushing….pulling…his hands…mashing my breast…….playing with my clit….He is kissing me…

"Ohhhhhh"……if this is heaven…I want to stay in this forever…….

We both cum several times..we rested for a while…then we went out and continued our journey to the city..

We reached our destination…As I checked in at the counter and waited to be given a room he was constantly kissing me at my nape..
I could feel h...

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naging napakalungkot ng aking mga nagdaang buwan kung kaya't naisipan kong manahimik...kung malungkot man ang naisusulat ko ngayon ....warm up lang yan.......sabi nga pagnasobrahan sa hagupit.....may tigreng lumalabas sa pagkatao......at yan ay nagwawala na parang kakain ng tao........kung sa pagsusulat.....mas ninanamnam....mas maiiinit.....
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July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

how exciting femmeoir! If only....

Dare me and I'll make you pay.

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October 25, 2014 (7 years ago)

pde enge fb??

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