To Reiterate FSS' Rules And A Few Additions

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Date: December 5, 2014 (6 years ago)

Automatic Ban from the Site:

1. Creating a handle that mocks a member/s. All other handles associated with the said account will be banned as well.

2. Questioning (in a malicious manner) and/or attacking the site's policies and/or the Admins' actions in any part of the site, be it in the chatroom, comment section or posts. Sending a private message to the admins is the PROPER and VALID way.

3. Creation of multiple accounts to malign an individual or group and/or make fun of them and/or to do any malicious activity.

4. Repeatedly disregarding existing rules, guidelines and warnings.

5. Allowing a suspended and/or banned member to login using your own account.

6. Use of any part of the site to disrupt peace and order.


7. Any post or comment, the content of which we deem plagiarized (for stories, confessions, poems and blogs), prohibited, defamatory, libelous, th...

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