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Date: November 25, 2014 (5 years ago)

Writers and Bloggers:

Please be advised that we will strictly implement uniformity and readability of all posts for the benefit of your followers.

We encourage you, first-time writers or not, to observe the basics in writing:

1. Proper "spacing" especially in making paragraphs. Iwasan ang dikit-dikit. Cut long paragraphs into at least two or three shorter ones.

2. Use capital letter in the first word of every sentence and for all proper nouns, acronyms etc.

3. Study the use of punctuations as it will help make your writings exciting to read.

4. Avoid "jejemon" and "texting" words as much as possible. Tandaan: IBA ang "jejemon" or "texting" style sa simpleng wrong spelling.

E.g. bilis ang tkbo ng saskyan nla paplabs ng vllg, kya nmn hndi q nah ngwang hbulin 8to. C kap ang sumunod ki boss.

5. Write to express and to impress yourself, not to impress others.

6. Story content ALL written in BOLD and ALL CAPS is a complete NO.


7. Title should be in capital letter on the first letter of every word.

E.g. First Time With A Stranger, Mga Nagbabagang Karasanan Ni Maria

8. If the story is broken in parts and one single part is deemed too short, DO NOT post it yet. Write more and indulge the readers more.

9. Blog about something that is informative or educational and has general relevance with the rest of the FSS community so that members can join in and throw their two cents about the topic.

10. A post (story, confession, poem or blog) can be HOLD and/or returned with a request for it TO BE EDITED at the discretion of the Admins.

11. Important: You must be the author of all works you publish.


12. Please check and recheck your story or blog prior to submission. Stories and/or blogs containing multiple errors will be put-on-hold and/ or removed.

EDIT AND RE EDIT AND RE EDIT AGAIN, before and even, after your post was already submitted and uploaded.

Be reminded that the Admins have the rights, but not the obligation, to monitor the content, and reserve the rights to remove a...

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