Your Love Is A Lighthouse

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Date: August 28, 2023 (1 month ago)


(1) Before I met you, I was just swimming along the tides of life.

(2) I never complained too much, I never wanted a lot.

(3) Whatever the universe gives, I receive so with open arms.

(4) And then you found me and I decided I like being found.

(5) I like being seen for the things I never knew existed in me.

(6) How you adore and cherish me still creates butterflies that come so unexpectedly.

(7) Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate myself and feel humbled and grateful when people say pleasant things about me.

(8) But you have a different effect on me.

(9) It's like being compared to an endearing sunrise that brings joy to the world.

(10) It's like surpassing the beauty of the sunset, knowing nothing but the awe you see in me.

(3-5) It's like being kissed by a rose, being embraced by an angel and being woken up by a soulmate, sweetly, magically, enchantingly.

You taught me parts of myself that needed accepting and loving.

You showed me who I am and brought me to a secret garden where you and I can be ourselves, two beings just sharing the beauty of each other's existence.

You moved me in ways I have never been moved.

You love me in ways I have never been loved.

You touch me in ways I have never been touched.

Breathtakingly but calmly, torridly but gently.

Lingering and everlasting.

(4-7) And on days that I feel lost, the sight of your smile, the sound of your voice, the warmth of your love are what make up my compass. ...

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