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Date: December 24, 2022 (1 month ago)

Here's a quick reference guide to all the erotic scenes featured in Aguinaldo including it's spin-off stories. Also included is a summary of the characters for those who have not read this series.

Hope you guys find this useful. If you know what I mean ;)

Dennis - husband, 40
Diane - wife, 29
Greg - kumpare, 40
Elsa - Greg's wife, 40
Pam - inaanak, 18
Alex - Diane's ex-BF, 30
Kaloy - katiwala, late 50s
Bong - teen katiwala, 19
Joan - batchmate, 40
Delivery guy - watcher, mid 30s
Nympha - Pam's alter, early 20s
Hepe - Nympha's fubu, mid 40s
Angel - Nympha's female fubu, late 20s
Kate - Dennis' fling, early 20s
Eric - Diane's suitor, late 30s

Part 1: Hamon
*Diane and Dennis
Quickie in nurse uniform, cuckolding roleplay

Part 2: Katuparan
*Diane and Greg
Living room sex, cuckolding, voyeur with camcording

*Dennis and Pam
Masturbation, voyeur

Part 3: Pantasya
*Dennis and Pam
Devirginized teen

Part 4: Selos
*Diane and Dennis
Sex while watching cuckolding video

*Dennis, Diane, Greg
Masturbation during video call with kumare who is being foreplayed by husband

Part 5: Lihim
*Diane and Greg
Kitchen dry humping while husband sleeps nearby

*Dennis and Pam
Illicit sex on couple's bed

Part 6: Taksil
*Diane and Greg
Dry humping in hospital, motel sex, bathroom sex

Part 7: Timpi
*Diane and Dennis
Masturbation, dildo, voyeur

*Dennis and Pam
Masturbation during video call

Part 8: Wagas
*Greg and Elsa (flashback)
Both virgins

Pinagtagpo 1
*Diane and Dennis (flashback)
Casual sex, one night stand

Pinagtagpo 2
*Diane and Dennis (flashback)
Romantic sex in front of fireplace

Part 9: Una
*Diane and Dennis
Cuckolding roleplay

Part 10: Huli
*Diane and Alex (flashback)
Sex between experienced guy and virgin girl

*Diane and Alex (present)
Dry humping, fondling

Part 11: Doble
*Diane, Dennis, Pam
Living room sex, double penetration, voyeur

Part 12: Sabik
*Diane and Greg
BJ, kitchen sex, husband sleeps nearby

Part 13: Inggit
*Dennis and Pam
Teasing, fondling in CR

*Diane and Greg
Outdoor cunnilingus

*Dennis, Diane, Greg
Outdoor quickie, make-up sex, voyeur

Part 14: Ipit
*Diane and Dennis
Shower sex, thigh fuck, semi-anal

*Dennis, Diane, Greg
Threesome, double penetration

Part 15: Balak
*Dennis, Diane, Bong
Cowgirl, voyeur

*Dennis, Pam, Kaloy
Teasing, fondling, voyeur

*Diane and Bong
Fondling, somnophilia

Part 16: Swerte
*Diane and Bong
Somnophilia, penetrated by virgin guy

Part 17: Salisi
*Diane and Greg
Illicit sex on couple's bed, exhibition, window sex

Part 18: Kutob
*Diane and Dennis
Quickie attempt, fondling

Part 19: Ganti
*Dennis and Pam
Office sex, rough, anal...

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