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Date: December 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

So yun kakagising ko lang. Processed my personal shit and all. So now I am free na, wala na kelangan ayusin. I don't know ano isusulat ko ulit sa mini blog na to. Mostly people here will only be interested if ang topic ng kwento or writing is all about kalibogan. However, as a normal person, not all the time may libog ako sa katawan. I am pretty stress person in real life. I am working, at the same time I also manage my own business. Kaya madalas if you notice most of the time I am online. Anyway, right now I am focus on finishing something. It is a lifetime goal na dapat ma achieve ko within this year which I did. Then I will be moving to another goal. So basically I am going to one goal every year. Blah blah blah... Ano ba sinasabi ko.

Nandito lang ako to distress okay?

By the way, I am just wondering why most people I talked online madalas nalilibugan kahit hindi naman nakakalibog yung on set ng usapan. Nakakalibog ba talaga ako kausap. HAHAHA
Pero madalas talaga nauuwi sa ganun kahit naman nakilala ko yung person sa isang decent na site. Like kanina, I commented to a post sa reddit, the post is all about something related sa politics and how the other people are being so toxic towards it. Then yung OP nag message sakin privately, so basically I responded out of all the DMs I received there I responded to him kasi akala ko it will be a decent chat.

He asked for my Facebook messenger, but since I am so much into privacy I refused to give it. And then as me thinking na nothing sexual namana siguro sa magiging usapan I decided to gave him my personal TG account.

So to make the story short, we started talking na sa TG, just chatting lang kasi hindi pa ako ganun ka comfortable sa kanya to do voice call. Which thankfully hindi ko ginawa, kasi a few minutes from the time we started chatting, he cut the chase and went straight told me na na trigger ko daw libog nya. At first I refused since wala...

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December 16, 2022 (1 month ago)

Na miss kita

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