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Date: November 17, 2022 (12 days ago)

After 9 months, Jessica O'Neil Hard News is updated. One of the slowest updates in visual novel choices based game.
Ben Parker had his enormous cock at entrance of Jessica's vagina. Just one push and he is in. So far other than the usual sex with her boyfriend Connor, there is still some lesbian action with Heather. Heather's husband is still not in the picture. She also had a beach get away with Rosa and her kids. Husband of Rosa is also absent. The only thing interesting is their talk about Ben Parker's big cock. Jack also have some action with Marshall.
Over all so far on the cheating path with Ben Parker: groping, fondling, sucking and licking of breast, touching and licking of pussy, and cumshot without full penetration.
Cliff hangers: the nerdy cosplay hang out with Tommy have yet to surface. Tommy had a kiss and also was able to cup the breast of Jessica; another meeting with Mayor Wilson would mean higher stakes. So far the Mayor was able to cup her breast and finger her pussy; the Principal almost had his dick on Jessica's pussy with only panty in between it. There must be penetration on the next u...

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