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Date: November 16, 2022 (15 days ago)

Sigma male is a male that occupies outside a social or group hierarchy; a lone wolf or maverick. Before I only knew about an Alpha and a Beta male. Hindi ko alam na meron pa palang Gamma, Delta and Omega let alone Sigma males.

The term sigma male seems to be the creation of far-right activist and writer Theodore Robert Beale, who goes by Vox Day. Beale began using the term as early as January 2010, when he defined it on his blog. Why Beale chose specifically sigma (as opposed to other letters yet untaken in masculinist discourse) is unclear.

This is just a series of blogs of myself living my life as it is and some of the shenanigans in my life. Maybe some of you can learn a thing or two. Perhaps it can give you more insights and help you to improve things that I neglected. And by no, means to showboat.

Some readers have asked me for guidance, mostly based on my stories, on how to live a life like mine. I said that we all have different lives, different circumstances, and different people we meet. The only thing I always tell them is not to waste their time on things they have no control over.

Live your life. Study. Learn. Improve yourself to your best version.

So, let's start with who is the person behind the cockadoodle name. First on my ethnicity. A lot message me that my color look like a Caucasian in my profile pic. That I am too white to be a Pinoy. I guarantee you, pinoy na pinoy ako. Sa Isip. Sa salita. Sa gawa. At sa utang ng Pilipinas na binabayaran nating lahat. Gumagamit din ako ng tabo para mag-hugas pag-katapos mag-poopoo.

Let's begin with my father's side of the family tree.

My grandfather, who I will call Papi, is a 6'2 German-Polish-Swede. He was born in Poland. Studied in Germany but now a citizen of the Netherlands. A big, muscular guy with a long and very fat dick. I know because I always see it. He is a nudist. My grandmother, who I fondly call Mami, is a Filipina-German. Ilongga day! She was born in Iloilo but migrated to Germany when she was 14 years old. She also holds Dutch citizenship. They are both in their late 60s but still look great.

Their son, (my late father) Kyle, was born in The Netherlands. They live in the South of the Philippines when my dad was 11. Doon na muna nag-aral si daddy hanggang college. Sociologist si Papi at Urologist/Sexologist si Mami. My dad was accidentally killed before I was born.

Now let's turn to my mother's side.

My late grandmother, Dr. Agatha, is Spanish. She was finishing her pre-med in Barcelona when my non-biological grandfather met her and eventually married her here in Ph. Dr. Aga finished her medical degree at one of the universities in Manila. My real grandfather is a bodyguard of my lola's husband. Pinoy po siya.

So, my mom (Marian) is half-Spanish, half-Filipina.

Kaya heto ako ngayon. Mix-mix ng sangkaterbang nasyonalidad.

Ako po ay 28 years old. May taas na 6'3. At ngayo'y may timbang na 212 libra. I gained weight dahil I gained more muscles. I never went to a gym before. I mostly do compound exercises. Like squats, pull-ups, and deadlifts. I only own a few dumbbells, barbells, and some kettlebells.

So, what is a Sigma male compared to the other Greek alphabet males? My Papi, was the one who told me that I am a Sigma male.

A lone wolf mindset is embodied by the sigma male. He favors his own company over others, and he usually does things his way. Societal conventions do not sway him; instead, he is guided by a constant internal compass. Additionally, he is not pursuing fame or cultural respect. He is merely doing his own thing, but he is doing it so beautifully that you can't help but notice him.

You would have understood that I prefer to be my own company if you had read my "Pinsang Buo" narrative. You can count the number of my buddies on your fingers. I don't like many people around me. If I am by myself, I can accomplish more. Not that I believe I am superior to anyone else. Simply put, I get more done on my own.

I am somewhat independent since I was a kid. I can clean the house. Wash laundry. Go to the market. Cook my food. Finished my studies, though my grandma was the one responsible for my expenses.

I was not searching for a mother figure in a companion, but rather an equal who is as strong and independent.

Unlike the Alpha male, I prefer quiet solitude over crowds of people—although I can easily fit into any social group.

Though I am an introvert, I can also be a wanderer. Isa sa mga lagi (normally) kong ginagawa araw-araw ay mag-lakad or mag-bike. I spent hours doing that just going places. Isa yan sa mga exercise ko.

I am also highly confident pero hindi naman aabot sa pagiging mayabang. Komportable lang ako kung sa ano ako. Hindi ko kailangan ang outside accolades or validation kung ano ang itsura ko. I am just comfortable with my own skin. Hindi naman sa wala akong normal na inseguridad. I just don't dwell on them and just happy with myself.

My cousin, Ber, is an alpha male. He likes to take leadership roles kaya isa siya sa mga executive ng kompanya ni lola. I never accepted that role. I don't like it. Mas gusto ko free ako. I do work though. I also want to earn my own money.

Don't misconstrue me. I may not be that ambitious but I do not care about climbing corporate ladders to get a corner office or reaching other key leadership positions. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nito na pa-bandying bandying lang ako at wala akong goal sa buhay. I do. I just do it behind the scene.

Hindi man ako executive katulad ng iba kong malalapit na kaibigan pero, I think, mas masaya ako kaysa sa kanila. Hindi man kasing laki ng kinikita nila ang kinikita ko pero para sa akin, mas mayaman ako kaysa sa kanila. I have my own time. I spend a lot of it on my love ones. Hindi ako laging pagod kaya lagi akong ready sa sex, isang kalabit lang ni Ethel.

I don't simply follow rules. Oo huwarang mamamayan pa rin naman ako. Sumusunod sa batas trapiko. Hindi umi-ihi o dumudura sa mga bakanteng lugar. Wala pa naman akong napapatay, not that I know of. Pero hindi ako madalas sumusunod sa mga normal norms. I do have incest relationship with my mother up until now.

My sexcle (circle) of friends is also into taboo relationships. My fiance (Ethel) to her parents. Ber to her mother. Me to my tita. My step-siblings to their parents. Me to Ethel's parents. Yes, I know. We will all burn in hell hahaha. But that is our life now. We accepted who we are. We love what we do. We respect and love each other. A love that will not emotionally get the better of, each other partner. Ika nga ang Pedro ay kay Pedro pa rin kami. We can share but cannot, by any other means, conquer.

And with that mindset, we are happier.

I just don't make decisions based on what other people would do in my situation. Instead, I trust my intuition and I am guided by my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I am also a seeker of knowledge. I do my research and I don't rely on social media to inform my thinki...

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November 16, 2022 (15 days ago)

enjoy lang boss sarap magkaroon ng babies 😊😊 ...ubos oras mo s kakatitinig plang s kanila 😄😄

a man with a plan ⚙️

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November 17, 2022 (15 days ago)

Now we know WHY the hiatus.TRIPLETS?!Well sir they are a handful but with lots of JOY always as they grow.
May you someday continue the stories you posted here in fss.Aabangan na lang namin

Minsan na namatay pero muli nabuhay

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rednaxel947's Profile Picture
November 18, 2022 (14 days ago)

Kaya pala u asked me how to make twin kahapon. Langya sa lahi mo meron nyan lolz


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james2400's Profile Picture
November 17, 2022 (15 days ago)

Take your time bro. Family first.

Reap what you sow

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rednaxel947's Profile Picture
November 18, 2022 (14 days ago)

Hahaha natawa ako sa paginclude mo ng name ko sa blog mo. We had talk about that not knowing u got TRiplets. Bahala ka sa triplets at ako bahala sa twin.
Hoping ur beautiful triplets are all healthy idol.
Thank you so much.


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