Was It The Ginseng Or It Was Just Me Missing Him?

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Date: July 17, 2022 (30 days ago)

I had first discovered the effects of ginseng on my libido way back, I think that was in 2014, when one of my fellow OFW na ka-officemate ko din introduced me to one.

Actually, I was not looking for something na pampataas ng libog level at that time. If I remember correctly, just some random health topic lang napag-usapan namin then etong si guy officemate ang sabi sa akin try ko dw ginseng capsule. Nag-second the motion naman boss naming Pinay. And since si guy officemate was staying near lang sa Chinatown in Bangkok, he offered to buy one box for me. I will never forget the price, THB1,250 for 50 capsules. Medyo mahal sya for me pero sige gorabels. Pang-health naman daw.

Less than a week after I started taking the capsule, I noticed lagi akong wet like basa talaga that I needeed to wear panty shields sa work kahit nasa taas lang ng office namin ang aming accomodation. Add to that, nagtanong si guy officemate kung may kakaiba ba daw akong naramdaman. I could't help but laugh and I knew he got what I was trying to say. I guess that was exactly the "naramdaman" na gusto nyang itanong. And I guess dun nabuo ang pagnanasa ni guy officemate sa akin. But that is another story for another time.

Anyway, lagi na ako nainom ng ginseng capsule nun especially kapag pauwi ako ng Pinas. Alam nyo na kung bakit. I even brought some for my gay uncle and for my ka-close dito sa FSS.

But for a while now, hindi na ako nainom nito. Dahil nakalimutan ko na din sya at wala din akong nakita sa mga tindahan.

A month ago, though, I went to the domestic airport here para ihatid ang bff ko sa local flight nya. And while we were waiting for her flight to be called for boarding, we decided na mag-ikot sa loob ng airport. That was when we saw this store that sells health supplements. We bought a couple of herbal capsules and what-nots and this bottle of locally-produced ginseng capsules was one of those na laman ng paper bag namin.

The bottle was left unopened until yesterday. Ewan, parang naisip ko kasi wala naman reason pa para mag-take ako ng capsule na 'to. I mean, hindi pa naman ako uuwi ng Pinas. Wala pang totoong bakbakan na paghahandaan but yesterday, na-curious ako eh. Maybe because HE came back and I wanted to try something with him.

I downed one capsule after breakfast and just went on with my day.

A few minutes before six pm, he called. Damn! Hearing his voice again (after a week) triggered something in me. And down there in the southern part of my anatomy.

Hindi ko ma-explain. I think we were into the second hour na of our convo...

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