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Date: July 8, 2022 (30 days ago)

Hello, this is your one and only Stalker_Eyes. Also known as Sir Stalk. ^_^

Ngayon lang ulit ako bumisita sa FSS after almost two years. Life has been tough these past months, but now I'm feeling better. Nakakamiss din ang pagsulat, sa totoo lang. :(

So sa mga nagtatanong kung bakit hindi na mababasa yung Haplos ng Langit na matagal na ring hindi naka-update until now at ngayo'y deleted na, it's because of the new guideline na nagbabawal na sa mga celebrity stories since September of last year. At medyo cringey na para sa akin ang istoryang yun ngayon, so I decided to delete it, kahit medyo masakit.

At dahil ginanahan na ulit...

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