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Date: May 9, 2022 (11 days ago)

Minsan or kadalasan pala palaging late na natin marerealize ang mga maling nagawa nating desisyon sa buhay natin. Tama nga silang nagsasabi na nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

Siguro marami tayo pinagsisisihan sa mga pangyayari sa buhay natin na akala natin tama at dapat ayun pala eh hindi dahil nagiging makasarili lang tayo at gusto lang natin masunod ang gusto natin mangyari dahil ayun ang makakapagpasaya sa atin pero di na natin naiisip na may ibang taong nasasak

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May 9, 2022 (11 days ago)

Learned from that mistake...not love the person who is worth to give your all love,care,trust,and devotion.It is useless to get involved in the relationship for the wrong reasons.relationships must be chosen wisely.it is better to be alone than to be in a bad company.there is no need to rush.if something is meant to be,it will happen in the right time,with the right person,and for the best reason.Wishing you all the best and pray that time will come somebody could love you more than what you will expect.

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